The Future of Thanksgiving: Right Selfishness

Some anniversaries are coming on Thanksgiving Day. November 26 (on Indian Time) is the first anniversary of India’s version of a 9/11 (what Indians call 26/11) terrorist attack when a commando team of jihadists blasted and shot their way through Mumbai’s financial district, Victoria Station, the Oberoi and Taj Mahal International hotels. I give thanks this day that the terrorists’ aim was foiled. India did not go to nuclear war with Pakistan. (See Mumbai Terrorist Attack.)

This is the 389th anniversary of a mythology-myth-holiday when those mistaken as “Indians” (Native Americans) shared food with English Pilgrim settlers before the latter wiped them out in the ensuing years. (See Real Thanksgiving Turkey.)

Give or take where you were on either side of the International Dateline, the 26-27 of November marked the passing of American mystic and teacher, Adi Da. (See Adi Da.)

On this Thanksgiving Day, I want to share a sense of gratefulness better understood by a more enlightened human race coming in the future.

I thank a reader named “Julie” for inspiring the following unorthodox take on Thanksgiving future-framed.

She asked a question about globalism that inspired an unexpected answer about right selfishness. This concept may not be understood today, but right selfishness is a virtue people of a new humanity will value once the aberrant era of human-kid becomes matured human-kind.

I could say the kiddy stuff will end in a few hundred years. A new and mature humanity at that time will not live in the past, or be too interested in time beyond its mere utilitarian usefulness for clocks and time-space folding the galactic.

Homo Novus will be free of time-mind-egoic constraints. If such a timeless people are to be born, then how can there be a gulf of time of hundreds of years? How can there be a separation of time at all? If they are born, they are already living here and now. You are here right now. The new humanity is born from becoming your rightful self.

Julie asked me the following question that inspired my oracle soar from its peripheral concerns into a completely different theme. A right world can only be born from a state of right self.

Do you think this financial crisis is all engineered by the worldly powers-that-be to deplete the world’s economy and therefore bring in the new ‘one world’ currency in to control us even more until we all hit the brick wall?

One world currency is coming in the next 36 years, as is a one-world government. Whether these will be good or evil depends on the consciousness of humanity rising, first one individual at a time, then individuals gathering in their aloneness together to forge a government where the blissfulness and intelligence of their inner being is reflected by their outer world. If enough individuals transform their consciousness, irregardless of what others are doing or not doing to transform their own consciousness, then, a shift in the destiny of this earth will incline towards a more life affirming future world society.

Civilization’s hoped for new direction is not as important as your individual transformation this present moment. Remember, Gautama Siddartha did not change his society, but his full self-remembering of his birthright — the birthright of all people actually to be a Buddha, (an Awakened One) — changed his society. He brought more meditation into it. It was not his aim to change anything or anyone. Indeed his work on himself was the ultimate act of selfishness. He abandoned kingdom, family and responsibilities on a half-dozen year quest to know that which is a truth beyond the transient mortal life.

He found “IT”. It shined out of him — a catalyst to remind others of their lost legacy of light. He did not seek ten thousand disciples. They sought him. He did not desire this army of followers. He did not seek to help his planet or his culture, but all were helped in the wake of his ultimate quest for “right” selfishness.

If I do not know who I am in my innermost being, then how can there be any abiding good arising in my actions? The world is mostly full of good people. Why then is it a world of misery and madness with a few glimmers of love and joy? It seems that it is not enough to be virtuous and good. I suppose a good sleepwalker will fall in a ditch as much as an evil one.

Perhaps if one truly flowers into the full spectrum of divine revelation it makes all actions, right actions. That is why it is more imperative now than in Buddha’s time to find one’s inner being, unbury it from the garbage of borrowed thoughts and identities of our particular societal conditioning and arise in our own light. That is what all enlightened ones and many devotees attracted to their light did. Only this kind of selfishness finds the state of self-lessness.

The prophecies for a new Humanity coming, sees each of us taking that jump within, if we but do it. Now. Every “now.”

John Hogue
(25 November 2009)



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Go ahead, click on it.  What could happen? This future or something better?

Go ahead, click on it. What could happen? This future or something better?



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