The Obama Peace Prize

Click on this link and see what's left to misstep through the last days of the Obama era.

Click on this link and see what’s left to misstep through the last days of the Obama era.

Nobel Peace Prices are now awarded for attitude over action. But then, the founder of the prize, Alfred Nobel (d. 1896), financed it with an attitude for peace that was not his reality. The funds came from his invention of dynamite that in part made him millions for providing the high explosives, which brought the world’s 19th century pop cannons into the big gun bang of modern warfare by the advent of the 20th century. Nobel’s high explosives packing modern artillery shells came just in time to be the chief tenderizer of the meat grinder slaughter of millions on the battlefields of the Boer War (1899-1902), the Russo-Japanese War (1904-5), the First and Second Balkan Wars (1912-1913) and the First World War (1914-1918).

It is, however, to President Obama’s credit that he immediately acknowledged that he was unworthy of such a prize though he lacked the maturity and courage of a great man to reject it until it had been earned. Neither I nor indeed he thinks this award is helpful in his efforts to bring on change we believe for the world. The prize will become just another heavy expectation put over his shoulders. He is responsible for donning these ever heavier rewards of karmic consequence that are the result of a presidential candidate in 2009 promising an idea of change without a lot of substantive experience as a leader to bring such change about.

I have been making the following predictions on radio and writing the following since early 2007. You can verify them in my blog archives or by reading Predictions for 2008or Predictions for 2009 or Nostradamus and the Antichrist, Code Named; MABUS:

Barack Obama has the potential to become a great president, but if he comes to office in 2008, he arrives to his destiny four years too soon. I added in early 2008 that tragedy for Obama and the United States might be the historic consequence of being too green and inexperienced for the job.

I am more hopeful now, oracularly speaking that he will not die in office but live to win a second term (as far-fetched as that might read to many of you right now — remember I said it here.)

I do not know how he will achieve this, but my oracle hints that it will be given to him by the further radicalization of the Republican Party, straying far right and politically wrong headed from its conservative values. Moreover, Obama will have some mixed successes in his first term. A messed up “Health Care Insurance” reform bill will be seen in difficult years to come as an improvement by 2012 to no reform at all. He will be fighting hard for a public option by 2012 with the people on his side against Congress and they will literally have to go to the streets of Washington DC to get it.

I have said that Obama has a Lincolnesque karma. Like Lincoln, Obama’s first term will be filled with mistakes and disasters (more in the social and economic front than on Lincoln’s military front, though). He is not yet showing Lincoln’s greatness or fortitude at learning the job whilst his head is on fire, so to speak. A little more adrenaline in no drama Obama and the Ameri-can’t people’s veins might hasten historic changes. Worse shocks for president and people are necessary. They are coming. They are necessary, Ameri-cans. But enough of this for now.

Comments on ‘Prophecy Slaves’–2

Today I begin writing at a breakneck pace on Predictions for 2010 so that it will be posted for you the day after Thanksgiving. Not so far away. The rest of the blog, therefore will consist of a further selection of reader-to-hogue discussions about that blog where Darth Vader plays with his food.

Now to a reader named James:

What is said here is simply self-reliance. you wanna get it together? then seek it within. It doesn’t come some ‘church’, or government, media, family, etc. Lao Tzu called it: Wu-Wei, emptying the soul as an open bowl ready to be filled. Thru this open-ness only are you filled. You have to empty your soul of all the instilled crap that society has crammed you with & backup & start over to be filled with the truth. It is simply re-learning your spiritual-man as opposed to the material man that has come to know nothing but self-gratification. Christ said that the kingdom of heaven is ‘within you’. It’s inner not outer. Inner must be re-learned to change the outer-man. Not hard to figure out, really!

