Between Iraq and a Hard Place -5, Saber rattle the Axis of Evil

We return to the pages of Nostradamus: The New Millennium, to predictions tendered a month after al-Qaeda flew hijacked civilian airliners into the World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. When the world focused on al-Qaeda, my oracle already began providing glimpses of the wider ranging geo-political and economic alliances a world war of terror might forge:

By the 2020s, oil and food will be the new weapons of geopolitics. By that time China may be forced to counter America’s politics of food with a Sino-Islamic alliance that allows her to curb America through the politics of oil. If a new Sino-American Cold War takes place, China will become the new safe haven and training camp for a Jihad of terrorism.

Nostradamus: The New Millennium,
p. 210, (October 2001)

ASSESSMENT (March 2007):
A popular theory held by many Nostradamian scholars identifies the emergence on the world stage of Arab-Palestinian terrorism in 1972 as the beginning of Nostradamus’ 27-year war. Certainly, it fits nicely if one subscribes to the famous “king of terror” prophecy (10 Q72) marking July 1999 as the climax to the war. It comes so close to a tidy temporal terminus of a millennium bad ending. For many years I also subscribed to this conclusion to Nostradamus’ prophetic clues until events by the mid-1990s upended it. I made the following clarification in 1996, published in 1997:

The possibilities flowing from the present moment, tempt me to believe that 1999 is not the end of the “27-year war of the Third Antichrist” (8 Q77) but its beginning. Between 1999 and 2026, if the United Nations cannot become the unquestioned world parliament and if international law does not have greater weight and fairness than national law, peace will not be restored to the Middle East, and the Arab and Islamic nations will look to China, the new superpower, as their defender against American domination.

Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies,
p. 800, (1997)

Arab terrorists “did not” push the world into a thermonuclear war by 1999, as it turned out, 27 years after 1972. However, the events of 9/11 a few short years later seem to place us at what maybe the prelude or the beginning of the 27-year war, not its end. Appearances say this war begins with the burning issue of Middle Eastern discord and threat. It will expand to drag more than America into its tar pit politics. By 2008, America could be in a new cold war–this time with China, who, as I often predicted back in the 1990s “has” become by mid decade of the new century a superpower, though not in the old-style definition. It is a “soft” economic–rather than a military–giant. It will wage war with its greatest weapon, its economic punch.

The UN has been relevant, not as Bush predicted before the UN general assembly in late September 2002. In the final reckoning of fact, the UN inspectors “had” read Saddam Hussein’s WMD threat right. It did not exist. The shadow of irrelevance still stalks the UN if it cannot reign in the unilateral actions of superpowers invading other member states, such as the US invading Iraq. Nationalist law rules our times for a few decades more like a candle in final flare up before winking out.

Iran and Pakistan already revolve closely around the nexus of China’s economic and political sphere of influence. As do the “stans”–the potentially oil rich and newly independent states of the former Soviet Central Asian republics. China’s leaders look long and hard at the shape of future challenges. They know a time is coming soon when control of oil will be their economic weapon to counter the US food weapon–it is the breadbasket of the world’s grains. China will not be able to feed itself by the mid-2020s. America, if it keeps pace with its rising oil-addicted demand for petrol, will not be able to feed its cars and industry by the mid-2020s without the oil China economically or politically controls.

A stand off of food versus oil weapons is brewing. China’s search for new markets, such as Hugo Chavez’s Venezuelan oil is not only pursued to satiate its rising oil addiction but to fossil fuel its own economic explosion. At the right moment, to save an ally like Iran from devastation in a future war, China might pull the Persian rug out from under 10 percent of US imports from Venezuela. It might move with other allies to convert oil money from US to Euro dollars. You can have the baddest hi-tech armed force in the world, but without the fuel to run it, it sits and rusts.

Around the time I wrote Nostradamus: The New Millennium there were some rumors–mostly proffered by Mossad secret service-friendly propagandists–that terrorist camps and havens for bin Laden existed in Western China, that thousands of Chinese troops entered Afghanistan to aid the Taliban and al-Qaeda against an imminent US reprisal attack for 9/11. That is spurious rumor for now. In future though, China will send their troops into the Middle East. You will see them hiding under a blue helmet of the United Nations peacekeepers to keep watch and weapon close to their oil interests.


A few days after the anniversary of a second year of Bush’s first term began and almost a year before the invasion of Iraq by US forces, I wrote the following (posted as a HogueProphecy Bulletin for 01 February 2002) after Bush delivered his notorious “Axis of Evil” State of the Union speech:

We are entering February 2002. Some of you may remember that my astrological calculations and oracular gut feelings expressed previously in bulletins and on radio appearance pointed to February, April and the Summer of this new year as times when we could see a sudden escalation of violence in the world war of terrorism.

