“Belief” and the New Humanity

Here is a deeper exploration into the roots of why there is a Gaza in flames and also, a prophecy about how such tragedies will fade away in the future of humanity.

A longtime and much appreciated corresponder named Morris today inspired my writing. I want to share his letter and my response with you all.

John, I am in general agreement with your analysis as expressed in Fate of Hamas, Part 3. The last part of your response to Chris however, raises a question in my mind. It is a personal question which you may not wish to answer. Are you an atheist?

I would have to personify the religious mystery to be either a theist or its opposite side of the coin, an atheist. Experiencing religious revelation is far more vast and equally far too small and too intimate to be contained in any language or personification cooked up by language tailored to my reactive, semi-cognizant, mostly mechanized mind of society manufacture.

I would pose to you a hypothesis framed less-than-satisfactory with the reactive mind’s dialectical words:

Where belief reigns, the soul is suppressed. Eternal being is retarded until all cloaks of belief are understood. When witnessing consciousness of soul understands, the cloaks of belief simply begin to slip off and perhaps we gain a glimpse of naked mystery known as truth.

Based on your writings I have imagined your beliefs to be what might be called “universalist”.

I am universal. However, I am not a believer of anything. I seek to “know” and if I cannot at this moment “know” then I embrace this universal “no knowing” as messiah.

If you have understood my writings, there can be nothing religious in being a believer.

I would like to share with you and all others reading this blog, a glimpse of a future understanding that will be commonplace in the coming era of the New Humanity:

Belief is a nice word for qualified ignorance about a thing indoctrinated that is borrowed from others — more authoritarian perhaps — but no less ignorant about the religious mystery than you or I.

That is why in the future, all the things we currently “believe” about religions will fade away. All the religions you now see around the world, even those “anti-religion religions” called Atheism, or politico-religious cults called Communism, Fascism or Free Markets, will all fade away. And when they do, humanity will at last be free to be for the first time religious.

If we desire to see the tragedy of Gaza disappear in a world living in blissful peace we will first have to see the false facades and programmed belief systems called “Jew” or “Arab” or “Christian” or “Muslim” or “Buddhist” or “Israeli” or “Palestinian,” fade away from our souls.

When a human being is simply a human being, then there will be true religiousness enlightening a peaceful world.

You blame religion for the world’s wars and misery but such atheists as Stalin, Mao, Phol Pot, etc. have also killed multiple millions.

First off, I do not call what is popularly bandied about for five millenniums as “religion” being actually the real deal.

True religion has yet to appear on this planet. What you call religion, I call spiritual retardation under a “Papal”-Mache pious mask called religion.

Faith, like belief, is another false foundation word for ‘religion on the cheap and unearned.'”

That will be the maxim of the New Humanity coming.

This is what the habit of belief does to us. It programs us to draw conclusions without risking the effort of personal experience or investigation because these virtues of human intelligence must be suppressed or mesmerized to uphold a belief system — religious or otherwise.

If you could briefly characterize your beliefs regarding the supernatural, if any, I would be most appreciative.

I have no beliefs. I experience the mundane and super-natural existence, moment to moment. If I had a belief for or against the supernatural it would retard my deeper investigation into “it.”

Answer cannot come from written questions; nevertheless, we can try to ask the write questions at least. Please keep trying.

John Hogue
(12 January 2009)

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