James, here, has it all figured out. Meditation illuminates this as another trap of the mind. The question is not “what is said here is self-reliance”, the question is who here is saying that it is

Who is this “James” and who are you “John Hogue” and who are you, reader, that judges, enlightens, pontificates, loves or hates

It doesn’t matter how right what James or John Hogue says is, or that James even discusses the values of Wu-Wei or that John Hogue here would like to add to James’ introduction that Lao-Tzu is one of the great enlightened masters of meditation. “I” doesn’t matter, reader, whatever you judge about this blog, or wish to pontificate, love or hate these words before you.

What matters is knowing and remembering who is reading this.

Who is IN… this

[Charles said to us,] “How can ordinary people be responsible for their actions when the government, the establishment media, and the establishment educational system feed people lies piled on top of lies?

This is a very sad commentary on humankind, eh?

However, you can be different [Charles], read between the lines and draw your own conclusions, trust in your instincts.

This is often the rationale of the mind. And most people stop there and are comforted. But can this comfort enlighten? Nancy, you make a well-known statement. We all make it sometime in our lives. But if it were true and if it were enough to “think” it, then the world would not be the misery-field it is for humanity. This beautiful statement “trust your instincts” must therefore be just a bromide for spiritual indigestion for most of us.

As beautiful as such statements are it takes us away from the ultimate question and answer:

Who is this mystery that “trusts instincts”?

Now to a broader comment about instincts:

I was interested to read Charles’ message and your response in your Sept 26th Blog entry. The one thing Charles needs to understand in the equation is the fact that humans are mammals. That means, of course, alpha male/female leadership, group over individual, conformity over novelty, suppression of conscience over trusting innate consciousness and group everything. Charles may be a typical human mammal. He needs the official group word and “wisdom” for direction to what ideas and events are OK to “think” about and accept. Human mammals never seem to transfer into their daily life the narrative in literature and film of the outsider non-conformist having the knowledge, wisdom, awareness and novelty of though to not just accept the directives and recognize what is wrong or needs changing. The Charles’ of the world simply do not recognize the alternatives to what they are told is acceptable. They can only think and believe within the parameters set for them by those who control them. Perhaps I am too harsh in my assessment, but the truth remains.

Meditation has revealed to me how deep is our assumption that we are human. Indeed, it may be shocking — and it is certainly still shocking to me — to see just how profound and deep is the animal programming that we habitually are trained to see as human traits. Most of them are not. Here are some examples:

Nationalism is the end result of animals peeing and musking their territory. Your flag is your rack of antlers.

The overlords and overwhelmed in human society are the Alpha males and females dominating a pack of wolves

Fashion used to make one attractive is the new feather of color evolution. And, even though we are living in one of those odd human periods when men are not the peacocks, such as you see in 18th and early 19th-century European history, it takes no Nostradamus to predict that men will once again sink happily back into their animal natures and rooster-up more cock-sure-colorful than the “hens.”

The modern and enlightened Sufi Dervish, Suleyman Dede, once defined human beings as “talking animals” unless they can reconnect with that still small point within. He used to whirl around in a circle to find that still small point. I also find it there in the eye of the spinning body-mind when whirling. I’ll close today with his words about the Sufi Whirling meditation:

Suleyman Hayati Dede

Suleyman Hayati Dede

“If you are quiet and in a state of prayer when you Turn, offering everything of yourself to God, then when your body is spinning, there is a completely still point in the center…The heavens respond; and all invisible kingdoms join in the dance. But the world does not understand. They think we Turn in order to go into some sort of trance. It is true that sometimes we do go into that state you call ecstasy, but that is only when we know and experience at the same time.

“We do not Turn for ourselves. We turn around in the way we do so that the Light of God may descend upon the earth. As you act as a conduit in the Turn, the light comes through the right hand, and the left hand brings it into this world…We turn for God and for the world, and it is the most beautiful thing you can imagine.”

Suleyman Dede, “Why We Turn,” Lovers of Mevlana, vol. 2, no. 4 (Winter, 1997).

John Hogue

(12 October 2009)

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