The rhetoric has already escalated. January closed with US President Bush giving his first State of the Union speech before Congress–now immortalized as the “Axis of Evil” speech. In it the president defined any nation that harbors terrorists and seeks weapons of mass destruction as “evil.” In other words, President Bush has officially added Iran, and North Korea to his target list with Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. Moreover, the leader of the free world, who has at his disposal the largest arsenal of nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons in history, has condemned these countries as “evil” and put them on notice that at any time they may face the full economic and military wrath of the United States unless they curtail any association with terrorist organizations, and stop seeking, exporting, or manufacturing weapons of mass destruction.

After making his State of the Union ultimatums, the president closed January with far more sweeping fire and brimstone bellicosity in every subsequent “Axis of Evil” speech he made. In turn the leaders of Iraq and Iran have dismissed Bush’s new Marvel-Comics-like label with their own sweeping and categorically cartoon-literate reactions…

Thus we enter a new month with three countries defined as evil enemies of the United States. No sooner (and certainly not before) the three were defined as an “Axis of Evil” we see a timely introduction of documents fished out of the ruins of al-Qaeda bases in Afghanistan, probably more than a month ago, depicting crude drawings of Seattle’s Space needle and US nuclear power plants on al-Qaeda’s wish list of future US assets and reactors targeted for destruction in America.

Although many people mostly outside of the US view Bush’s combativeness and unilateralism as becoming every more a part of the problem as those nations harboring terrorists, his critics should take notice that the president and his handlers may be onto something.

I believe that George W. Bush has correctly defined the new axis alliance of a new world war, and Nostradamus may have foreseen it.

For fifteen years and counting, I have published my belief that a passage from Nostradamus’ Epistle to King Henry II of France, written in 1558, defined the alliances and bloody outcome of a future war waged between two great northern superpowers and an Eastern “triumvirate” of terrorist nations.

(01 February 2002)

ASSESSMENT (March 2007):
In my mind, Bush’s Axis of Evil was Nostradamus secret alliance of terrorist backing Eastern kings. Iraq is a part of it. I hold to that opinion even five years after Bush made his prophetically remarkable, if disturbing, declaration. He fulfilled the right prophecy with wrong thinking. More on that later. Let us return to the bulletin posted 01 February 2002 where I presented a passage published on pages 588–591 of “Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies” (1997). It contained the most complete synthesis of my recorded interpretations of the triumvirate-of-terror (Axis of Evil) theme evolved from 1984 to 1997.

First, I recounted the Nostradamus’ prophecy about the Triumvirate written in 1558 in his Epistle to Henry II, King of France. My “bottom line” interpretation is one I still hold to today:


“What a great oppression then will fall upon the princes and governors of kingdoms and especially those that shall live near the sea and eastward, their language intermixed in a great society (of nations); The language of the Latin nations and of the Arabic intermixed via the North African interchange, and all these Eastern Kings shall be driven away, beaten and annihilated, not altogether by the means of the forces from the Kings of the North — and by the near proximity of our century — by means of three secretly united seeking for death by ambushes (terrorism) one against the other; and the renewal of the Triumvirate shall last for seven years; yet, the fame of such a sect shall spread the world over, and the sacrifice of the holy and immaculate host shall be upheld, and then shall the lords be two in number of the North (bloc?), victorious over the Eastern ones and there shall be a great noise and warlike tumult that all the East shall quake and fear those two brothers of the North who are yet not brothers.”

Nostradamus steps back to paint us a broader picture of what appears to be World War III alliances. Sides will be drawn seven years before the end of the 20th century, or the war will be fought sometime after 1999 and will last for seven years. A triumvirate of Eastern Kings will secretly unite, using ambushes and anarchy as their main weapons against their chief nemeses, the Kings of the North — possibly America, the EC, and Russia. Language intermixed with a great society of nations places this prophecy in modern times. Note the North African allusion to Tunisia, the headquarters of the PLO. Libya’s close ties with France and Italy through oil are also inferred. Because Nostradamus usually defines all points beyond Greece as Asia, this Eastern alliance has every chance of being a Mid-Eastern and even North African Axis alliance.

