Think Amalek: Biblical Bluffs?

ThinkAmalek1From Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s offices comes a threat to Iran of biblical proportions. If taken literally, it means an Israeli strike on Iran must wipe every living person, cow and lamb thereof, to appease the Lord of Hosts. The Israeli Prime Minister through his aide, bids us to divine his thinking by reading 1 Samuel’s passages about ancient Amalek, an avowed enemy of Israel, to gander what Netanyahu is threatening for Iran. The story goes that the Lord God himself told Samuel to order King Saul to go out and kill everything Amalekite in sight. Saul disobeyed preserving the choicest livestock for ritual sacrifice to God and any valuable booty. He also left one Amalekite alive, King Agag of Amalek, as his personal prisoner.

Saul lost his crown because he failed to follow The Lord of Hosts holy order to the Hebraic letter. His holocaust was incomplete. After which, he descended into madness, attempted the assassination of God’s chosen successor, King David. Then before the battle of Gilboa against the Philistines, Saul broke his own proscribed rule made when king against committing the cardinal sin of witchcraft. On eve of battle, he conjured a glimpse of the outcome with the aid of a witch. She raised the spirit of Samuel to describe Saul’s forthcoming defeat. Saul added eternal damnation’s insult to sinful injury. Carried off in the chaos of the rout, Philistines bearing down, Saul was about to be captured. He called upon his armor bearer to pull out his sword and run him through. The man baulked. Saul then committed one of the worst sins of all, suicide, falling on his own sword.

The lesson for past and future leaders of the Tribes of Israel: when you think Amalek, read complete destruction of your enemy and its property or go down accursed for ever.

(Is it just me? The biblical God really needs more brand in his diet. Enlighten up, Yehovah!)

Some believe, perhaps even the US President himself, that Netanyahu waxing biblically apocalyptic is a bluff. He is not known as a religious fire breather, however, I have been warning since 2006 about the likelihood of Netanyahu becoming prime minister of Israel a second time and I have never considered him an idle bluffer. I have looked into his eyes when he talked about bombing Iran as one of his first priorities once reelected. There is no Bible-BS about it. If Iran’s nuclear program continues he will bomb it if he decides Israel can politically and strategically survive the backlash.

If in a few days the Iranian President should be reelected, Netanyahu’s desire to bomb will be stronger. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is the same man who openly and officially played King Agag of Amalek when he mused that Israel should be wiped off the map. This man begins every public speech invoking a prayer for the return of the 12th Imam, the leader of the final jihad against Jewish held Jerusalem in the foretold Islamic version of the Apocalypse. Netanyahu by invoking Amalek has matched Ahmadinejad with his own apocalyptic threat.

iranbook-cover2The important subplot of Nostradamus: the War with Iran (see Nostradamus predictions) exposed the dangerous spirit of Christian, Hebrew and Islamic apocalyptic programming underpinning the statements and actions of those three American, Israeli and Iranian heads of state who might send their people down a calamitous path to the next great regional conflict foreseen in the prophecies of Nostradamus.

I have some hope that Ahmadinejad may be defeated in the forthcoming election and be replaced by a more moderate voice, Mir-Hossein Mousavi, who might follow the path of diplomacy, not Amalek. Then again, my oracle’s intuition sees a close election and the chances of a second term for Ahmadinejad looks likely with the 12 June election in Iran just three days from the time of this article’s posting. Ahmadinejad in a national debate with Mousavi let it be known that even the Supreme Ayatollah Khamenei was against his reelection. Given that he and his supreme council of Ayatollahs are a power overlording presidents and their elections, perhaps they will fix the election and it does not then matter if Ahmadinejad wins the popular vote. This election may turn out to be an Iranian version of Al Gore winning the popular vote but losing the US Supreme Court vote in the 2000 Presidential Elections.

If Ahmadinejad wins, what will another four-years of his apocalyptic saber rattling against Netanyahu government rants of Amalek’s extermination bear forth?

There is some good news. The most powerful man in the world who also talked to God, the same God who told him to invade Iraq and plan a war for Iran, etc., is currently taking out the garbage and glad handing kids on the suburban block of his new home in Dallas, Texas. G.W. Bush no longer has the power to influence this doomsday triumvirate.

I hold some hope that Obama’s thrilling oratory in Cairo will induce real results towards a diplomatic solution. I hope that the windows for Israeli strikes between August and October pass without incident and the year 2009 ends any further discussion in the Knesset of Amalek for at least five years, according to Nostradamus’ astrological prophecies.

Last week was full of symbolism; threats of an Amalek final solution from Israeli leaders came on the eve of the 42nd Anniversary of the Six Day War. Then Obama retorted with his own symbolism. The first step in his high-risk diplomatic outreach to the Muslim, Middle Eastern world with visits to Saudi Arabia and a speech directed to the Ummah (the community of 1 billion Muslims around the world) delivered in Cairo Egypt.

It was from Cairo, 42 years earlier, where President Abdul Nasser threatened to drive all Jews to drown in the sea. The warriors of Israel promptly surprised and destroyed his forces before they could launch their attack. Obama then flew to Germany and visited Buchenwald concentration camp to pay his respects to those millions of Jews who had died in the Holocaust. Netanyahu opened the week with threats of Amalek on Iran. Obama ended the week reiterating before a memorial of the Jewish Holocaust that America was and would ever remain Israel’s most powerful friend and defender. Then he flew to Normandy to pay his respects on Saturday, June 6, to the fallen Americans of D-Day, on the 65th anniversary of the Normandy allied landings in the Second World War.

The symbolism of Obama speaking to the Muslim world in Egypt has another meaning not overlooked by a majority population of Muslim moderates around the world. Obama spoke as a guest of the first Arab government to recognize Israel’s existence and make peace with her. The day before he was visiting King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, a man who has worked diligently to unite Arabs behind the idea of a two-state Israeli-Palestinian solution — the lynch pin to peace at least descending on the Middle East and not the biblical fires of nuclear bombs out of some near-future Iran-Israeli war.

Either a Middle East crisis or breakthrough to peace is coming this year.

John Hogue
(09 June 2009: two days after the 18th anniversary of Israeli jets destroying Saddam Hussein’s nuclear reactor outside of Baghdad)


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