Clinton-Obama: The Dream Team Returns?

Click on this link and find out why my access to this book template on Amazon was blocked and at the time of this writing, still blocked by bots.

Click on this link and find out why my access to this book template on Amazon was blocked and at the time of this writing, still blocked by bots.

Remember the famous Hillary Clinton political campaign ad broadcast during the Democratic Primaries of purring phones and sleeping little children? Some of it is about to become true complements of Barack Obama’s pursuit of a cabinet consisting of a team of rivals like the one formed by his idol, President Abraham Lincoln. He chose not one but all three Republican’s who ran hard against him to be nominated as their party’s candidate for president in 1860. He rewarded their rivalry with some of the most influential cabinet posts: William H. Seward as Secretary of State, Salmon P. Chase as Secretary of the Treasury and Edward Bates as Attorney General.

We mark today another moment where destiny opens a wide opportunity: when the president elect once again makes good his intention to be the next Lincoln; or, as the Clinton ad now should say:

“It’s 3 a.m. in the morning and your children are safe and asleep. There’s a phone in the White House and it’s ringing. There’s a crisis somewhere in the world…”

Your vote ‘has’ decided who will pick up that call if you voted for President Elect Barack Obama. “

This Friday (14 November 2008) he has offered the job of Secretary of State to someone who, as the ad continues, “Already knows the world’s leaders, knows the military, someone tested and ready to lead in a dangerous world.”

She won’t lead as President of the United States, because she lost, like Seward. She will not lead as Obama’s Vice Presidential nominee after the job went to now Vice President Elect Joe Biden.

But, if it’s three a.m. and your children are safe and asleep. Who do you want picking up the phone? Obama, that’s clear from a majority of the voting electorate. But the president may be handing the phone over to his first choice for Secretary of State, his chief rival in the primaries, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

I’ve always felt a very powerful premonition whenever I’ve seen Hillary Clinton alone with Barack Obama on the stage during the primary debates. Destiny meant to bring these two human beings together in a political dream team.

I have NEVER sensed in my oracular states anything to support the popularized view of talking Media woodenheads on the television that Obama and Clinton could not stand each other or work with each other. The chemistry in their auras said to me just the opposite was true. That’s not to say they won’t debate and question each other in what could be as lively and challenging a collaboration in the future as Seward versus Lincoln in the past. But they will get things done. Great things!

I had misread my prophetic gut feelings during as the primaries ended. I thought this dream team would consist of Clinton as Obama’s running mate. When that didn’t transpire it felt very strange to me, as if events had gone against the grain of a destined, fateful collaboration.

This vision of the teaming up of the two is something I’ve been trying to frame in different forms since early 2007 in my bulletins, as any of you who have read me over the last few years know. First, I thought the team would be Clinton with Obama as Vice President. Then Obama-Clinton. I just couldn’t get the vision of this powerhouse duo to stop haunting the silent unguarded auguries of my oracle, even as the presidential elections approached and all outward signs of that future ever happening seemed dead. The feeling of a missed destiny stayed in a distant corner of silence in my future gazing, humming like a soft overtone, slightly out of key. It couldn’t really go away.

Today’s not so cryptic messages from the Obama headquarters that the job of Secretary of State is Hillary Clinton’s to have or reject, has brought the future of that dream team back to life.

If Clinton takes the job, the person I predicted since 1998 would become America’s first woman president of a Nixonian Democratic administration, might be part of a power team in international affairs and diplomacy not seen since Nixon chose Henry Kissinger to be his Secretary of State. In the end, this step may be her next step to being a president herself, in the future. One would only hope it won’t be tragedy that brings that step too soon in 2012.

I predict that if she accepts Barack Obama offer, we will see breathtaking diplomatic feats of genius not enjoyed since Trilateral Diplomacy, Detente with the Soviet Union, peace agreements with North Vietnam and Nixon’s historic visit to China.

May she be as mindful of her destiny and say, “Yes.”

John Hogue
(14 November 2008)

Click on this link and see what's left to misstep through the last days of the Obama era.

Click on this link and see what’s left to misstep through the last days of the Obama era.

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