Baitullah Mehsud Dead: Is he Mabus?

The notorious leader of the Pakistani Taliban, Baitullah Mehsud, is said by US and Pakistani intelligence sources to have been killed by a missile fired by a US drone plane while visiting his father-in-law’s house in northwestern Pakistan’s rugged, lawless tribal area near the Afghan border. The man coined the “Usama bin Laden” of the Taliban, responsible for many of its worst terrorist attacks in Pakistan, hits on US troops in Afghanistan and the mastermind behind the assassination of Benazir Bhutto had attempted to spread his brand of extreme Islamo-Fascism out of the tribal regions and into the mainstream and predominantly moderate Islamic Pakistani territories. Earlier this year he led the Taliban into the Swat Valley region and advanced upon nearby capital of Islamabad. Mehsud for a time threatened the political stability of Pakistan until the Pakistani Army commanders at last were convinced by his boldness and US diplomatic pressure to snap out of their fixation on India and fight the real threat to Pakistan’s stability coming from within. For now, the threat of Pakistan’s collapse is delayed until perhaps later in the year when it will be renewed as I described in detail in Predictions for 2009.

US intelligence up to reports yesterday (Sunday) was 90 percent certain that Mehsud was killed by the missile while he lay on the roof of his father-in-law’s house receiving a lower leg massage to relieve chronic pain from diabetes. Today an intelligence official, unnamed, told CNN that President Obama was briefed that Mehsud’s death was absolutely certain. Press wire services over the weekend describe a power struggle among his Taliban lieutenants is ongoing, though key commanders Hakimullah, Qari Hussain, who is known for training suicide bombers, and Taliban spokesman Maulvi Umar — made calls to AP reporters on Saturday insisting Mehsud survived the US death by drone attempt last Wednesday night.

For now it may be premature to declare Mehsud dead. Still, many of you have rightly asked if he is a candidate for the third and final antichrist foreseen by the 16th-century prophet Nostradamus. Those of you who have read Nostradamus and the Antichrist know that I have been on the prophetic trail as a kind of Sleuth-sayer detective, examining dozens of possible candidates for Antichrist for over 25 years. The hardest part of the case to crack is finding the true name of the Antichrist because it is hidden in an anagram. Nostradamus called his First Antichrist, PAUNAYLORON (an anagram for Napaulon Roy — King Napoleon). The Second Antichrist he code-named Hister (Hitler). In my book I reveal there are currently four contemporary figures that find their names decoding the Mabus enigma: Saddam Hussein, G.W. Bush, Usama bin Laden, and President Barack Obama. As you can imagine — if you are not already getting your buttons pushed — some of these candidates agree with one’s bias whilst others do not. My personal opinions or biases as a scholar of prophecy cannot matter in the court of prescient evidence, so, I must accept that some of you bristle at Bush as much as Obama being on the list. In the end, it may be none of these people. It may be Baitullah Mehsud.

Let us look at his name first, and then review the famous prophecy for clues:

Mehsud, also spelled “Mahsud,” is the phonetic spelling in Roman letters from the Pashtun script. Move the letters and it spells “Mahdus”. Apply Nostradamus’ laws of anagram. You can change any letter into a new letter if it is possible to reverse it or turn it upside down. Thus, “d” becomes “b” to make “Mahbus.” The rules allow you to drop one redundant letter, the “h”, to easily get “Mabus” out of Mahsud.

Now to the prophecy in Century 2 Quatrain 62 of Nostradamus’ Les Propheties:

Mabus puis tost alors mourra, viendra,

De gens & bestes vne horrible defaite:

Puis tout coup la vengeance on verra,

Cent, main, soif, faim, quand courra la comete.

Mabus very soon then will die, [then] will come,

A horrible undoing of people and animals

At once one will se vengeance,

One hundred powers, thirst, famine, when the comet will pass.

Cracking the evidence in the first word of this prophecy is the hardest part: who is Mabus. The rest of the prophetic steps are pretty clear. Mabus, unlike the other two antichrists before him dies at the onset of his evil destiny and his death triggers the terrible undoing of the world of people and animals in a cycle of vengeance, terrorist and counter-terrorist attacks that drag one hundred nations into war. It happens at a time of great global droughts (thirst) and the danger of global famine; or, these are the consequences of the bloody war of post-mortem Mabus.

Climate change is the culprit for many record-breaking droughts across North America, Africa, Southern Europe and Asia. Food reserves are at an all-time low. Human population explodes and the demand to feed nearly 7 billion souls is reaching a critical point beyond which agriculture may no longer sustain us. It would seem that Nostradamus in the final line is talking about our times. The time of the Antichrist.

Being a dead candidate is much more important than being a living one. If Mehsud is actually dead then he joins the other candidate most likely intended by Nostradamus to be Mabus: Saddam Hussein. However, unlike Saddam Hussein, Mehsud may have died on the day of a lunar eclipse, as some of you have pointed out, yet he did not die during the appearance of a great comet. Saddam Hussein is the only candidate thus far who has. He was hanged the day Comet McNaught, the brightest in over sixty years, became visible to the naked eye. Saddam Hussein also fulfilled more of the steps to attain the title Third Antichrist than any other candidate so far. Those of you who have read Nostradamus and the Antichrist, Code Named: MABUS know how I painstakingly came to that conclusion. I hope those of you who have not read it will consider why I conclude that Saddam Hussein so far is the top candidate. Still, there is another possible translation for the comet passing itself off in Nostradamus’ mind as a missile striking Mehsud and his masseuse from a drone plane.

I would speculate that if Mehsud were Mabus then Pakistan would shortly collapse into chaos. There will then be a nuclear war between Pakistan and India. The terrible destruction of people and animals would come to South Asia; the land ancient Indian Hindu myths declare was the birthplace of atomic weapons described in the epic poem, the Mahabharata (The Great Indian War).

We will look at these passages in the future.

John Hogue

(10 August 2009)

PS — From portends of comets to solar eclipses we go. Back in a blog posted on 16 July entitled The Great Eclipse of 2009 and Nostradamus, I said the following, “Caution my occult heart and attend. The passing of the shadow of the 11 August 1999 eclipse could have forewarned of natural and civil upheavals. Is there something portentous overshadowing the economies and seismic regions of the two rising Asian economic superpowers in the months and years after part two of the great Nostradamus eclipse on 21-22 July 2009, if that indeed is what it is?”

On 20 July (Nostradamus and the Apollo Moon Landing), I posted this statement: “See the next economic crisis coming from the places where the shadow had fallen: India, China and Japan. Seismic activity or an intensifying cyclone and typhoon season may be the trigger. It will be natural disaster related.”

The typhoon season is hammering China and Taiwan with the 8th tropical storm assault since May. Today, in the Asian region it is already 11 August, the 10-year anniversary of Nostradamus’ millennium eclipse prophecy. A 7.6 temblor in the Indian Ocean was felt across a wide region including Myanmar (Burma), Thailand and the Indian subcontinent. As I write this, there is a tsunami warning posted for the Indian Ocean. Twelve minutes after the Indian Ocean rumble, a 6.6 quake hit Japan swaying the massive forest of skyscrapers in downtown Tokyo. It would seem the acceleration of seismic and natural disasters my oracle foresaw for Asia for the next few months is on.

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