The October Surprise: NFL Stadium Dirty Bomb Scare

I was working on a bulletin predicting how and when the US will go to war against Iran soon. I will post it on Saturday, 21 October, but first, I must punch out a quick and a bit rough hewn bulletin responding to that odd warning issued by the US Department of Homeland Security this Wednesday about a radiological dirty bomb attack planned by al-Qaeda on seven NFL stadiums this Sunday. My goodness, somebody out in the vast internet blogsphere wrote a kooky letter threatening terrorism. What is the world coming to?

Someone anonymously posted a message on the chat-blog page, The Friend Society saying al-Qaeda operatives in the US will mark the final day of Ramadan, this Sunday, driving trucks packed with explosives and radioactive dust onto parking lots next to seven football stadiums across America. They will blow up their trucks. Radioactive dust clouds downwind of packed stadiums will soil the crowds attending home games of the Atlanta Falcons, Cleveland Browns, the New York Giants and Miami Dolphins on the East Coast, while other truck bombers irradiate crowds in Central Standard Time at the Houston Texans home game, then finally a set of truck rad-bombs doomsday fumigate fans on the West Coast in Pacific Standard Time at the Oakland Raiders, and the Seattle Seahawk home games.

The posting boasts that initial explosions will claim 100,000 lives. That is going to be hard to pull off for a couple reasons. First, you have bombs exploding in games spanning three time zones. Blow up the East Coast games and no one will come near the West Coast or Central Time venues. Second, putting truck bombs next to seven stadiums might kill hundreds but none have the explosive power to take down the stadiums packed with hundreds of thousands. Nevertheless, thousands could die from radiation disease, and seven NFL stadiums and a square mile of surrounding city neighborhoods would remain off limits for decades because of the fallout danger.

If the warning is for real, Usama bin Laden will “appear” on a video tape claiming responsibility for unleashing an American Hiroshima on NFL Sunday, 22 October 2006. I expect he will do that end-zone touch down gesture, pointing a finger heavenward thanking his projection of God for a score. Maybe not.

The whole thing sounds like a hoax, or the wet 99-virgin dream of some computer nerd nabob or frustrated Jihadi-wannabe touching his private keyboard too often.

Jarrod Agen, spokesman for the Department of Homeland Security says there is no evidence the threat is credible. The department tried to contact the web site whose postings have never evidenced a vulgarity and tone of hate mongering Jihadist web sites usually display. No one is answering the phone at

Agen said NFL and city officials were not asked to increase security around the targeted stadiums, but…he adds, “Out of an abundance of caution, we thought it necessary to notify federal, state, local and private sector partners.”

Agen’s statement is, to me, a great example of Orwellian doublespeak. The threat has no credibility but look out, watch your back.

In other words, be afraid. Of nothing. .

It must be election time again in the Bush presidential era.

Two years ago, during the presidential elections of 2004, I noticed that every time John Kerry, the mummy and Democratic party’s candidate for president, advanced in the polls, the Department of Homeland Security put out a Code Orange terrorist alert. At every elevated terrorist alert level the people of America were told that certain evidence and sources implied that “perhaps” there was a terrorist attack planned by “somebody” undisclosed. Nothing certain was known about the threat, but the Department of Homeland Security thought it prudent to risk spreading fear along with an abundance of vigilance and caution. Orange threat levels came and went, with each passing of a toothless terrorist innuendo strengthening the Bush reelection campaign in the polls. The president was scaring us and taking care of us.

Once Bush won his second term, the color code alerts magically stopped and have never returned. The next two years passed with credible evidence of threat. Al-Qaeda attacked the London subway and bus system in July 2005. UK and US security forces did thwart a plot in August 2006 to blow 10 jet airlines out of the skies with liquid explosives disguised as ordinary carry-on objects.

Was there a national terrorist alert after these events?


Real attacks in London did not warrant an orange alert, nor did hard evidence thwarting a plot to explode jets approaching the US inspire an “abundance of caution” to put America on natonwide alert just in case more jets about to explode were coming.

Who is wagging the dog of global terrorism?

Is it Usama bin Laden, or Karl Rove?

I do not know if US Homeland Security agents had enough circumstantial evidence to trigger a gazoo full of orange alerts that just happened to fall with greater intensity as the 2004 November elections came near. You have got to wonder. Ever since public suspicion arose during the election, the Bush administration stopped posting alerts now for two years in counting. Moreover, Tom Ridge, the former head of Homeland Security, did admit after resigning the post that the Bush Administration did put political pressure on his office for more terrorist alerts during the election year of 2004.

Now it is the culmination of a new election year. With Halloween around the corner, what kind of Orange pumpkin trick or treat alerts can we expect? Will there be the “treat” of official alerts without evidence like before, or will a chance crank email, officially rejected with skepticism but actively spread all over the world by Homeland Security be the new opposition stifling election “trick.”

Homeland Security has yet to post advisories about far more potentially corroborated threats coming America’s way from al-Qaeda.

Many of you last month forwarded a transcribed interview between Abu Dawood, the new commander of al-Qaeda forces in Afghanistan, and Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir. Most of you passed it to me via a link from the web site of a terrorist watchdog group called the Northeast Intelligence Services. The web site says they are a small contingent of experienced investigators working for a division of Hagmann Investigative Services, Inc., founded by veteran private investigator Douglas J. Hagmann.