I can only assume from continual references throughout the Bible, and the auguring of Nostradamus and other prophetic giants such as Edgar Cayce and Cheiro, that the three most likely combinations for candidates for this triumvirate are Libya, Syria, and Iran; Egypt, Syria and Iran; or even Sudan, Libya and Iran. Elsewhere in the quatrains we have already examined references to Mesopotamia— Iraq — playing a primary role in the greater war to come. Operation Desert Storm may be no more than an early episode in a long pan-Islamic war with the West that will make some of America’s staunchest Arab Coalition allies, like Syria and Egypt, into greater enemies than the Iraqis. Whoever the Mid-Eastern triumvirate finally turns out to be, they will find support from some greater Eastern King, implying the leader of the People’s Republic of China or North Korea.

The Arab triumvirate and its Eastern ally, China, suffer the mother of all massacres through the overwhelming firepower of the great northern powers. If by near proximity of our century, Nostradamus means Armageddon is at hand, he is as inaccurate on dating the final battle as St John of Revelation was in the first century AD, when he slotted the Second Coming of Christ in his own near future.

Nostradamus, like many of history’s greatest prophets, shares a collective vision that the Cold War scenario had little prophetic weight. If there’s to be a third world war, it will come from a conflict of biblical proportions in the Middle East. And, the quatrains strongly suggest that such a war comes only after Russia drops communism and becomes brothers, or friends, with the United States. But beware, the brotherhood is premature. When Nostradamus says they are not yet brothers he makes a word-play link to 2Q89’s two great friends who are halved. Nostradamus uses demis, which can be the French d’amis (of friends), or the Latin word demis (being “halved” or “split” apart). The instigator for this split could be Mabus (2Q62) and/or the Third Antichrist, who may use submarines based in either Libya or the Persian Gulf to trigger a terrorist event so horrendous that it undermines the Russo-American alliance.

Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies (1997),
p. 588–591


ASSESSMENT (March 2007):
Perhaps the Iraq chapter of the world war foreseen will last seven years, if we start counting them from President Bush’s “Axis of Evil” revelation as prelude to his US invasion of Iraq. That means, at the writing of this update just as the US enters its fifth year of occupation in Iraq, the war will last two bloody years more–perhaps the bloodiest years of all. The next president will withdraw most of the US troops therefore in the spring of 2010. If this interpretation of the “seven years” is correct then we have an anti-war president in the White House in 2009, starting “her” first term in office. The US-Iraq Gulf war might officially end by 2010, but be clear, the entanglements in the Middle East have only begun for the next president.

Then there is Russia’s hand dipping deep these days in Middle Eastern oil intrigues.

It is ten years after I wrote the passage above in Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies. Russia is already showing signs of being the “brother” to America that is not yet brotherly. After Russia ceased being the Soviet Union, it has drawn itself close to Iran with economic and political ties. Russia built Iran’s fleet of three Kilo Class attack submarines and helped modernize Iran’s military forces with cutting edge anti-radar jamming weapons and a new generation of missiles that could defy US Patriot Anti-Missile batteries dug in to protect the Arab gulf states from Iranian attack. Russia is behind helping Iran perfect its sunburn missile swarm strategies that might overwhelm US carrier based anti-missile systems if there is a war. Russia is reluctant to support UN sanctions against its economic ally because it is the primary builder of Iran’s nuclear reactor systems and may only give sanctions lip service with the most recent round of UN sanctions leveled against Iran. What had once been the two communist superpowers of the cold war (Russia and China) are sympathetically waiting in the periphery to see if President Bush or President  Ahmadinejad of Iran instigates war.

“Mabus”, a potential code name for the third and final Antichrist of Nostradamus’ augured reckoning, will through his mischief have already set the stage for this widening conflict that might bring an end to Russia’s “brotherhood” with America in a new cold “peace” if not yet a cold war. The Iraqi President Saddam Hussein set that stage defying the UN and gave another hotheaded president grounds to invade his country and hang him. Now President Bush stands as a potential Mabus candidate ready to instigate war. By the time this bulletin is posted (31 March 2007), two US Carrier groups inside the Persian Gulf will have finished holding the largest combined naval war exercise since the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Perhaps this show of US might is an ominous response to the recent abduction by Iranian Revolutionary Navy Guards of 15 British Royal Marines and sailors in the disputed Iranian-Iraqi waters off the Shatt al-Arab. Some believe a US-Iranian war may take place in early April, just before Easter.

The Iranian fleets are also rehearsing for war. The three Russian made Iranian submarines patrolling the Persian Gulf will be key in giving grounds for Bush’s new war, or giving grief to the Americans, who may experience the first sinking of a major US naval warship since the Second World War.


More prophecies exclusively about such a potential war with Iran will be forthcoming in a new eBook slated for posting on my website no later than May 2007–or rushed to publication much earlier, if war is indeed but a few days away. Advertisements will soon appear at the following link come early April 2007:

John Hogue
(31 March 2007)

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