As the “Cracker” crumbles in Consciousness: #2

Today I resume talking about my provocative literary devices and why I set them to spring upon you a compassionate trap of revelation. In the previous article, I wrote about “Karen” triggered by my trap calling Bush a white cracker sent back to Crawford. It was OK for Karen, it seems, for me to write something crass about the President of Iran but not the President of America. It is not her fault. Her programming makes her judge a certain thing a certain way. The same is true for me. It is true for all of you reading this right now, if you can be playfully honest with yourselves.

When I write an eBook like Nostradamus and the Antichrist (see Nostradamus predictions), the American readers respond in letters seemingly unaware of an almost magnetic attraction to “diss” non-American candidates for Nostradamus’ Third and final Antichrist. A political leader or terrorist either recently dead or walking among us today. These are candidates whose names decode into “Mabus” such as Saddam Hussein (if you use the anagram law of reverse imaging), or Usama bin Laden, or Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and Ahmadinejad, etc.

Tune the same decoding system against the grain of minds running the DVD called “American” — add American leaders like G.W. Bush into the mix — and the same people who think you were formerly brilliant suddenly think you are a terrible, crass, judgmental person for even thinking a US president could be a candidate for Antichrist.

Arabs? Sure! A white cracker US President from Crawford? Not on your life!

There are those of you programmed to run the DVD called “left winger” who over the past eight years have happily eaten up stuff I write in a hundred articles or so considering the Republican President G.W. Bush as the defacto candidate for antichrist Mabus. Then, in 2008, Barack Obama came onto the scene and the country swooned under the spell of “change we could believe in.” A change in Antichrist candidates too.

Many of you pro-Bush-as-antichrist people reacted — and still unconsciously react — with great emotional buttons now exposed and punched by that. I must in fairness, as a prophecy scholar, present the name “Obama” as an even easier name to spell Nostradamus’ code name for Antichrist: “Mabus.”

The “Liberal” DVD won’t read that in the conditioned mind box.

Then there are those readers programmed to play a “Conservative-right-wing DVD.”

You have had such a hard time playing the Bush-as-Antichrist candidate DVD in your brain boom boxes. Now that Obama is a possible candidate for Antichrist, you suddenly can spin that disk, as it were. I am a smart person now. Indeed, from the tone of some of your letters, that DVD reads as good as those that define Arabs, African Americans, or non-Christians in general as evil people.

I often say outrageous things in my articles and you are right to assume that I do this to push buttons. Especially those you think you do not have.

Why do I do this? Because one thing is certain, the price of doing it, for the most part is a lot of emotional and psychic abuse hurled back in return. The payment, however, is when a few of you look at yourselves and enjoy the revelation of exposing and transcending automatic, conditioned reactions.

Who is plunking that disk of society’s conditioning in the DVD of personality?

You are.

It is a habit. Society does not want you to know that.

Seeing yourself push your own buttons can break the habit.

To me, none of you are at fault for agreeing or getting angry with me. To understand “fault” fully requires a consciousness that few of you at this moment in time have.

Why do I say such a thing? Because being a practitioner of the Science of Self-Observation since 1980 I see the DVDs of conditioning that I have mindlessly plunked into my body-mind boom box player.

You and I learn from the cradle to the grave how to identify ourselves unconsciously as white, black, Arab, Muslim, Christian, Right winger, Liberal, and so on. In the process we soon find our birthright of soul and enlightenment buried under a grave of personality, an ego defined by automatic reactions to stimuli — in other words, buttons ready to be pushed “for” or “against” things said.

I call this conditioned reflex an aspect of the true “antichrist.” If antichrist is synonymous with unconscious, programmed behavior then what is symbolized by the word “christ” is its antithesis.

The theory of the great mystery schools of meditation such as those of Osho, Gurdjieff and others is that by simply looking in at the robotic patters, by exposing the buttons when they are pushed, we have an opportunity to SEE the mechanism coating and burying our true soul and light. It is proposed by the great masters of meditation that the simple act of seeing the process and understanding how it works is enough to break conditioning’s hold on us.

Do not believe this, for belief is a borrowed habit of the Antichrist Unconscious conditioning too. When we believe a thing, we stop looking deeper into the mystery of our existence. Could belief retard spiritual growth? To believe is to borrow someone else’s point of view. That means we stop in our tracks on the path.

It is better to continue looking in, to seek to “know” and experience our inner truth, not borrow a truth of another from the outside. Anything you take from the outside, no matter how profound, is borrowed.

So, do not borrow anything I have said in these articles on crackers crumbling as gospel or as evil. Simply experiment with it. Test it. See your buttons being pushed and understanding can set you free of them.

John Hogue
(25 March 2009)

Learn more about the “Antichrist Unconscious” by reading Mabus Obama.

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