Nostradamus: Dating a US War against Iran

I live on an island in the Puget Sound region of the Pacific Northwest, a short drive, skip and a jump on a ferry ride from Seattle. My home is near enough to a US Navy Air Station to sometimes catch the drifting din of what is euphemistically described around these parts as the sound of “freee-dumb.” When the wind is right, one hears a symphony of thunders belched from the afterburners of warplanes practicing their martial arts. If you live long enough around here, you acquire a discerning ear for aerial military moods. You look up from your chores, or your gardening and can distinguish between “peace is our profession” professing thunders and the sound of coming war.

At present, near the air station, the presaging sound of war is silence.

The days of thunder and jets filling the sky suddenly vanished, just like they did before Operation Iraqi Freedom in early 2003. The “thrum” beat of growling US Navy Prowlers–the vaunted anti-radar jamming jets–echoed frequently in the late and paling summer sky attended occasionally by the prop-stick beat of naval helicopters and the deep basso profundo “aum” of B52s better heard than unseen at 40,000 feet. At the beginning of autumn northern winds carried a relentless crescendo down the Saratoga Straits of Prowlers practicing takeoffs and landings for many hours on end, day and night.

Then there was the silence.

The gray eagles with bomb racked arrowhead wings no longer traced their white mist lines across the invisible plane of sky in thunder-show. They are on an infernal migration to their new roosts in distant desert bases, desert Indian Ocean islands, and floating US carrier rookeries now approaching desert straddled seas. Some of them are with the nuclear carrier fleets of the Enterprise and Eisenhower Carrier Strike Groups bearing down on the Arabian Sea and the Persian Gulf. They have joined most of the US Navy’s mine sweepers heading for station at the Strait of Hormuz. Two nuclear aircraft carriers, bristling with cruise missiles and a full array of air combat wings (including my missing brood of Prowlers) have converged upon the coast of Iran along with other armadas of attendant Aegis cruisers, battle cruisers, destroyers, missile frigates, fast support ships, and docking vessels. Nearby on station are the helicopter carriers, attending vessels and 8,000 sailors and Marines of Expeditionary Strike Group 5 from San Diego. There are also US attack submarines tagging along. The US is preparing for a war with Iran.

I wonder what need there would be for submarines if these belonged, as we are told by official Pentagon sources, to a redeployment of fresh units to guard and sustain US occupying forces of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Iraq has no subs. Iran does. Three Kilo Class Russian built attack submarines, I believe.

There is also a convergence of naval armadas of the US and NATO in the Eastern Mediterranean of such array of force gathered off the coast of Lebanon that seems puzzling if they are there under UN mandate to keep the peace after the recent Israeli-Lebanese War. Why is a NATO battle fleet needed when a few dozen Israeli patrol boats off the coast of Lebanon were enough naval presence to board and confiscate the random ship smuggling weapons to Hezbullah during the war? Perhaps this far more potent force is an over-killing pretense to overtly kill someone else–and soon…

I posted the preamble above to this HogueProphecy Bulletin five months and 11 days ago. Much of what I went on to say in the article about the White House’s military industrially complex plan to prepare for the prosecution of a war with Iran has come true. Now the Persian Gulf is crowded with two US Carrier Strike Groups. There is another patrolling the Eastern Mediterranean and Red Sea. Another is on the way to the Persian Gulf. The new armada is literally leaving the San Diego Naval Station as I write this. The USS Nimitz and its attendant missile cruisers and frigates pushed off today, ostensibly to replace the USS Stennis Carrier Strike Force, but rumors abound that their tour of duty will be lengthened and there will soon be three Carrier Strike Groups in the Persian Gulf.

On 23 March 2007, fifteen British Royal Marines and Sailors were seized from their zodiac boat in Iraqi waters and made hostages by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, with the blessings of the Grand Ayatollah Khamenei, the true leader of Iran. They conspire to ratchet up tension and play Iran’s advantage as a burgeoning regional power against an overextended US-Coalition now doing double duty occupying a quagmire in Iraq, guarding gulf state allies and policing the Strait of Hormuz–that narrow gauntlet of water out of which 40 percent of the world’s oil flows.

In this bulletin posted back in October 2006, I deciphered Nostradamus’ astrology calculations to predict what I thought was the time window for a US-Iranian war: primarily late May or early June, but as late as the end of August 2007. Last week it almost appeared that war would take place before Easter. It will not happen. Not just yet. No incident fomented by Ayatollahs or mistaken shots fired across bows of US missile frigates or a collision with any one member of the swarms of small Iranian patrol boats water bugging the pond of the Persian Gulf will disturb the US timetable for war.

There will be time enough for a comprehensive examination of the prophecies of Nostradamus about what could happen to the world as a consequence of the United States engaging Iran in their planned, full-scale war.

Though time for a diplomatic solution is running out, there is enough time left for me to take what was once the core of this article, posted on 21 October, and turn it into my next eBook:


Nostradamus may have written more prophecies about the future of “Persian” Iran than any other nation in the Middle East. He was never one to miss an important history changing event or nation in his long history of the future. Clearly he believed Iran held the key to unlocking his vision of Armageddon. Are we about to see that key turn open a door to Armageddon in our near future? Destiny tells a number of possible scenarios to be made clear from Nostradamus’ cryptic prophecies in my eBook – Nostradamus: The War with Iran. click on Nostradamus Iran predictions.

John Hogue
(21 October 2006)

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