As the “Cracker” crumbles in Consciousness: #1

If a golden age of human enlightenment foreseen by some prophets is upon us, a bridge of understanding must be built to that utopia. Or better, we have to see how we unmindfully gas up our engine of predictability. Only then can a newfound consciousness turn off the pump. There is an engine driving this syndrome of predictability and today, thanks to a friend named “Karen”, I have an opportunity to reveal one of its mechanisms.

One of my literary provocations touched her nerve in a blog posted on 19 March (2009–Four Key Elections, Part 2: Iran). I called former President G.W. Bush a “cracker” sent back to Crawford, Texas.

“Whatever you think of President Bush,” wrote Karen, “he is not a ‘cracker.’ Shame on you to disrespect a President. This shows your lack of class.”

My response:

Dear Karen,
Thank you for your comment.

It is more revealing to see what insults pass by your judgment unmentioned. You take umbrage at what I say about President Bush but you are not at all, it seems, insulted by the far more crass and disrespectful things I said in the article about Iranian President Ahmadinejad.

Perhaps being brought up to identify with being “American” is the culprit. The insult I unloaded on a Farsi-Persian president from Iran as being akin to a dog in the doghouse of a gutter gets no comment or distain. Clearly, you were not born and indoctrinated to think of yourself as an Iranian, yet I imagine many Iranians would overlook my swipe at Bush, praise it even, yet get their “Iranian” button pushed by my crass disrespect of their President Ahmadinejad.

It is by this interesting tragedy of unconsciously selective perception that we predictably generate negative futures.

I often insert controversial phrases and statements into my writings. I do not do this to hurt feelings, but rather, to create a situation where the DVD player that is your mind is seen at work playing someone else’s “tune.” You, I, all of us, from birth onwards often react automatically according to a personal DVD-personality, slipped into the slot of our body-mind DVD player by the society in which by accident we came to be born. In other words, much of what we call our thoughts, opinions and feelings, that can be influenced in positive or negative reactions are conditioned reflexes, borrowed.

We are not ourselves.

Seeing that reality is the first step to find that inner space long suppressed by a conditioning process begun at birth. We have been trained to ignore and forget an inner light of a witnessing soul cloaked underneath a habituated, conditioned false personality that each society zips and shuts us inside like a body bag.

This tyranny of the Antichrist within imposed from without can be remedied. Meditate on what I have written today. We will resume part two of this essay a little later.

Until then, Happy Enlightenment Day.

John Hogue
(22 March 2009)

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