Terrorist Underwear

The jihadist jockey shorts bomber, Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab, packing chemical explosives near his private parts couldn’t blow his top on Northwest Flight 253 coming in for a landing at Detroit from Amsterdam on Christmas Day. A fuse malfunction rendered his plan to blow a whole in the jet down to catching his pants on fire in self-immolation causing severe third degree burns on his legs. Al-Qaeda elements based in Yemen where the Nigerian born terrorist had studied his trade declared responsibility for the attempted terrorist attack on the US homeland.

Your letters about my blogs and ebooks anticipating this attack brings to mind something my oracle said in Predictions for 2009:

“Expect that al-Qaeda will try to do in Obama’s first year in office what they succeeded in doing in Bush’s: an attack on the US homeland… When is the attack coming? Al-Qaeda speaks the language of doomsday-jihad in Arabic numbers.

“In a broader sense of time windows, watch for future dates using 7, 9 or 11.”

Predictions for 2009, Chapter 9: Will al-Qaeda Attack America?

Assessment (29 December 2009)
My oracle had warned on radio appearances and in my blogs that the final months of the year 2009 were the more likely time windows for an attack. We had not one but two terrorist attacks using al-Qaeda’s new low tech, “lone wolf” strategy I had also foreseen in Predictions for 2009. Muslim American Major Hasan converted to an extremist view of his faith aided by contacts via email with an al-Qaeda linked cleric in Yemen. On 5 November 2009, he shot and killed 13 and wounded over 30 service men and women in Fort Hood, Texas, preparing for deployment to Afghanistan.

Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab, the Nigerian Christmas Day bomber got his marching orders also from Yemen. He was trained in the use of concealed materials in his undies to make a bomb that if the fuse had worked could have easily blown a whole through the Airbus 330-300 fuselage. I believe he chose his window seat, A 19, placed over the port wing fuel tanks to best deliver a blast puncturing them with intent to plunge a freefalling fireballing airliner down into the Detroit suburbs.

I have been writing frequently for years to beware of al-Qaeda hijacking holidays like Christmas. Fortunately, this first attempt to turn Christmas into a date of infamy failed. Notice the numbers. The 25th day of December equals 7. There is the 9 for 2009. Nine plus 7 equals 16. And 1 plus 6 equals 7. The jet was on approach for landing in Detroit on Christmas Day, 25 December. It was already the 26th in Yemen, where AbdulMutallab’s commanders trained him in blowing up his shorts. They would mark D-Day for 12/26/09 on al-Qaeda time, if you will. Add the digits for 12 and you get 3. Add the digits of 26 and you get 8. Three plus 8 makes 11. The year is 09. That’s 11/09: the reverse of 9/11.

In my new almanac of prophecies for the coming year Predictions for 2010, I cover future events starting from 2 November 2009 to the end of 2010. My oracle pinpointed Yemen as the next hot bed base for al-Qaeda operations:

“Al-Qaeda has had bases in Somalia for years. Yemen is also a hot bed of Usama bin Laden jihadists. Indeed, it may soon collapse into his grasp in 2010, giving him a new home if and when the Pakistani Army successfully occupies Waziristan.”

Predictions for 2010, Chapter 10: Vietnamistan

Look to the fight against international terrorism intensifying in Yemen for 2010. Read more about it here.

John Hogue

(30 December 2009)

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