Between Iraq and a Hard Place – 1, Early Warnings

This six-part series assesses my predictions and interpretations of predictions of others over the decades, such as Nostradamus, that have mostly happened. They accurately dated war in Iraq, presaged its nature, and mapped what may yet become the United State’s ultimate path to military quagmire, defeat and a reassessment of superpower in what will be known as the Great Muslim Religious Civil War. A review of all that I have foreseen over the past half-dozen years may offer insight upon what choice of destiny the United States under the next president elected in 2008 must stake all. There is no future choice that is not hard to bear, but perhaps this nation may be tempered by the coming difficult times to do something unexpected–something wonderful, even–that might go a long way to preserve the earth and its fragile human civilization. America has become the prodigal son of destiny. May it follow the right path home extricating itself from its greatest strategic blunder, the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

I started writing this review of my documented predictions back on 7 December 2006. That was the day after the Iraq Study Group (ISG), co-chaired by James A. Baker III and Lee H. Hamilton, released its official report, titled The Iraq Study Group Report: The Way Forward – A New Approach. Baker and Hamilton in a Senate hearing then expressed a sad reality I had foreseen six years before. Indeed, as it has now come to pass, I had foreseen the coming disaster before there was a President Bush in office, years before there were thousands of US soldiers maimed and dying in what I warned in articles written as far back as October and November of 2000 would be a new “Vietnam” quagmire “in Iraq.” To express this, I had utilized predictions of the 16th-century French seer, Nostradamus, who, according to my interpretation, had beheld our dire future in Iraq four-and-a-half centuries earlier. I believe he was way far ahead of any of us when it came to foreseeing a new crusader army treading upon a region of the Middle East that no other crusader armies from our past had marched. Using magic mirrors, mediums of spirit and secret meditations in the dead of night and locked inside his secret study, Nostradamus pieced through deep shadows in an inner contemplation presaging those dark and history changing events that would tempt a future crusading army from the Christian West to invade and occupy “Mesopotamia” (modern-day Iraq) and eventually lose their way and their war to those “black in aspect” in flags and attire of the “law”– I read in the shape of his nebulous and cloudy language the Muslim “law–the “Sharia”–as triumphant over the amassed crusaders in Iraq. It seems ever more clear now, this mid-March of 2007, on the eve of the four-year anniversary of the US invasion that US soldiers and a few of their remaining coalition allies are caught in the crossfire of a sectarian civil war between those belligerent Sunnis and Shias they had “liberated.” What Nostradamus had long before foreseen and documented unfortunately appears to be the worst future ahead of us, in which the United States hobbled in war and status even among its allies, tries to pick its way out of the wreckage of democracy experiments gone terribly awry.

What follows is a list of quoted predictions–mostly these are my own, and sometimes predictions based on my astrological and Nostradamian studies–presented in the chronological order in which they were posted in radio interviews, books and HogueProphecy Bulletins. They include the book source or the link to the HogueProphecy bulletin from whence they came, followed by an assessment of their accuracy or inaccuracy, set down at the time of this writing: March 2007.


In the mid 1990s, I was feverishly producing my vast tome Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies for publication in 1997. It was during that time that signs alighted in my intuition through reading the signs of Nostradamus and meditating on the subject of the shape and nature of what I called the coming “Third Gulf War” (the first two being the Iran-Iraq War [1980–1988] and the Gulf War [1991]). I began setting down for the record a vision of a third war that would lead to the fall and death of Saddam Hussein. This new conflict tangled itself around a wider struggle. The next world war’s secret betrayed by vision would be a global world conflict between established countries and Islamic terrorists. The alliances appeared to me darkly and distant. The events that seemed in 1995 so far off when I wrote the following are with us now, poised around the corner of the next few months:

In the 21st century I would expect the highest potential for war when Mars enters Aries at the same time Saturn enters its two-year transit of Leo (2005-2007) and again when Mars is in Leo in June-July 2006, and in Aries again at the end of the Saturn transit of Leo in May-June

Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies
(1997), pp. 79-80:

Elsewhere in the quatrains we have already examined references to Mesopotamia– Iraq — playing a primary role in the greater war to come. Operation Desert Storm may be no more than an early episode in a long pan-Islamic war with the West that will make some of America’s staunchest Arab Coalition allies, like Syria and Egypt, into greater enemies than the Iraqis. Whoever the Mid-Eastern triumvirate finally turns out to be, they will find support from some greater Eastern King, implying the leader of the People’s Republic of China or North Korea.

Nostradamus: the Complete Prophecies
(1997) p. 589

ASSESSMENT (March 2007):
Modern day “Mesopotamia” is the focal point for a widening Middle East war. A US or Israeli strike on Iran by May-June 2007 might widen the conflict, make it pan-Islamic. The “triumvirate” as it happens is the Axis of Evil President Bush defined as Iraq, Iran and North Korea, during his State of the Union speech of early 2002.

The US invasion of Iraq took place in early 2003. The early, easy stage accomplished, prepared the ground and crowded, garbage strewn avenues of urban Iraq for a lingering and bloody insurrection that began changing into a sectarian civil war between Iraqi Sunnis and Shi’ites by the summer of 2005. That is when Saturn began its war mongering transit of Leo. Mars aspected Saturn in Leo in June-July of 2006 when Hezbullah and Hebrew warriors clashed in the Israeli-Lebanon War. Even this was minor violence compared to the paroxysm of new and sustained sectarian blood letting across Iraq happening at the same time. One mere week of death squads and car bombings in the streets of Iraq carried off more souls than all those killed in the entire Lebanese war. Throughout the bloody summer of Mars and Saturn in Leo, Iraq’s people murdered each other at a reported rate of 1,000 killed and massacred each week in the capital of Baghdad alone.

Where are old Coalition allies of the last Gulf War? What state of allegiance is Egypt and Syria in Bush the Younger’s new war?

Since I posted the above prediction a decade ago, Syria serves the enemy, Iran. Egypt placating the passions of its own rising minority of anti-US radicals and opposition parties keeps on the sidelines. She does not risk standing her troops shoulder to shoulder with Americans in Iraq.

In commentary written in 1995 and published a decade ago in 1997 misty veils were already parting before shadows of alliances that at the time seemed fantastic, impossible.

No more.

The final pass of Mars in Aries harmonizing and magnifying bellicose Saturn in Leo, comes this May-June 2007. The final degrees of Saturn’s goosestep through Leo begin now through September 2007. Saturn will have a cosmically greedy lust for escalation of conflict. The light of present events reach out to illuminate the near future shadows that hide who the “Eastern king” will be. If Iran is pulled into open conflict with the US, look to China’s leader. He will do something dramatic to protect China’s chief source of Middle Eastern oil–Iran. This new war will not begin with China, but it will end because of something China plans to do.

Always in motion, and out of time sequence comes the future to the prescient glance. The butt of results too early come. Insights into beginnings and means to ends are tardy. The dates, alliances of war, had visited my mind in the mid-to-late 1990s, but not the catalyst that began it. I had the motive, but not yet the murderer clearly “scryed.” I would have to wait for the abrasive events of the presidential election of 2000 to polish my oracle’s looking glass.

John Hogue
(18 March 2007)

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