Under Skies Portending War

The Nostradamian prophecy suggesting great heat waves, hidden fires, wars and raids during a future transit of Mars across Saturn in the fire sign of Leo seems to be about our times. Mars began its transit of Leo on 4 June, conjoining with Saturn in mid June. Mars ends the transit of Leo later today (22 July).

I write this on the eleventh day of what I will call the Israeli-Hezbullah War. It began when a terrorist unit of Hezbullah raided an Israeli armored personnel carrier, killed eight and abducted two Israeli soldiers on their northern border with Lebanon. Israeli retribution in the next few days was swift and devastating to Lebanon’s infrastructure. Hezbullah’s leader, the Shia cleric Nasrallah, declared open war on Israel. The long cylindrical shafts of a thousand low and high caliber Katyushka rockets built in Iran so far have rained down like Nostradamus’ long comet across Northern Israel as far south as Haifa and Nazareth. An even larger rain of lethal Israeli ordinance fell on Lebanon setting a number of its heavily populated urban forests of high rise apartments from Sidon, Tyre all the way north to Beirut on fire. Over a half million Lebanese civilians pick their way over bombed out roads moving to the northern frontiers of Lebanon and east across the Syrian border. Hundreds of Israeli and perhaps thousands of Lebanese civilians lie dead or injured. I write this on the day thousands of Israeli troops began incursions in force into Lebanon. A new and bloody phase of the war begins: close quarter combat between thousands of Hezbullah fighters and Israeli soldiers. Thousands more Lebanese fighters from other militias, as well as the Lebanese army, pledge to fight alongside Hezbullah to stop the invasion of their country by threatening a protracted guerilla war.

I write this on the 18th day after North Korea test fired up to six regional–and one intercontinental ballistic–missiles in defiance of American threats to desist. A new crisis was born. Japan’s parliament for the first time considered overturning over a half-century old constitutional restriction on their military waging preepmtive strikes on other countries. The ominous splashdown of North Korean missiles off their Western coastline so spooked Japanese legislators that they openly debated a new Pearl Harbor scenario. This time North Korean missile launch sites might suffer a surprise Japanese naval and air attack before they can rocket death down on Japanese cities. I write this on the day the world press confirmed rumors that Iranian officials and missile scientists stood side by side in solidarity with North Korean generals and scientists at the test launch sites of those No-Dong and Taepo Dong missiles.

I write this on the 27th day after what I call the Israeli-Hamas War began with the kidnapping of an Israeli soldier by Hamas terrorists in a raid out of the Gaza strip into southern Israel. Tanks of Zion have since then rumbled into the Gaza strip. The armed forces of Israel have begun a systematic, though far less devastating campaign compared to what would come in Lebanon, degrading Gaza’s infrastructure with bombs and their own “long comet”-like missiles.

I write this three years and 83 days after President Bush stood on a US aircraft carrier deck under a sign saying “Mission Accomplished” and made a photo op-friendly speech about all major military action in his invasion of Iraq ending.

I write this six weeks and three days after the the terrorist leader of al-Qaeda in Mesopotamia (Iraq), Abu Musab al-Zarqawi–a clear candidate for Nostradamus’ Third Antichrist “Mabus” (code for “Musab”?)–was killed by US airstrikes on his safe house 30 miles North of Baghdad.

I write this on the day it was reported that 6,000 Iraqi civilians in the last seven weeks have died from sectarian violence between Shia and Sunnis across Iraq. I write this after a bloody fortnight of new wars in the Middle East and a missile crisis with North Korea has turned the news media’s attention away from the bigger story. They overlooked a deadlier flash point for the spread this summer of the fires of war under the bellicose sign of Mars transiting Saturn in Leo. Our attention has been diverted from a dangerous turn for the worst in Iraq. The long smoldering threat of religious civil war in Iraq has sprouted naked fires. It would seem that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi has gotten his death wish.

I share quotes with you today from the past year of HogueProphecy Bulletins that presaged all the above concerning what would happen in the summer of 2006.

