The Next Nostradamus (History Channel)

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On Sunday, 30 November, I appeared on the first of my two new documentaries about Nostradamus for History Channel. The next one will air in early January.

Sunday’s documentary was called “The Next Nostradamus.” (by Mod3 Productions)

It isn’t about me. It’s about Dr. Bueno de Mesquita, a renowned political scientist who teaches game theory at New York University and Stanford, who’s had some luck using computer algorithms to extrapolate trends in the future as far forward as 18 to 24 months. As I understand it, he is trying to empirically anticipate predictability.

This August I was flown from the soggy Pacific Northwest all the way to sultry New York City, to stand under the languid shade of huge oak trees on a humid August day in the park lands of Columbia University.

(Oh golly! I stood where, Jesus — I mean Obama — walked.)

Just kidding.

Actually, some of the film crew had friends who studied with Obama and they relate what a great, astute and likeable guy he was.

Anyway, I digress.

I don’t know how much footage will make the final cut, but I filmed hours of interesting stuff that should see my furry face under oak frond shadow and light popping up frequently in this two-hour documentary.

De Mesquita and I come through very different doorways of perception into the same room of mystery that is prophecy. He’s a futurologist using objective scientific and mathematical methods to foresee future events. I’m the counterpoint. The subjective scientist and sympathetic skeptic of his work who tries to present the strengths and weaknesses of “Next Nosty” De Mesquita’s premise while presenting the historical Nostradamus and his controversial prophecies to the TV audience.

Objective Science may be able to predict by good guessing and calculating repetitive habit cycles events taking place 18 months or two years down the road. Nostradamus, however, being subjectively oriented to prophecy, could see things several centuries down the road. Things that didn’t follow any extrapolation.

If you missed Sunday night’s show, here’s a repeat screening scheduled on History Channel:

Saturday, December 06 05:00 PM

Also, I highly recommend another documentary I did for History Channel for their Decoding the Past Series, entitled: The Other Nostradamus (Authentic Entertainment Productions).

I don’t know when they’ll repeat it, however, look out for it in their program schedule at

Happy Hogue-ing hogging the airwaves.

John Hogue
(01 December 2008)

See more Nostradamus.

PS–If you would like to see me and more History Channel documentaries about Nostradamus, do drop them an email at They read them. They care.

Go to Go to the dialogue box that says “Select the area you are interested in.” Click on “Programming.” Go to the second box “Highlight your specific subject of interest.” Then select “program comments.”

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One Comment

  1. rosanne mayo
    Posted 22 January 2012 at 1:04 am | Permalink

    You’ve got to be kidding me! I could do the same thing the computer is doing — I could take the same set of past events and predict most likely probabilities for the future. In fact, I have done just that on many, many occasions — and I have been right! You are all idiots. de Mesquita doesn’t know any more than my cat knows. Just call me Nostradamus — that would be more likely. You people are pure idiots.

    Talk is cheap, Rosanne. Get off your butt and actually test your theory. Find that computer and try making predictions. Go see if your cat really knows anything. What is it with people like you who sit around tearing things down without testing the assumptions you mumble into your half-empty glass of beer? I won’t call you Nostradamus, just another loud and oafish mediocrity — all talk and tear down and no do. You are the idiot. I kept your comment on these pages as an example to my readers of how an idiot writes. Next time, write something intelligent and tested, or you’re spam.

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