Nostradamus and the Apollo Moon Landing

Click on this link to explore the eclipse that portended all that has happened since 21 August 2017!

Click on this link to explore the eclipse that portended all that has happened since 21 August 2017!

First, let me answer a question concerning the Great Eclipse of 2009 coming tomorrow:


Is it going to have some effect on stock markets as well?

Not initially. See the next economic crisis coming from the places where the shadow had fallen: India, China and Japan. Seismic activity or an intensifying cyclone and typhoon season may be the trigger. It will be natural disaster related.


Today marks the fortieth anniversary celebration of the Apollo Moon landing on 20 July 1969. Someone else sitting on a brass tripod over a column of pungent steam with laurel branch in white robed hand was celebrating it in prophetic reverie on a night in 1558 around 451 years ago. The following morning, Nostradamus, set his vision down under the index Century 9 Quatrain 65:

Dedans le coing de Luna viendra rendre,
Ou sera prins & mis en terre estrange,
Les fruicts immeurs seront grand esclandre
Grand vitupere l’vn grande louange.

He will come to take himself to the corner of the Moon,
Where he will be taken and placed on alien land,
The unripe fruit will be the source of great scandal,
Great blame, to the other great praise.

In a 16th-century Europe dominated by the Church it would have been heresy to suggest that Earth was not the center of the Universe. Yet, in this time of limited scientific understanding and widespread superstition, Nostradamus dared to propose that, one day in the future, men would be able to walk upon another world.

Even at the beginning of the 20th century the idea that, within 70 years, men would be able to travel in a man-made vehicle through space to Luna was unimaginable. Closer examination of the original French word dedans opens the interpretation further for a return of man to the moon in the 21st century. After man has taken himself to the moon he will later take himself within the corner of the Moon, where he will construct a permanent underground lunar base.

Look again at the quatrain indexing. Many of these seem to be codes for dates. Notice “65” could represent the year (19)65, when NASA shifted its attention from the two-man, Gemini program to the three-man Apollo moon program. The God Apollo, by the way, was a favorite entity to conjure by neo-Platonist soothsayers like Nostradamus. The “9” in the indexing could also be there to hint (19)69.

The last two lines could bring us back down to earth from space success to tragedy. I was the first Nostradamus scholar to attribute them to the US Space Shuttle Challenger disaster in early 1986. The American space program was castigated for sending their astronauts on the unripe fruit of faulty, rocket boosters prematurely approved to fit the budget. At the time of the Challenger disaster, however, the Soviet space program with its Mir space station was running smoothly with the complete support of its government and people (to the other great praise).

Nostradamus often saw several incidents in the future as one. The year “65” might stand for the tragedy of the first Apollo 1 crew: Command Pilot Virgil I. “Gus” Grissom, Senior Pilot Ed White and Pilot Roger B. Chaffee. All three died in a pre-launch rehearsal in 1967 when a spark from faulty wiring ignited their oxygen atmosphere while locked inside the Apollo 1 Space Module on top of their Saturn Rocket.

Work on the Apollo 1 spacecraft began in 1965. The unripe fruit of NASA’s labors, perhaps. It was a national tragedy (source of great scandal) and great setback for the US race with the Soviet Union to land a man on the Moon. For a time it appeared that the Soviets were going to get there first (to the other great praise). NASA rebounded rapidly, completely overhauling their Apollo program. The tragedy was a huge shock and wakeup call that resulted in a far superior Apollo spacecraft design that would later win for America the Space Race to the Moon.

The US Space Shuttle program is soon to be retired in 2012. A new scandal is arising for the US NASA space agency, a scandal of government short sightedness, unless President “Spock” does something about it. Friends of the current US president jokingly call the cool and no-drama Obama because he resembles the fictional unflappably logic bound, pointed eared alien from the Planet Vulcan.

Obama is a big Star Trek fan but will he fund an extension of the Shuttle program until its replacement, the Orion Spacecraft, is operational? If Obama does nothing, then Russia will once again gain great praise as well as great political leverage because it will have the only working space craft capable of shuttling US astronauts to the International Space Station for several years. The first Orion space launch is forecast for 2015. That would be year seven in an Obama two-term presidency.

I predict the president will spook up, or “Spock” up, the funds and apply Vulcan logic to Congress to find the funding and keep the Shuttle program online until 2014.

Live long and prosper: US Space Program.

John Hogue

(20 July 2009)

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