The Fate of HAMAS: Part 2

The Marriage of Victims and Victimizers

(UPDATE: 12 July 2014) The wars of Arabs and Jews in Palestine nearly always take us back to an ancient future. Case in point, the following article was written five and a half years ago. When you read it, pinch yourselves more than once to remind yourselves that I’m not writing about the current eruption of rockets flying out of the Gaza Strip and Israelis replying with a level of overkill that does little to hurt Hamas military assets (so far) but kills hundreds of Palestinian civilians in the crossfire. Ninety-nine percent of the following article published on 31 December 2008 could read as a report about this new war, in July 2014.

That was then, and still is today, the point I wish to make.

Nothing changes in this circle of revenge and counter blood revenge of Jews and Arabs. They are in a pathological relationshit that no peace process or military action will remedy. Also, any nation belonging the the United Nations also bears karmic responsibility, because all of us set the stage for this bloody marriage of racism and revenge with the partition of Palestine in 1947.

Except for inserting a few updated paragraphs and some thumbnail links to new and pertinent eBooks, nothing has been left out of this old article that reads so new. I’ve made a point of adding more illustrations, but I won’t caption these to clarify which of the many wars between the Palestinians and Israelis these are. In a way, it doesn’t really matter. They are all the same war, recycled again and again by a people, the Semites, both Arabs and Jews, trading roles as sadists and masochists.


Click on the cover and read more about the future trials and tribulations of the Middle East for the second half of 2014. Sample also the first chapter free.

Click on the cover and read more about the future trials and tribulations of the Middle East for the second half of 2014. Sample also the first chapter free.

The pounding of Hamas government buildings, rocket armories and weapon caches by the Israeli air force is in its fifth day. Hamas keeps firing salvos of rockets at Israeli towns, though they are less in number, the larger rocket artillery has been rolled out and Israeli civilians as far away as 40 kilometers from Gaza are within firing range. Around a half-dozen Israeli citizens have been killed. The Palestinian death toll is far greater, in part because Hamas has hidden their weapon arsenals and military assets in the densest populated urban centers. No doubt, death will claim more than 400 victims by end of the first day of 2009 in the so-called “holy” land.

Worldwide mass demonstrations, especially from Arab populations, condemning Israel has been surprisingly swift and well organized. Even the mainstream US television media outlets usually biased in favor of Israeli actions pour out their sentimentality in these emotive times to the Palestinian victims of overwhelming Israeli air strikes in violence not seen in Gaza since the Six Day War of June 1967. At that time the Gaza Strip enclave of refugee camps-cum-crowded Palestinian ghettos became Israel’s burden to oversee when the soldiers of David and Solomon routed an invasion attempt by the Egyptians.

It is easy to feel sympathy for victims of air strikes. It is a predictable and even programmed response to sympathize with, and somehow ennoble, the role of the victim.

I’m going to say some things in the blog that are sure to shock and upset some of you. I do this in the spirit of compassion. I must do this because I too have all the faults and habitually programmed wounds of my brothers and sister human beings inside me. I have learned from direct experience that sometimes the scab of illusion must be cut hard to open deep wounds to the healing air.


My blog is dedicated not only to commenting on current events reflected in prophecy but it also stands as my testimony of experiences since my initiation into meditation in 1980. I aim to help readers understand and try to transcend what makes all of us human beings so “predictable” and therefore doomed to repeat the past and call it “the future.”

I propose that intelligent and loving solutions exist only in the clarity of living in the eternity of the present. By facing and understanding the mechanics of our predictable habits, we can see how these are unconsciously infected into us like a germ through mis-education of each new generation. Prophecy is mostly doom laden and functions because we are made to make our children as predictable as we have been. We mostly are trained to do this accidentally and unconsciously. Thus, the world muddles on from one misery to the next. This web blog is one small effort in the enlightening of people about this syndrome so that it might help people break free from a state of habitual behavior passed on by one miserable generation to the next. I call that syndrome The Antichrist Unconscious.

I propose to you, reader, that victims are equally responsible for a crime against humanity as are the victimizers. Neither is to be praised or vilified. Both sides of the same dysfunctional coin need to be understood. Understanding will bring transformation.

Because modern journalism is more “opinionism” than at any time before, and emotion sells advertisement, it is all too easy to forget what caused this current crisis in Gaza. Both sides in the Israeli-Palestinian battle of cousin brother descendants of the great Semite patriarch Abraham have fallen into a deep and unconscious mass-psychotic state wherein both sides play victim and victimizer. I will eventually write an entire book on this matter and for now, as I am deeply involved in finishing my newest digital book “Predictions for 2009” can only give you a morsel, a falafel for thought on this complicated Middle Eastern mess. Very briefly, here’s the outline of this Semite marriage of victims and victimizers made in hell:

In 1947-48, the British overlords relinquishing their hold on Palestine and along with the United Nations, without much forethought or respect for the views of Jews and Arabs living in Palestine, partitioned the place into Jewish and Palestinian enclaves.

