Think Amalek: No Half Measures for Iran

ThinkAmalek1President Obama’s diplomatic mission to Saudi Arabia and Egypt on the week marking the 42nd anniversary of Israel’s overwhelming preemptive victory against Arab Muslim forces during the Six Day War (1967) was a symbolic statement that few Middle Eastern Muslims or Israeli Jews would have overlooked. The Bush Era of American policy giving Israel diplomatic and military carte blanche is over. And as I predicted in more detail in Predictions for 2009, the new president occupying the White House defines “friend” of Israel more by the parameters of friendship as defined by the Sufi Muslim mystic Kabir (b. 1398): someone who loves you enough to be compassionately critical when it is needed.

After the election polls closed in both countries the poles politically widened. America has gone left with their new president; Israel has gone far right with its new Prime Minster Netanyahu. Obama made his speech this week about engaging 1 billion Muslims around the world in a new beginning, a new dialogue. The Middle East is a region where perception is truth. Obama tried to change the language of American policy. Diplomacy on the anniversary of the Six Day War, not preemptive strike is, at least on the surface, a change in perception Barack Obama believes in. However let us not be too blindly bright eyed and harmonically convergent-tailed about this president. He has left “all options” about Iran on the table. In addition, I will dare say for the prophetic record that Obama is not someone, as the North Korean dictator and others presume, who is too inexperienced and too weak to use decisive military force.

Do not Khrushchev that Obama, Kim Jong Il. He is no less the Jack Kennedy the Soviet Premier misjudged as Jack Kennedy later turned out to be when the US and Soviet Union faced direct confrontation. The young and inexperienced president was a decisive as well as measured leader during the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. Obama will surprise the world in the coming years becoming decisively belligerent when diplomacy may fail and will deliver measure for measure to the aggressor.

I have said since early 2007, when I wrote Nostradamus: The War with Iran (see Nostradamus Iran prediction), that a window of opportunity closes for Israel at the end of 2009 to strike Iran before it produces a full-fledged nuclear program. After that, the Netanyahu government will have to live with a nuclear Iran. My sense is, Iran is seeking the knowledge, means and option to build atomic weapons, just as other civilian nuclear powers, such as Japan or South Korea have garnered the means and expertise. Like these, Iran, if threatened could manufacture atomic bombs within weeks or months. Israel will have to live with that. You cannot bomb the knowledge to make and arm their regional ballistic missiles with atomic weapons, but you can keep threatening Iran with a fate of Amalek (complete racial extermination) with your 200 to 500 nuclear weapons arrayed.

I predict that diplomacy will not prevent Iran from having a civilian nuclear program with the potential to manufacture nuclear bombs, but Iran, Israel and the US negotiating rather than threatening each other erases the need for Iran to build a stockpile. It may sound strange to some of you but Israel holds destiny like a mirror before it. If it seeks war with Iran, it will make Iran a nuclear-armed threat. If it seeks peace, Iran will not be a nuclear threat.

Netanyahu’s advisor had sent his own symbolic message to the world several days before Obama made his tone changing speech in Cairo, the capital of the largest of several Arab countries that 42 years earlier sent an invading force along the border of a small Jewish state only to see that force devastated and routed by preemptive Israeli attack.

Netanyahu’s position on Iran? Read Amalek.

The press cited a passage in the bible that sounds like it gave ancient Israel God’s holy covenant to annihilate its avowed enemy more completely and successfully than any Nazi could dream of doing to Jews. The Lord of Hosts granted King Saul an indulgence to: Go now and fall upon the Amalekites and destroy them, and put their property under ban. Spare no one; put them all to death, men and women, children and babes in arms, herds and flocks, camels and asses. (1 Samuel 15:3,4)

Read Amalek? Read the fate of Iran if Netanyahu does not get them to abandon their nuclear program altogether through diplomacy and threats of apocalypse. Yet, this is the first half of the biblical passage. The press and perhaps even the Israeli prime minister overlooked the second half. What did Saul do, Mr. Prime Minister and what does that imply about your biblical aim?

Then Saul cut the Amalekites to pieces, all the way from Havilah to Shur on the borders of Egypt. Agag the king of the Amalekites he took alive, but he destroyed all the people, putting them to the sword, Saul and his army spared Agag and the best of the sheep and cattle, the fat beasts and the lambs and everything worth keeping; they were unwilling to destroy them, but anything that was useless and of no value they destroyed. (1 Samuel 15:7,9)

This was not the covenant of Yehovah. Saul was to take nothing, neither the best livestock of the Amalekites for burnt offerings of sacrifice to the Lord, nor their King Agag as prisoner. Samuel, the first of the major Hebrew prophets, lamented that he made Saul king. He tracked him down and told Saul of what the Lord said to him the previous night:

‘Time was when you thought little of yourself, but now you are head of the tribes of Israel, and the LORD has anointed you king over Israel. The LORD sent you with strict instructions to destroy that wicked nation, the Amalekites; you were to fight against them until you had wiped them out. Why then did you not obey the LORD?’ (1 Samuel 15:17,19)

Saul when confronted by Samuel would see his sin — that he was influenced by the greed of the people to take Amalekite possessions and his own vanity to be popular for it. Samuel would take the crown of Israel away from Saul because he lacked of fanatic zeal in serving God’s bidding for a final solution to the Amalekite question. Old Samuel would draw his own sword, do the Lord’s bidding and hack King Agag to pieces after Saul had made his submission to the Lord and returned crownless to his home at Gibeah.

Saul ended his life in tragedy under the influence of evil spirits. He tried to kill young David, who the Lord is said to have chosen as the next king of Israel. He would finally die, falling on his own sword in the defeat of the Israelis against the Philistines at Gilboa. God’s once anointed and now uncrowned king committed suicide — a cardinal sin.

The moral of reading Amalek, therefore, cautions Netanyahu, the modern “king” of the tribes of Israel to not leave one man, woman, child, cow, goat, sheep, building or Iranian nuclear reactor standing if he should choose to strike Iran this year. He must paint 70 million people with the broad and intolerant label of “wicked,” then kill every one of them. Go whole hog, even if pig ain’t kosher. Do unto the Iranians what even Hitler could not do unto the Jews.

I believe the most dangerous window in time for this final Amalekite-Iranian solution comes from August through October. I will explain why in the near future.

John Hogue
(06 June 2009: the 42nd anniversary of the end of the Six Day War)

Click on this link, and read Nostradamus in the clear about a war between the US and Iran is a real and potentially history altering mistake.

Click on this link, and read Nostradamus in the clear about a war between the US and Iran is a real and potentially history altering mistake.


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