Will Americans call “9/11” in 2008?

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An educated prophetic guess would chance an attack on the American homeland is possible in this pivotal year of 2008. One would think Usama bin Laden might climb the Mt. Everest of terrorists a second time. Since, September 11, 2001, he has remarked that America is too far removed from his base of operations and too expensive a challenge. Let Americans be enticed from their homeland to blunder into ambushes in Afghanistan and Iraq closer to his bases of finance, manpower and supply. Usama bin Laden does not require a bomb blast inside Wall Street, New York, to undermine and ruin the US economy. The US military adventure in Iraq financially bleeds well enough alone with a drain of a half-trillion dollars-in-counting.

Al-Qaeda jihadists, on the other hand, are losing ground in Iraq. Because of that, perhaps Usama bin Laden sees that it is time for a bold strike at the heart of the Great Satan. Foul up their elections. Punctuate his struggle with one last undermining swipe at his enemy, Bush, before he leaves office. Take away the US leader’s last rationale for invading Iraq. Just one explosion in a bus, a subway, or a few terrible seconds of mayhem in a US shopping mall would be enough to expose Bush’s statement: “We fight them over there so they won’t follow us home and attack us here.”

Is such an attack actually within bin Laden’s logistical means? Has the security measures of President Bush kept the American homeland safe?

If not, then watch your calendar. Watch the numbers…

Al-Qaeda plays doomsday for Americans and their allies by the numbers. Watch for future dates using seven, nine or 11. Factor in anniversary attacks counting out 911 days. The Madrid bombings on 3/11/04 marked the 911th day after the US attacks on 9/11/01. Watch out for an attack on the ninth of November (the eleventh month of the year) after 11 September 2001 — 11/09/10. Be mindful of any ninth day of any month of the year 2011, or any day in September (ninth month) of 2011. Look out also for 4/05/11 (4+5 = 9), 1/08/11, 9/09/11 (9+9=18, 1+8 = 9), and so on. Be ever vigilant on any day in 2008 numbered 11, especially 7/11 or the obvious 9/11/08 the seventh anniversary of 9/11/01. The numbers 9/11/08 add up to 28. The numbers 2 and 8 add up to 10. In numerology, 10 is completion of what was begun.

I predict the next terrorist attack on the US homeland will be small compared to greater danger for democracy coming from the reaction. The death of hundreds in a subway, train or bus blast, or volleys of shots fired by an al-Qaeda sniper in a shopping mall could be used by dark elements in the US government to suppress the American dream of a free society. A smaller event than September 11, 2001 will be hyped out of proportion by those elements using Hitlerian tried-and-tested tools of intimidating and disempowering a democratic citizenry with over sold and sensationalized — even outright false flagging — terrorist attacks. Reichstag-fan your fires of terrorism.

I was one of the earliest future watchers to log my concern about the Bush administration’s threat to American democracy even before there was a 9/11 attack, even before Bush raised his hand to be sworn into office. Back on 31 December 2000, I posted and documented this prophecy:

History shows that faltering governments often seek, or create common enemies to distract the populace from real domestic problems by uniting them behind their leaders to defend against a ‘greater evil.’ In the worst-case scenario, extremist elements in the Bush administration might use a threat — or actual act of terrorism — as an excuse to evoke emergency rule. They would then gag the press, detain activists, and generally suspend democratic freedoms of American citizens above and beyond the needs of the emergency.

(31 December 2000)

Mass fear mongering, if it is effective, does strange things. A president who followed since 9/11 a policy one could describe as, “I may not be right but I’m never wrong,” can even now fear-play a people remaining “pablumatically” inoculated by the most trusted news in name, like CNN, (I think that stands for “Corporate” New Network these days).

In the spring comes a potential personal meltdown of the president over plans thwarted to bomb Iran. (See Chapter 11, The “W” Prophecy Update from Predictions for 2008). If he finishes his final year in office he will confidently fail forward into new scandals and disasters following a policy of, “I may be wrong, but I’m never right.”

If a war with Iran happens, there could be enough dislocation in the country to evoke martial law because of the cut of of petrol products out of the Middle East. If there is no war and the Israeli government does not succeed in pulling America into one by striking Iran, expect the efforts to scare and prepare the US population for either a false flag or a molehill terrorist attack on the homeland turned into a mountain of fear. I believe the highest chance of this comes sometime during the Democratic Conventions in late August 2008 up to the November elections.

(Written in 02 January 2008.)

Conservatives’ fear and loathing of centrist Senator John McCain’s Republican run for the White House could transform into “fear and sloganing” in a national election that sells the war hero as the right guy in this new crisis to lead the country. This may be the only desperate tactic left that could make McCain the next president over Obama or Clinton contests.

(The final paragraph was added 5 February 2008)

John Hogue
(First Posted 25 April 2008)

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