Nostradamus’ Greatest Prophecies, #1

The execution of Louis XVI: Elected Cap, bloody slicing

The execution of Louis XVI: Elected "Cap", bloody slicing

Readers and the press often ask me this question:

Would you tell us which one of Nostradamus’ fulfilled predictions has impressed you the most?

My answer is, there are many. Hundreds in fact. Here’s one foretelling the unsuccessful attempted escape of Louis XVI and the royal family from the gathering threat of Revolutionary France. Nostradamus set down these details 235 years before it happened:

CENTURY 9 QUATRAIN 20 (Les Propheties)

De nuict viendra par la forest de(1) Reines,
Deux pars(2) vaultorte(3) Herne(4) la pierre blanche:
Le moine noir(5) en gris dedans Varennes,
Esleu(6) cap.(7) cause tempeste feu, sang tranche.

By night he will come by the forest of Reines,
A married couple, devious route, Queen white stone:
A monk-king in gray in Varennes,
Elected Cap, causes tempest, fire, and bloody slicing.

(1) Grammar error: forest de(s) Reines. (2) O.F. (Old French) pair, par, couple. (3) Compound word: O.F. volte, route, and tort, detour. (4) Anagram for Reine = Queen (Drop the H move the r = rene; add the i = reine.). (5) Anagram for roi (drop the n). (6) O.F. elevated, raised in rank and dignity. (7) Apocope for (Louis) Capet, i.e. Louis XVI.

On the night of 20 June 1791 the royal family, disguised as servants of Baroness de Korff, left Paris in a heavy covered carriage to journey north to the border and freedom. Traveling throughout the night and the next day, they arrived at the town of Varennes just before midnight in search of rest and refreshment. The town’s mayor, a man called Sauce, invited the weary travelers into his grocery store to take a glass of wine and, while they drank, he and his wife asked them about themselves and their journey. Sauce was suspicious of the couple — the nervous man dressed in a monklike gray hat and cloak and the woman who, although clad in a plain white dress, was betrayed by her manner and bearing as a lady of noble birth.

When an interested listener standing nearby recognized the royal couple, Sauce sent him to alert the town garrison. In desperation Marie Antoinette, tears streaking her face, begged Madame Sauce to let her family continue their journey. She was unmoved by the royal tears. “I love my King, but I love my husband as well and would not have him lose his head.” Louis and his family were returned to Paris as prisoners.

Over two centuries before this doomed escape attempt and its tragic consequences were played out, Nostradamus had foreseen it all.

This quatrain is startlingly accurate in every detail. It is numbered 20 after the date of the attempted escape — 20 June 1791. The royal family’s road to freedom took them past the forest of Reines but the coach was eventually forced, by the poor road and lack of replacement horses, to make a detour. Devious thus describes a detour, the secrecy and their disguise. Witnesses who reported seeing the pair during their escape described them as a married couple and Louis as a monk. The town of Varennes was the scene of their discovery. Queen white stone gives in only three words a perfect description of Marie Antoinette’s appearance and emotional state: She wore a white dress, and some said that shock and distress turned her hair white overnight. White stone could be a double-pun alluding to both her hardness of heart towards the lower classes and lack of personal warmth, and to the notorious diamond necklace scandal. Elected Cap, is Louis Capet, formerly the supreme ruler Louis XVI, now elected monarch of the new constitutional government (causes tempest), whose death will spark a counter-revolution that will be suppressed by the Republicans with the guillotine (bloody slicing).

Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies,
pp. 703-704.

John Hogue
(5 March 2009)

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