Adi Da’s Passing: Part 2

Here are more of your comments and my answers to Adi Da’s passing. Robert wrote:

“Thank you John. Both Bubba and Osho embodied the best of the wisdom tradition, and I see you bringing us the core message. Live on!”


It is about what is “core” in us. Osho coined the term “Noah’s Ark of Consciousness” back in the early 1980s. Way back then he accurately foresaw the crisis filled times we are in. He saw these things happening sooner than they have. He thought we’d be in the middle of ecological crisis, melting glaciers, heating up climate and many wars, some of them ending in nuclear explosions in what he called the “Nightmarish Nineties.”

Sometimes our free will in the present can modify and delay a collectively predictable momentum of destiny. So dating an event can be off by a decade or more.

Back in 1999, for the book Messiahs: the Vision and Prophecies for the Second Coming, I explained Osho’s concept of a new Ark:

“One of the renegade mystics, Osho, believes the next Noah’s ark needed to save humanity is a ‘Noah’s Ark of Consciousness.’ It is not a UFO mother ship of nebulous construction built for one to wait out the seven years of tribulation behind a comet’s tail. It isn’t a cave city for survivalists. It is a hideaway so secret that you’d never guess how close it nudges against where you live even at this moment. It hides right behind the source of your existence.

“This safe haven is a place that spiritual survivalists retreat to.

“It is the ark of consciousness within each of us.

“The pathway to this ark can be found by remaining silent and centered exactly in the middle of the cyclone of coming times.”


The next writer, “Michelle,” was the first to make me aware that Adi Da had left his body. Many of you ask what the prophetic significance of this is. Adi Da is the last physically living member of a special group of rebellious spiritual prophets who I call sages of Homo Novus — the chief prophets sharing a collective vision of the advent of a New Man, a new Humanity, born out of the travails of this century, in which we have just entered. They were G. I. Gurdfjieff (1866?-1949), J. Krishnamurti (1895-1986), Osho (1931-1990) and finally Adi Da Samraj (1939-2008). This New Humanity is not some ectoplasmic gaggle of Walk-in, or blissful invasion of Indigo child changelings among us. This new humanity is our humanity, inside each of us. In seed form. Suppressed under the tyranny of societal imposed conditioning from birth onwards that I define in MABUS as “The Antichrist Unconscious.”

I wanted to share Michelle’s letter with you all. She is a devotee of Adi Da and her words eloquently frame what many Adi Da lovers are going through. In the mystic East, the Master-Disciple relationship is regarded as the highest form of human love. Her words reflect this love well, at the parting of this highest of loves from the mortal coil, coming as they do from meditation’s silent center of the cyclone of gathering forces of unconsciousness that might suppress again that light:

“I read your blog, yesterday, entitled, Nostradamus and Gurus Leaving the Body. Thank you, and I need to update and note to you about my Guru, Adi Da Samraj’s Mahasamadhi. It has been determined by devotees living in Naitauba that He died of natural causes, so actually, heart attack was not what happened there, although it may have seemed like it had indeed occurred, and initially was presumed as such, by devotees. But it had not.

“Also, in regard to which direction Adi Da was buried/facing, at death, it was West. He was facing West. And, of course, too, He was born in the West.

“Very, very interesting writings and possibilities abound, indeed, as to the many threads and connections between Osho and the current crisis in Mumbai and of India/Pakistan relations, at the moment.

“I was also reflecting over what you write of Osho’s passing and Mahasamadhi, in 1990 and of the immense importance of unity for, and of, the earth and all life. There has been so much seeding and harvesting of hatreds and deceit and corruption. But now all of that hatred seems to be inviting itself to the world table, so to speak, and what will we all do about that?

“It occurred to me, that, it comes down to what we are ready and willing to grow and harvest, in ourselves: A new global understanding and energy, or else a continued battle for utopia, resources, and grabbing and getting back at systems, policies, and resources that don’t seem to support the world and its people.

“And then I thought about what you mentioned, about immortality — and I couldn’t help but consider the potential new world of the future, where, if this world remained united, for real, and grew its strength from that unity — spiritual and otherwise, that perhaps, in a newer sense, this new energy of the future would one day keep the world’s resources in place, given the intense energy and spiritual sacrifice and sadhana required to maintain it.

“Perhaps then, humankind would not require oil or coal or electricity to survive, but ingenuity, healing, spiritual insight, and just pure energy — pure love. Maybe this will be the energy wave and need and food, then, of the future:
Pure Love.”


A more extensive account of Osho’s Mahasamadhi, as his doctor, Swami Amrito, witnessed it, will be the subject of the next installment of reflections about Adi Da’s passing.

John Hogue

(13 December 2008)

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  1. graeme johnson
    Posted 19 September 2011 at 7:26 pm | Permalink

    fascinating times we live in john. i know you dont share my suspicions that mabus is m.abbas, the palestinian leader but in light of recent and soon to be experienced events, i will not be surprised if the man meets with fowl play in the near future.
    israel and the usa are doing their darndest to keep palestine from becoming a state with un approval. it would not surprise me if “the powers that be” arrange for his demise before or after this event. either as punishment before to derail the process or payback if he should succeed. only time will tell. but i wont mind eating my words if wrong.

    Actually in my chapter on Palestinian candidates for Mabus in “Nostradamus and the Antichrist” (READ IT HERE:, I do consider the fate of Abbas (Mabus) as an assassinated leader. One of the sub plots of the book investigates whether Mabus is the Antichrist or is a victim of the Antichrist. The syntax of the verses leaves that possibility open.

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