G20 Blame Game

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After Obama became president, he attended his first G20 Summit held in Britain in April. America during that summit became a kind of lightning rod for all that was wrong with a 29-year Saturn revolution’s worth of Reagan Voodoo economics, to which they blindly signed up for and exploited.

Ah, Saturn. Ruler of limits and realities behind pipe dreams and projections. Speak for me now in the following:

You Europeans VIPs in summit and hundreds of thousands marching up and down the streets of London with your banners. Let Saturn set things straight at the start of a new economic era.

Americans caught the voodoo Reagan economic bug a few generations ago and now they will deservedly pay Captain American Karma the Bill; however, in their defense, I do believe the rest of the world — especially Western Europe — protests too much. It’s avoidance. Even more, if we must be fair, those nations that went along for the witchcrafted economic joyride with Americans actually improved upon the Reagan Hollywooden-headed eCONomic model. European hedge funding, financial speculation shenanigans got Wagnerian in comparison. Now Euro all about to get your bell Götterdämmerung.

The criticism thrown at America during the G20 gathering in April mostly by European leaders, especially British Prime Minister Brown, rings a bit hollow like a voice crying out of an empty carton of spilled milk. Brown’s and Britain’s bad business acumen is set to plummet the UK economy into what Nial Ferguson calls the crash of “Greater Iceland.” British banks in 2009 could collapse like those of unfrugal Iceland after it hit the busted banker’s Ragnar-rock at the end of 2008.

Let us be compassionately frank, so that the healing can happen. Something’s about to Reaganomically trickle down and it ain’t money, but it will be a kind of “golden” economic “shower” for the global economy about to take a bath.

We Americans and you Europeans wanted to be “anointed” by the American dream-turned-nightmare reality of Reagan California dreamin’. We all wanted to believe the lie of endless wealth and growth.

The nice thing about nightmares is that we always wake up from them with a start and get on with the new day.

John Hogue
(29 May 2009)

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