Hamid Mir, the Pakistani journalist has a proven track record interviewing al-Qaeda leaders all the way up to their chief, Usama bin Laden. An interview dropping the names of Dawood and Mir certainly got my attention.

You can find the whole interview at the following link

In brief, Dawood taunts Americans threatening that the next attack on their homeland will come from Jihadists masquerading Christian and Jewish names and false identities. You will not be able to profile the terrorists as bearded fundamentalist freaks of fatwah. Dawood warns all Islamic believers to leave America before it is too late. Then he identifies the leader of the attack by his actual names “Jafer the Pilot” AKA Adnan el Shukrijumah, a naturalized American citizen, Dawood says was “raised in Brooklyn and educated in southern Florida.”

Dawood did not give any more details about the nature of the attack or when it would come, though the warning that all Muslims should leave America, implies it is soon. Soon in Near Eastern terms is relative. It could mean this Sunday in football stadiums, or as late as 2008. Anyway, Dawood said the cells were in position in America and other Western countries. They can strike at any time.

I find it odd that any al-Qaeda leader would speak in detail about tactics, give names and imply a near future time window for an attack. Goodness me! You can even see a picture of the man who will lead the attack here. He does not look that Christian or Western to me.

Up to now, Al-Qaeda never surrendered any objective details about upcoming strikes. Is this a dramatic and daring change in strategy? A ruse to distract the West from al-Qaeda’s real plan?

Why has Homeland Security not broadcast this story with its reputable sources like Mir, as grounds for heightened alert across America? No, we get a global startle from what they call a completely spurious NFL stadium threat.

I guess we will find out who is wagging who’s terrorist tales and soon. The Dawood interview appeared on web sites around 16 September 2006. Since then two out of three Dawood predictions have happened: Afghanistan suffered a Taliban offensive during Ramadan, al-Qaeda suicide bombers blew down people and police in the streets of Kabul in a level of violence not seen since the Taliban were overthrown. Dawood promised Mir a video message coming from Usama bin Laden two weeks after their interview. It would signal a final warning before the new attack on American home turf.

Bin Laden did not show two weeks later. Does that undermine the story, or is bin Laden as sick from typhoid fever as Saudi intelligence agents said. Was he still recovering and too ill at the end of September to record the message?

Ayaman al-Zawahiri, the second in command of al-Qaeda, did post a video message two weeks after the Dawood-Mir interview. He did not mention specifics about an attack but told Americans to blame president Bush as responsible for what happens next to US souls on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan. Then he added the American homeland to the hit list, “God willing! “


After Zawahiri’s message appeared, American forces suffered a dramatic increase of casualties on the streets of Iraq. October may yet prove to be the bloodiest month of the war, thanks in part to stepped up fighting by elements of al-Qaeda in Iraq. The American people are facing at last the nightmare scenario overtaking their forces pitted in the crossfire of what is undoubtedly a full-scale religious civil war between Shia and Sunni Iraqis. Just what al-Qaeda wanted! The Taliban are back in Afghanistan in force. Coalition casualties mount. Zawahiri harangued Americans to blame Bush “the failed Crusader” for all their woes and losses. These days, on the eve of the mid-term elections a majority of Americans “are” blaming Bush and his Republican Party, perhaps unfairly in the case of the latter, for failure in prosecuting the war on terror to victory. A protest vote in the upcoming midterm elections might effectively strip the president of one or both houses of Congress, undermining his powers to wage war on terror in his kind of “not always being right but never wrong” way for the final two years of his presidency.

So little is needed to tip the balance.

Even a small scale al-Qaeda terrorist attack on the American homeland in the weeks remaining before the mid-term elections could fracture the Bush Administration’s last claim of credibility. One US bus exploding, or mall bombing is enough to silence Bush’s often stated mantra that US troops fight and get killed and maimed in Iraq by the tens of thousands to keep the terrorists from hitting the American homeland.

Just one attack on a subway on US soil could lose this president his hold on the House and Senate. It might lead to Bush losing the presidency a little later through impeachment. Would this not be Usama bin Laden’s favorite typhoid fevered dream before he passes away, which I believe will be soon.

I must return one last time to the Stadium dirty bomb threat. There is one element that makes me quiver slightly with concern. All al-Qaeda attacks play the numbers in the planned D-day date.

Five years ago we had the 9-11 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. The numbers 9 and 11 pun the US emergency phone number: 911. Then came the bombing of Spanish trains in Madrid on “3-11” two years ago, then London subways blew up on 7-11* last year. Sunday’s presumed attack will take place on 10/22/06. Divide 22 by 2 and you get 11. The number 22 may hide a second (9) 11. Turn the date upside down 180 degrees to the left and you get 90./11/01. Drop a zero after “9” and what do you see?

I see the Seattle Seahawks beating the Minnesota Vikings this Sunday.
I foresee a peaceful end to Ramadan in America. May you and yours enjoy a peaceful Ramadan too.

John Hogue
(18 October 2006)

More predictions.

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