Once handed the mess, the Palestinians and fellow neighboring Arab tribes and countries chose a path to war rather than peaceful resolution with their Jewish neighbors in 1948. They tried to push the Jews into the sea and they lost the war.

Both sides had committed atrocities but a majority of Palestinians chose to become refugees. Upwards of 700,000 were scattered in their own Diaspora. They set up crowded refugee camps in Lebanon, in the Egyptian held Gaza Strip and camps mostly in the West Bank region governed by Jordan. A few hundred thousand Palestinians decided it was better to risk staying on their land, face their fears and face a future as citizens of the new Jewish state. There were no massacres waiting for those who didn’t run away. These Palestinians chose not to be victims, even if they risked persecution and death doing it.

The state of Israel would have been a very different place if most of the Palestinians had risked staying  as a sizable minority at nearly a parity in number with the Jews. Owning land is empowerment in the Middle East. All rationalizations aside, when a land owner becomes a refugee he has chosen disenfranchisement. Choose the path of a refugee and you choose the life of a victim.

(UPDATE FROM 12 July 2014:) This passage above pushed a lot of buttons of those programmed to identify themselves as Palestinians and Arabs among my readership. I understand and feel your pain, yet I contend that my understanding of the situation, as related below, tries to dispassionately lay bare the issue that led to the Nakba (the Catastrophe) better known as the Palestinian Diaspora after the first Arab-Israeli War. The Old Testament says it: Those who live by the sword shall perish by the sword.

Muhammad had cautioned not to live by the sword of steel but a sword of sharpened intellect:

Invite (all) to the way of thy Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching; and argue with them in ways that are best and most gracious.

Holy Qur’an,  Surah Nahl, Chapter 16: verse 125

There was nothing sharply intelligent about starting a war with Jewish settlers and now all Arab nations who fought alongside Palestinians in 1948 have contributed to  the karmic burden of the Nakba. You created it, even as Muhammad advised grace, intelligent debate and wisdom be your weapons.

Now back to what I wrote five-and-a-half years ago:

Palestinians may have faced persecution and even atrocities if they had remained, but then again, there is political power in numbers, even under tyranny and with time the situation can improve. Take for instance South Africa. The whites in the end had to come to some understanding with the black majority and share their country. If most of the Palestinians had not abandoned their lands they would have enjoyed a near equal ratio of Arabs to Jewish citizens in Israel. If there had been a chance for a “two peoples one state” solution that was it. If most of the Palestinians had stood their ground the Jews at that time would not have had the power to force them off their lands for they barely won the war. A large and integrated Arab population would have compelled the founders of Israel to find some workable solution towards living together. Indeed proof of such an equitable solution is self-evident when one considers the treatment of Arabs who stayed on to become Israeli citizens. It’s not a perfect fit, but Arab Israelis do not live in the squalor of the camps, in hopelessness, in a climate rife with radicalization. This is the bitter legacy left to future generations by  those who choose the path of flight after fight in 1948.

(UPDATE FROM 12 July 2014:) My statement about life as an Arab Israeli citizen triggered a lot of angry reactions requiring today’s elaboration. It is a shameful fact that Arab Israelis DO NOT live as equal citizens in what is a “national socialist” Jewish state. In other words, a Jewish State is a racist state where non-Jews living in it are at best treated like foreign visitors without political rights, at worst treated as less-than-Jewish and thus a lower class of humans who do not enjoy the same rights and protections as do Jews. The Jewish State, like Hitler’s Greater German Reich, is founded on racism and unless the whole world puts pressure on Israel to end its Apartheid like it did South Africa, this ugliness will continue.

With that said, lets remember another group of people divided on sectarian lines (Indian Muslims and Hindus) who also underwent a partition, in this case, of India, the same year as Palestine, in 1947. The Muslim minority that stayed in India and didn’t evacuate to Pakistan, numbers far more than those who left to found the latter state. I once spent much time in India and I’ve seen with my own eyes much sectarian strife and struggle for Indian Muslims that reminds me of the riots and Civil Rights struggles of African Americans in my native land of America. In both cases it has been, and still often is, a continued struggle for these minorities to gain equal civil rights in America and India. Nevertheless, far more equality and progress was gained because these large minorities had the numbers, the people political power, to make it so.

The war the Arabs initiated in 1948, divided and scattered the Arab population mostly out of Palestine solidifying the establishment of the national socialist Jewish State. Let us return to that theme written 6.5 years ago, of which I have nothing to alter since I posted it on the last day of 2008:

An Arab rush to war created the state of Israel, rather than that of two peoples trying to live within one state that was once Palestine. Like it or not, the world rushed to a solution without consulting the parties and it is too late to return the clock to 1947-48. Because of the UN decision, the nations of the world are burdened with the karma of troubles from the Middle East as well. This problem in Palestine is the world’s problem. We are all in some way obligated to find a Palestinian-Jewish solution otherwise our sons and daughters will continue to be drawn into wars there. Perhaps even Armageddon.

