Nostradamus, Hindsight and Foresight–2

Click on this link and read the first full-bodied biography every written on Nostradamus' life "and" Afterlife.

Click on this link and read the first full-bodied biography every written on Nostradamus’ life “and” Afterlife.

Here is the second interchange I had with Chris about a fundamental complaint that perhaps every Nostradamus fan or scholar has struggled with at some time or other down through the centuries when trying to gain some foresight into the future from Nostradamus’ foggy verses


I just get so frustrated with the prophecies of Nostradamus sometimes.

I understand, Chris. Your frustration is mine.

Sometimes I think they are a complete waste, and then other times I think there really is something there.

Exactly my feeling too.

If Nostradamus was legitimately trying to warn us from going down the wrong path, he sure as hell made it really hard to figure out what he meant.

For the good people as well as the evil. Remember, evil people to propagate a future they want to make happen have used Nostradamus

People in the Nazi movement noticed the anagram Hister being a code for Hitler even in the 1920s. What if Nostradamus had been clearer and gave Hitler’s people insight into how to win World War II? Who would be responsible if more clarity gave Hitler the keys to victory and the means to annihilate Nostradamus’ own people in the holocaust? Nostradamus would be responsible.

He had a heavy burden and a detailed collection of his writings and reflections contained in my biography (See Nostradamus predictions) point to years of tortured soul searching about whether he dare share his visions with the world. He finally chose the device of charlatans to hide real prophecy.

It doesn’t help us if we can only see [the future] in hindsight, and looking back in hindsight we may use our prophetic bias to fit it in our particular worldview.

Many people have used Nostradamus’ prophecies with prophetic foresight. I have done it many times. I used Nostradamus’ prophecies to forewarn a national US audience in 1996 on Fox Network’s Prophecies of the Millennium about a second terrorist attack that this time could bring down the twin towers of New York. I even documented the time window for the event happening any time from 1999 but no later than 2001 in my 1997 book, Nostradamus: the Complete Prophecies.

Beyond interpreting Nostradamus, on Hannity and Colmes (Fox News Network, December 31, 1999), I warned that New Orleans would be destroyed in the first super hurricane event sometime in the first five hurricane seasons of the 21st century.

What was Fox Network’s response to these two warnings after the towers fell to terrorists on September 11, 2001 and later after Hurricane Katrina destroyed New Orleans in 2005, the fifth hurricane season of the new century?

They black listed me.

What was my crime?

Not talking about the future in the politically correct and comfy state of hindsight.

Hindsight is safe. Foresight is controversial, because it asks us to change the way we are behaving. People are programmed to be fearful of change and not celebrate the adventure inherent in the unknown. When we seek to change the future today, we are like explorers, stepping out on a new journey, a new frontier. The new frontiers before us today are not for the comfort seekers, the politically or religiously correct, or the faint of soul. The media serves the angels of our more mollycoddled and programmed nature.

Most people don’t know, because of the press’s popular bias against Nostradamus, that many scholars down through history have accurately forecast future events before they happened. I’ve done it, so did Steward Robb, Lemesurier Sr., Von Loog, Andre Lamont, and many others.

We must be aware of the built in bias put into us by our blinders-loving society and their media not to recognize this fact and then render prophecy useless in hindsight.

If we actually were allowed to heed the warnings of prophecy, we would change the world today and make a golden future.

This is what this blog page and my work in prophecy is all about.

John Hogue

(19 August 2009)

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