Removing the Bricks in Our Mind Walls

Click on this link to explore John Hogue's mystical adventures in India.

Click on this link to explore John Hogue’s mystical adventures in India.

This letter deserves an answer because it reflects the pre-programmed stupidity with which every society stamps intelligent souls coming through the birth channel. Osho once said that intelligence is our birthright. Only stupidity is borrowed. I am not attacking the reader below, just the idiotic phenomenon posing as the reader coated over her soul like a mask. Commenting on my article “Revolution in Iran: Why Ahmadinejad Won” the reader wrote (bad grammar and spelling left uncorrected):

if you really believe what you are saying about irann then why do you keep on defending the relelection of the regime again and again? I have simple analogy. Even you yourself do not believe what you are saying that is why you have to repeat it again and again. Oh my basij sympatizer

What follows is just graffiti sprayed on the wall of a closed mind. The stones have no intelligence. It is therefore easy to predict that this mind imposed upon you will not get what I am saying unless your birthright intelligence can break out from behind the wall, in which your society has imprisoned it.

I am a Mousavi supporter. I want his moderate revolution to succeed; however, it will not succeed as long as the movement is filled with people like you who would rather dream things are so than make them so.

We have to come back to reality if we what to make the Green Revolution in Iran a reality.

We are being duped by our own media and our own fantasies to think that a revolution of moderates in Iran is succeeding. It is not, for now. A year from now, a different story, even though its eventual success will be in the final reckoning just another so-called revolution like all the others. Real revolution has not yet happened in this world.

We have to face facts, not illusions. Moreover, the readers of my bulletins will often have to confront things that go against their projections. If people do not like what they are reading here, nothing is stopping them from going somewhere else to nourish what they want to see.

This blog is dedicated to those who say yes to the only revolution that can possibly change the world: a revolution in witnessing consciousness that uses the mind as its servant — not the master.

There is no greater tyrant overlording all of you right this very moment than the conditioned, programmed mind. This is the true Satan.

It thrives as long as we go on living unconscious of its prison for our minds and hearts. We must stop pretending the prison walls do not exist. We must encounter them, understand the nature of this prison, so we can then break free of it.

There is no liberation more atomic or significant than the freeing of the individual from his or her conditioned mind and personality. Most of humanity’s misery is rooted in our identification with a false-persona personality programmed into us starting at birth by whatever culture we find ourselves born into. We are made to think we are the hammer, not the hand holding it. We are hypnotized to believe we are the body-mind vehicle, not the soul driving it. The outside imposed misperception of the hammer and the car, the robotic adherence to morals and religious dogma, the identification with nationalistic mindsets that has us persecuting and killing each other and a thousand other false personas imposed become mind-dirt that buries the being from our conscious awareness. We walk for 70 years or so of life in the shadow of our own graves hypnotized to think we are alive, thinking and feeling for ourselves.

We all have this wall built up around our intelligence and soul. A few of us are aware the wall exists and are beginning a breakout. A few of us want to really be alive and rediscover our lost and innocent intelligence of soul.

These Hogue Prophecy Bulletins are written for those who want to break free of a present conditioning that is making the future a tragedy. Prophecy is one of the devices I use writing these blogs and eBooks. There is a lot more going on between the lines you read here.

A practice of self-observation techniques can help expose these underlying tyrannies of the programmed mind to the light of consciousness. That consciousness exposes the programming like light dispelling chains made of shadow. If you want to liberate Iran or any other oppressed being, start at the beginning. Take the first and right step inward: liberate your self.

If enough of us do this around the world then solutions to the world’s problems will be within our grasp.

John Hogue

(18 July 2009)

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