The Arabs in general and the Palestinians in particular keep choosing a path of militancy after 1948 that only magnifies defeat and victimization. Again in 1967, leagues of Arab armies threatened to push the Jews into the sea and they lost. Israel as a consequence expanded its territories to include large populations of the dispossessed Palestinians from 1948 living in what became the Israeli occupied Gaza Strip and West Bank. Victory now turned the Jews of Israel into victims and victimizers. Even to this day the sons and daughters of concentration camp survivors guard against and frequently re-occupy the vast concentration camps of Palestinian refugees they won in battle.

After 1967, it became the Jewish Israelis’ turn to play victim, because the occupation of further  territories to give them breathing space from their enemies brought them the burden of occupation. Conquest brought decades of terror in its wake from Palestinian guerrilla movements.

If there are rockets falling by the hundreds from Gaza, victimizing Jews in Israel it is because the Israeli Jews are in part responsible for the lethal rain. Occupation of peoples and lands has not brought more security as it was hoped in 1967, only more war. Only a new war for Issac’s sons and daughters of the Mogen David now amassing as I write this for a ground invasion into Gaza.

Right now, the sons and daughters of Ishmael, under Israeli bombardment in the Gaza Strip are earning far more sympathy as “victims” of an overwhelming retaliation of Israeli military might. These people may soon see Israeli tanks in their ruined streets and suffer being in the crossfire of an Arab-Israeli version of the Battle of Stalingrad.

It may sound cruel to say it. The truth is cruel to our illusions. The Palestinians of Gaza have brought this misery upon themselves.

It is about time someone stated a fact mostly overlooked by the media in these initially shocking days of the newest Arab-Israeli conflict: Arab leadership in the form of radical Hamas once again has chosen war over negotiation and the people of Gaza are now suffering for it. The long held cease-fire between Hamas and Israel was clearly broken by Hamas, not with one but 350 rockets launched at Israeli towns before the first Israeli jet responded. And once again, the Arabs miscalculate how complete and vigorous Israel’s military response can be. The war ending 2008 is 1948, is 1967 all over again.

There are certainly crimes committed by Arab and Jewish cousin brothers that could paint this blog black with righteous grievances; however, the unconscious habit of Palestinians to go to war with Jews just doesn’t work to their better interests. The Arab Palestinians collectively as a people have adopted political impotency as a habit. Just look at who they choose to lead them. They get our sympathies but they only dig more graves for their future and for peace. The jihadists of Hamas have  made their babies human shields putting their armaments, rocket factories and training camps in the densest populated areas. Who chose Hamas to rule over these poor Palestinian bystanders?

Back in elections held in 2007, Hamas won a majority of seats in the Palestinian government. A vast majority of Palestinians currently being bombed had voted Hamas into power because for all their faults, the theocratic zealots of Hamas promised and “did” run Gaza better than the more secularized and corrupt Fatah Palestinian Party of Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas. Still, the price of voting for Hamas is now being paid in Israeli air strikes, hundreds killed, thousands injured and a ground invasion of Gaza imminent.

The vote for Hamas was a vote for further victimization. The Palestinians of Gaza chose a government that openly declares war as its chief policy against a country it doesn’t recognize. As long as Palestinians with their vote choose those who live by the sword rather than the olive branch of peace, they all will continue to live miserably and die by that sword.

John Hogue
(31 December 2008)

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The events you see today in the Middle East: ISIS spreading its reach int Iraq, a new war in Palestine, is the source of the new Cold War going terrible hot, and soon. Read this book and perhaps a Third World War can be avoided.

The events you see today in the Middle East–such as ISIS spreading its reach int Iraq, a new war in Palestine–this region may be the source of a catalyst for a new Cold War going terrible hot, and soon. Read this book and discover how a Third World War can be avoided if we heed the warnings of the prophets in time.

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  1. Stan
    Posted 16 July 2014 at 11:34 am | Permalink

    To be accurate John, the beginnings go back the the Anunnaki when the ascension to the throne was changed from the first born to the law of seed on Nibiru. DNA of humanity is from these Anunnaki, who are a warring people to this day. Peace is an illusionary deception they pretend to increase their lust for power! There can be no peace on earth so long as they control us! Who is at fault for which ever conflict is almost a wasted effort as ego reigns. The victor writes the history books, and the world is full of willing fools. Change can only truly come with the alteration of our system, as you so aptly point out through anarchy! However the big guns of the egocentric power structure and the guidance of the Anunnaki will be slow and painful! Your accuracy is unprecedented! Where is the origin of your source? His home planet etc. Would be interesting to me to know about him!
    Thank you, keep up the good work, and your voice of truth!

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