The Heirs of Nostradamus–3

First, a note about the timing of this blog series. An earlier edition of parts one and two appeared as one article posted back on 1 September 2007, exclusively for my newsletter list. A few years had gone by and I thought I’d refresh interest in the debate over clues in Nostradamus’ prophecies about a modern-day interpreter foreseen in them. Every hard-core author of Nostradamus books, if they are honest, deep down dallies with the hubris filled hope that he or she is the one Nostradamus intended. So, I thought the best way to present this topic was to laugh at myself and laugh for all other all-too-human interpreters of Nostradamus: inviting you all to chip in with your comments and wit.

I just want to be clear that this first comment from Michael Mitrosky and my response is from September 2007. I’m encouraged that he feels, at least for himself, that I am that interpreter; however, I think we have nearly a half-century to wait and judge whether my work cuts the presaging muster as delineated in Century 3 Quatrain 94. (See the blog archives for Heirs to Nostradamus 1 and 2.). The body of John Mitrosky’s letter dwells on the Bush Administration. At that time, Bush and especially his Vice President — Cheney — were seriously contemplating and trying to somehow initiate a war with Iran. John Mitrosky is commenting about the following digital book I wrote in early 2007 about all the possible future US-Israeli-Iranian war scenarios. See in Nostradamus Iran. He specifically comments on an important and still active scenario for 2009, which along with the Israeli strike, is described in the chapter “Black Flags of Our Martyrs spreading West” as Iran’s martyr option.

You, Mr. John Hogue are the present heir to Nostradamus. There are 3 important reasons for my conclusion: (1) you are open-minded; (2) you lack arrogance and conceit; and finally, (3) you focus on why Nostradamus is important today. This third point is the crux of the matter. You rightly show that Nostradamus’ description of a war between the West/Israel and terrorists backed by Iran is the heart of Nostradamus’ message for us today. It is a double-edged sword. You reveal the stupidity of attacking Iran on the one hand, but on the other hand, it would not surprise me if right-wing Neo-Con think tanks were using your e-book on Iran to justify attacking now, before Iran takes over Iraq completely, or obtains nuclear weapons. My own feeling is that Iran will continue to try to dominate Iraq, but she will never attack first in an overt manner. Iran wants to play the martyr’s role. Iran wants to be seen in the Arab world as retaliating for aggression perpetrated against her, not starting aggression. If the West/Israel falls into this trap, then Nostradamus’ outline for the saddest, WMD, MAD war will surely come to pass. You spell out the consequences as Nostradamus saw them. You have the power and responsibility to promote your e-book to those in the West/Israel who might start this war. You must try to get them to listen!

A strange opportunity has been granted to me by the information revolution. I know that all factions in the current world war of international terrorism vs. counter-terrorism read my work. From Langley Virginia to Islamabad, from Jerusalem to Teheran, from Washington DC to Moscow, my observations about Nostradamus and prophecy are read and examined.

When I discovered that those working for President Bush and bin Laden read my work, it brought a sobering responsibility. There are also many good people around the world either working quietly inside their regimes to make changes for the better who read my work and the work of others. I’m trying to submit between the lines solutions to a number of prophetically anticipated crises, or at least, dispense to those on opposite sides of an issue reasons perhaps why we all are programmed to stagger unconsciously from one crisis to the next.

I promise you, John, that I will go on with this work to effect some small part of a more positive future destiny coming for the human race. There is so much to write about that coming new human being. At this stage of the work my writing is dominated with what is wrong or about to go wrong with human destiny and why. In the next two years [2007-2009] as the global crisis of civilization sustainability becomes at last a mainstream concern, my writing will shift more and more to offer solutions to the syndrome of conditioning that has turned human beings into functional robots that repeat the tragedies of history.

Soon, I will provide a permanent bulletin linked on the sidebar of every page of my web site that will speak of Osho’s fascinating prophecy from 1982 called The Noah’s Ark of Consciousness. This article will be the first comprehensive invitation to try techniques from the science of self-observation that I have practiced since 1980. If I have insight, if there is anything that deserves your kind endorsement as an heir of Nostradamus, it was born out of practicing these meditation techniques.”


It is mid-May 2009, one year and eight months have passed since I wrote my reply. The mainstream mindset is coming around about recognizing many varied dimensions of crises about sustaining our civilization into an ever more ominous looking second decade of the 21st century. We have a new president that at least in words might soon follow them with deeds that change the human course in history for the better.

I have not been able to set up my Noah’s Ark of Consciousness page until more financial support can pay for it. Nevertheless, on this blog page I have planned a number of new prophecies series coming for the rest of 2009. These will look deeper into the mechanics of predictability that prevent human beings from growing into their full potential and enjoying a golden future. I am feverishly building a stock of 50 articles for posting through the rest of spring to the summer. Many of them speak at length about this coming new humanity and how we can give birth to it right here, right now. I need the stock of articles so I can direct my attention to writing my next digital book on the future of Barack Obama.

Thank you all for reading my work.

UPDATE—4 January 2010:
Those articles are written. Many will be posted in the coming months, as they are more pertinent now than back in May. Presidents in Hawaii “vacate” in vacation. People suffer without health care whilst US Congress enjoys a couple weeks of “Vacat”-tion before getting back to the lobbyist—sorry, I mean the “people’s”—work. Read more about what will happen next in Predictions for 2010.

John Hogue

(04 January 2010)

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