Astrology: What to do when Saturn in Leo Burns?

The first draft of the following bulletin was meant for publication when the planet Saturn left its two-year transit of Cancer nearly two years ago. I found it recently in my cyber-records for orphaned bulletins and thought I might editorially sharpen the edges presenting it to you now.

We are at the time of this writing but a few days away from Saturn leaving bellicose Leo to enter a two-year transit of Virgo. When exiting the final degrees of such a transit, it is good to be mindful of the subtle ways the cosmos speaks to the individual and collective unconscious at a time when the forces symbolized by this sign and planet are at their most intense.

What I wrote at the beginning of Saturn’s transit through Leo (July 2005) might now do more than be a record of my prophetic hits or misses of the past two years. It might enlighten our way to celebrate or at least understand the challenges ahead individually and collectively in the final days of blazing Saturn’s short tempered and intolerant — sometimes downright pissed off – goose-step through Leo.

The following passage from July 2005 is brought to you virtually as it was written. The wobbly sentence structures of a first draft have been changed to protect the guilty author. If I have something to say from today, it will be in brackets:


And now for something completely different…

Saturn’s long, sulking, inhibited, melancholic wander through the constellation of crabby Cancer is over. Now the planet that should be nicknamed “Captain Karma” in predictive astrology has recently bulked up, Vin Diesel brawny, like its dawn breaking on Crematora and the world is about to be smelted and reformed anew.

All “Chronicles of Riddick” riddling aside, let me Necromonger you this: Get ready to be all fired up in the coming two years, especially those of you living where the Saturn in Leo transit will flash its point the most — America.

Tempers will tantrum. But we need not spontaneously combust a gut about it. Yes, there will be smoldering issues affecting all Americans collectively from the past two years that Saturn in Leo may cause to congregate and conflagrate in political marches and demonstrations in the next two years. People will find themselves up in arms about being up in armaments, armed conflicts, rendered armless by powerless battle plans, staid courses, staid firmness, staying too long in Crawford Texas when there’s a war on. In the next two years, look for the American people to light a warning beacon barbeque fire full of charbroiled complaint. They hope it will remind lifer-public servants, both Dumbo-publicans and Donkeycrats, to whom they serve and stop their gambol and “Capitol” around and about the lobbyists and come home to the people they were supposed to represent.

Leo rules the month of August. Egress ye representatives out of shadowed halls of Congress. The summer sun is shining. Show and share yourselves and eat a hot dog with us at the “august” Leonine barbecue parties of the people.

Enflamed, inflamed, the quickening of a new era runs through the Saturn-Leo transit. Saturn’s stick with Leo’s match will make flint out of hearts, igniting a glinting impatience with pontificating authority making hay about bailing us out of monster debts, and Middle Eastern Napalm Nam’s in Najaf to Nasiriya, when the “Sumer”-time in Mesopotamia comes in 2006. The Shiite’s in the next two years of Saturn’s Transit stand to turn what’s left of cracking-up-Iraq into a quag-kindle-crackle-mire–ashes to ashes of civil war, and the burnt shell of a failed presidency that didn’t know when to set a back fire, after WMD mythologies “backfired.”

Getting all fired up is the motto for the coming two years, but that need not lead to violence or scorched hearts and the burnt out filament of light bulb minds. What burns can also be a light shining in darkness. The flame of awareness “up”-rising purifies. It paves the way for new and better beginnings. Sleepy time in dreamy Cancer is over. Wakey, wakey, egged on by intransigence and unimaginative domestic and foreign policies, lets “bakey” a new American apple pie body politic.

Saturn in Leo can help rekindle the Republican flame of fiscal responsibility and level headed global policy with the dried dumbo droppings of compassionate conflagrationism. And Democrats might sacrifice their jackass as a burnt offering to the divine memory of social tolerance they once worshiped and served. Let red and blue Americans gather around the grill, playfully, and cook up something new to share and share alike. Haven’t all of us had enough heartburn already, trying to digest “buffaloed left and right wings”?

If, however, my intended playful rant of fire-sturm and dranging Leo underneath Saturn’s revving “car-ma” has burned any of you all up. Let me cool fires of fear and intolerance for the coming times with the cooling summer fog of cryptic verses.

Allow me to go all Nostradamian on you with hidden clues on how every individual can weather history’s coming storms influenced by Saturn’s transit through Leo. If you worry that the storm may touch and pull you under its tow, let these two poems in six quatrain verses hint where you might find an oasis or an exit to escape the greatest storm or the darkest undertow:

Safe is the center of the cyclone
When roiling storms draw near,
And new ages thunder into being
Consume the masses with fear.

Where the eye of the greatest storms may go
Ever silent is its center
If all surrounding world be swept away
No harm to a watchful eye can it render

Be ye ever that watchful pause
In history’s monstrous rages
Be that around which a storm draws:
The wisdom of the sages

Deep is the whirlpool descending
Wise swimmer’s state be clear
Resist not the rotation tugging
From the flood that’s drawing near.

Strugglers drown
Yet the surrendered sound
Let go, let go,
To the nadir’s darkest rending.

The vortex of the flood current never drowns
The one resisting not the depth profound
Step you easily free from its tow.
At the Whirlpool’s lowest ending

John Hogue
(30 August 2007)

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