It is indeed a summer much like that inferred by Nostradamus, where the air is “very dry.” Enough so that great brushfires rage across the American West and along the Mediterranean coast of Spain. The “great place” of Europe is under record temperatures, and much of North America “burns with heat” under protracted heat waves above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Hidden fires also plume from clandestine missile launches across Lebanon, Gaza and Israel. North Korea aims to arm their test missiles with the “hidden fires” of nuclear warheads. Iran arms Hezbullah with long cometlike rockets while it works to “hide” the fires of its own nuclear program deep within underground facilities.

Here are some of the passages in the last year of HogueProphecy Bulletins that presaged this:

“Mars will end its transit of equal fire with Saturn in Leo on 22 July. A full-scale civil war in Iraq and/or a widening conflict including Iran and Israel can happen at any time during or a few months after the end of this astrological aspect. Perhaps fate and fiery planets will throw a little doomsday Korean seasoning into the mix.”

The Death of Abus Musab Al-Zarqawi–
26 June 2006

“What I said about the latter-half of 2005, in my last New Year prophecy report will be magnified this year (SEE Saturn’s President: 24 December 2004.) It will not be a time to hold onto old and habitual ways and resist adapting new ideas to meet the challenges of a new era. A leader or people not heeding Saturn’s transit through the next 23 degrees of Leo will face the coming challenges looking backwards. They will become more bellicose rather than diplomatic, more self-righteous and dismissive when criticized. They will seek to end wars in 2006 only to widen them because they will be stubbornly blind to their part, their unconscious contribution, to the problems of the world. They will be closed when they should be open, wax dictatorial when they ought to conciliate.”

Predictions for 2006 and Beyond, Part 1–31 December 2005

“Saturn in Leo will see [President Bush] try to achieve is goals, no matter what cautions cry. And in doing what he thinks is good, he will make things worse, in the Middle East, in Korea, in the American economy and in the domestic life of his people.”

Predictions for 2006 and Beyond, Part 1–31 Ibid.

“If only level heads in Israel, Iran and the Arab nations would use Saturn in Leo’s fire to launch new peace initiatives rather than war. So many astrological factors conspire against a peaceful passage through June-July of 2006 because of the collective unawareness of our leaders and people to the influential forces of Saturn and Mars “equally fiery” in Leo. Ultimatums, dictatorial stubbornness, reactive passions rule the hot days of the next summer. One hopes that they will be a time for peace, but it looks more like a time for war.”

Predictions for 2006 and Beyond, Part 2–
31 December 2005

The Middle East stands on the verge of angry stars of war. America’s proxy (Israel) fights its battle against terror for them. Iran and Syria fight their poxy terrorist war in return on Israel and America through Hamas, Hezbullah, and Shia militias in Iraq. Open clashes between US-Israeli forces against Syria and Iran may erupt any time this summer.

The US Secretary of State, Condi Rice, flies to Israel tomorrow (23 July) to begin diplomatic efforts to end the Hezbullah-Hamas wars and forestall a full-scale Israeli invasion of Lebanon. It so happens that Sunday is the first full day after Mars left the sign of Leo. Mars enters Virgo, the ruler of discernment or judgementalism depending on whether wisdom or ego reigns. May Rice and the diplomatic missions of France, Germany, the UN, also gathering in Israel this weekend, be successfully discerning. I doubt they will if negotiations do not include Syria and Iran.

Saturn continues its peace-limiting transit of Leo until September 2007. Negotiating a road map to Middle Eastern peace could still see diplomats take self-centered “my way or the highway” stances in peace talks that go nowhere.

There will be a call for an international UN stabilization force to guard Southern Lebanon. Most likely this will happen after Israeli troops occupying the area hand it over to the UN forces. I am wondering how they will adequately do this while bogged down in a guerilla war with the Lebanese and Hezbullah. The potential for UN intervention begs me to explore soon the famous and often mistranslated prophecy of Nostradamus in Century 2 Quatrain 2. It describes a leader in the Middle East with a “blue turban.” The literal translation of “teste bleu” is “blue head.” Perhaps rather than turbans, Nostradamus infers the blue helmet of UN troops guarding the Israeli-Lebanese border in the near future. I will also soon share with you the prophecy that names “Hamas” and its future outright in a trick word play.

John Hogue
(22 July 2006)

Predictions by John Hogue.

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