Everyone is Responsible for this Economy

The World Card, the Ten of Rainbows. Osho Zen Tarot

The World Card, the Ten of Rainbows. Osho Zen Tarot.

Financial strains and the need to be a healer for my mother as she finishes part two of her cataract surgery have kept me away longer than usual from posting a blog. Much will be said soon about Health Care and the Saturn-Uranus opposition that took place yesterday and its significant impact on our future and that of the president of the US. Much is yet to be said about the window for war closing rapidly on Israeli hawks desperately in need of a war with Iran. There will be something said about a big wave of emailed white fright freak-out about my prediction on Coast to Coast AM recently that Obama will see a second term. (Yes indeed he will, folks, take that to the prophecy bank and as you know, I am not a starry eyed “yes we canterer”.)

I must make time here to say that I had the pleasure of speaking last Sunday for over an hour with Shirley MacClaine in an interview taped for broadcast on her web site for Sunday, 20 September. It was a gift to peal the onion with Shirley to get to the root of what is “antichrist”. I have done over 800 radio tapings and this is among the chosen few that delve beyond kindergarten questions and went deep into the Zen of prophecy, the koan of augury. If you feel to stray with us into deep graduate study of prophecy and its roots, I invite you to subscribe to her web site Shirley MacClaine.com and listen in.

Now to the blog-business of this waning day

One reader back in mid February sent me the following comment during the peak, or I should say the fall, of the stock market when the DOW plunged into the 6,000s. It relates to prophecy, though through a back door.

A statement I made on George Noory’s Coast-to-Coast AM radio show back then offended the reader. I had said we all had our part to play in the current financial mess and that we all needed to take the blame and not throw it on others.

She felt neither responsibility for the financial irresponsibility of others, nor owned to one iota of associated collusion. I gathered from her letter that she believed she had spent her life following the rules, saved her money, been frugal and the irresponsible actions of others were about to drag her life and her savings down the drain. She declared she had no debt, no kids; she had money in the bank in cds that would soon become worthless. The image of those tanking cds must have triggered the following swipe of raging words, “All the scum out there, I want them all to go to jail! I am 59 and I am done! I really want them all dead!”

Wait now. I am speaking to you who are reading this. Wait. Relax. Do not surrender unconsciously to reaction and judge her angry words. Reaction is one of the key fuels feeding predictability. Our societies run on reaction more than response. One who can see this reactive mechanism in oneself and expand that awareness to see how the collective is fueled by reaction, can see how the future repeats the past. This understanding can make you free from being predictable. The future, then, for you, can be wide open.

She has a right to be angry, but not right to dump that anger on others. With that said, I responded to her cathartic letter with the following:


You are really an angry person. I am also programmed by society to be an anger ego type. Every ego-personality coated over our true being by society has a predominant trait. There are anger types like you and me. There are also victim types, the vain, the greedy, the snob, the dreamer, the fool and so on. These are imposed upon us by others and by historical biases of the times and cultural conditionings of the regions wherein we find ourselves, mostly by accident, born.

A word of advice from one anger type to another. Just remember when you want others to feel the sting of your bile, like wishing all those economically irresponsible should die, you have to first generate and inject that death-anger dagger into the viscera of your own body-mind. Put it this way, if I want you to feel my anger I must first poison myself before I can successfully poison others with this anger. I have to hurt myself first and unconsciously hope my victim will react in turn and “do” my anger into themselves.

I suggest you look deeper into what I proposed on Coast to Coast — that we are all responsible. It is good you paid as you went and have no debt, saved your money, etc. I would even add that not choosing to have children is a virtue at a time when an exploding human population literally eats us out of earthly home and the belch of their gasses into an overcooked climate could set off an ecological apocalypse.

I also made a decision not to have children in this life and I sealed it with a surgeon’s scalpel in India, in 1990, by getting a vasectomy. People can read my account of the decision and experience in the chapter about Overpopulation on page 52 of The Millennium Book of Prophecy, see Prophecy books.

The irresponsibility of others being at fault for the crashing value of your bank cds is also your responsibility.

You took the risk. You put your savings into a fluctuating economic system that could see cd values rise or fall to your profit or pain. You are responsible for putting your money into that casino machine money mess.

Also, anyone of us who uses the monetary system has a stake in its fortunes.

If you voted for political leaders who abused the system, there too, you are in part responsible for putting them there with your vote.

You are to “blame,” however it would be more positive to take the blame as righteous “shame.”

Shame is positive. Shame happens when we awaken from our faults and say, “I am better than this. I am ashamed of what I did. I will now learn and grow and be better, because I am better than that.”

To be ashamed is not to be guilty. Guiltiness is ugly. Being ashamed is the first step to rising higher. In the future, a new humanity will arise out of such a courageous acceptance of our part in all that is wrong with our world, because equally they will discover that all that is potentially positive and right in the world of the future is born out of each of us. Back in 1994 in Millennium Book of Prophecy, I coined the following future maxim of Homo Novus, the new humanity coming in the future:

You are the problem. You are also the answer.

So, be ashamed and celebrate it. You are as much a part of this mess as the rest of us who you now wish should all go to jail or drop dead.

It is OK to be angry. Just do not dump it on others. A new humanity is coming that will accept as natural the need to regularly have a good dump of anger just like everyone naturally needs to have a good crap. We do the latter in the privacy of our bathroom. Not on a person’s carpet in the living room or in public display. There is a future coming of a new humanity that each of us can bring into our lives right now. The advent of this new humanity will be greatly aided by those who can today find creative and private ways to have a thorough and necessary anger crap from time to time.

So, let the anger go in private. That is the only way to be free of it. When you accept your anger and throw it in private you will see this powerful life force transform from anger into compassion, which is anger’s higher dimension.

There are fun techniques available that can help you get your anger out in private without hurting anyone, especially yourself.

I will introduce one to you in the next blog. It may be possible to save the world and save yourself by hitting a pillow.

John Hogue

(16 September 2009)

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