Armageddon in an Israeli Nuke-shell

Last week, Israeli leaders of the new extreme-right wing Netanyahu coalition government waxed biblical retribution as a final solution to the Iran problem. They cited the Old Testament passage about Amalek to describe their intentions towards Iran’s nuclear program and the future existence of its people in words that far exceed those notoriously delivered several years ago by the Iranian President Ahmadinejad about erasing Israel off the map of history. Bellicosity’s bluff? Stay tuned to my upcoming blog about the quote, entitled Read Amalek.

Today, we have a commentary defending Israel having nuclear weapons from a reader named “Joy.” I expect my response below will be received as politically incorrect but I contend it is a prophetic necessity to declare: Atomic weapons? Bad idea.

It is a theme many of you have read me take up over the years, especially in my book Nostradamus: The War with Iran, see Nostradamus Iran.

The biggest open secret undermining Middle East peace efforts is an Israeli nuclear arsenal of an estimated 200 to 500 atomic weapons, both atom and thermonuclear of all types, including nuclear briefcase sized bombs. One cannot ignore Israel’s reasons, perhaps right reasons, for having such an arsenal, but to completely ignore the existence of these weapons of mass destruction already in the possession of an aggressive Middle Eastern power that has not ratified the Nuclear Non-Prolifering Treaty, poised to attack and destroy Iran’s nuclear program, is not fair or balanced. And to those who say, “Yes, but Israel is a civilized democracy, not a fundamentalist theocracy like Iran. They will be responsible with their atomic bombs, etc…” I say, “Well, perhaps.”

Up to this point, only democracies use atomic weapons on civilians in indefensible cities. America for one. The dictatorial Soviets never used one. It makes one wonder if people who practice democracy are immune to using atomic weapons in the future. Now to Joy’s letter:

I note your comment that Israel has 200 or more [atomic] bombs so the playing field should be made even by allowing Iran to have bombs. However over 20 Arab countries itching for her destruction surround Israel. That is not a level field to even begin with, not withstanding Iran’s repeated calls for the destruction of Israel. If 20 of your neighbors hated you and wanted you destroyed, would one shotgun be sufficient against their one shotgun each? [I] don’t think so.

Joy, your analogy is a popular one but it is both cumbersome and inaccurate. Not all of Israel’s neighbors hate her. Many of those who don’t exactly like her, could live and let live with Israel if she stopped bullying her Palestinian neighbor. It is true, they once lived in the same “house” in 1947 but dividing it down the living room didn’t work out. Now they live in separate houses. Israel might, however, be viewed by her other neighbors more favorably if she stopped occupying Palestine’s house as well as live in her own rightful house next door. If there were at last a “two house” (two state) diplomatic solution, I think Israel would not have bad relations with most her Arab neighbors.

By the way, having more than a shotgun but something like a tank that could blow away her 20 other neighbors in an instant doesn’t make Israel safe or secure. Indeed, when you introduce weapons of mass destruction into the world, as America once did, you create an arms race. America by 1949 had built as many atomic bombs as Israel currently has (if you take the current lower intelligence estimates of that arsenal size) before the Soviet Union tested their first atomic weapon that same year — around 250. America started an arms race. Russia was forced to make her own arsenal.

It is not a question of right and wrong here, it is a question of understanding basic human nature as it is expressed on a national and international level and how that unconscious habit all too predictably will lead to a bad future if we don’t expose it before it is too late. If you introduce and train a new weapon on your neighbors in the community that in an instant could wipe them out, your neighbors will want to defend themselves with same. If America makes hundreds of bombs pointed at the Soviet Union, of course the Soviet people will want their own to defend themselves.

Point 250 to 500 bombs at Persian Iran and the Arab nations? Of course they will consider making or getting their own.

Israel created this karma of WMD introduction into the region. Now, unless she can preemptively attack Iran, the best she will do is delay them making atomic weapons by a few years. An Israeli strike on Iran will actually radicalize the region further. Remember, no other Muslim neighbors are making atomic weapons, but if Iran is bombed by Israel, they will be making.

Put it this way, if 20 neighbors with 20 shotguns face off with Israel in a tank, they will eventually get 20 tanks. Where is the safety in bringing that tank home now?

Israel cannot be safe hiding behind atomic weapons. Eventually all of her neighbors will need them and have them because Israel introduced this doomsday device into the region.

Israel right now is on the path towards a right wing Zionist future. I have been writing about this potential since 1994 in The Millennium Book of Prophecy, see predictions. Israel could become its own Rabbinical Theocracy to match that of the Iranian Ayatollahs by the middle of the next decade: 2015. By the way, that is the next astrological time window after 2009 for an Israeli-Iranian war I detailed in the book Nostradamus the War with Iran. If at that time a more radical Israel could concoct a nuclear Final Solution to the Muslim question, wipe out their neighbors before they struck first, they would not only lose all ethical and spiritual integrity as a righteous people but they would dwell in a land surrounded by a nuclear graveyard, branded as mass murderers of 200 million people, consumed in their nuclear solution.

Ultimately, there will be no peace in the Middle East, only the set staged for biblical prophecies of fire descending from the skies — nuclear fires — as long as nuclear proliferation, started by the Israelis and continued by the Iranians spreads.

There is still time to turn away from that future. I feel compassion for the Israelis. I understand why they have atomic weapons. Nevertheless, I must bear prophetic witness and tell that people, beloved of God, and loved by me: atomic weapons are a mistake. On the Eve of nuclear destruction, they are Satan’s apple in Israel’s hand. They are harbingers of radioactive ash and sackcloth.

The region, indeed the world, needs to be free of these apocalyptic weapons. If war must be prevented, do it with understanding, not with talk of Amalek, not nuclear holocaust threats.

John Hogue
(1 June 2009: The 42nd anniversary of the Arab-Israeli Six Day War)

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