The Death of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi

On the day after the sixth day of the sixth month of the sixth year of the new millennium, a terror from the skies fell upon a reinforced house nestled in a peaceful grove of date palms thirty miles north of Baghdad, killing a beast who could be a candidate for Nostradamus’ Third Antichrist. That is the day after 6/6/6 when two US Air Force GPS guided 500 pound bombs met their long, lightning fast shadows in fire and dust over a canopy of palms. They made a crater out of the safe house of al-Qaeda’s evil insurgent leader in Iraq.

The agent of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi’s death was not the terror from the skies foretold by the 16th century prophet in Quatrain 72 of Century 10 of his book of predictions. This “advent” prophecy of the third and final installment of his Antichrists (the last two being “Hister”–Hitler, and “Napaulon Roy”–Napoleon King) describes “September month” of the year “1999” and not the day after 6/6/6. Some believe 1999 is a coded date. Reverse nines and ones and you may get the real day and year intended: September 9.11.1. Thus, the Third Antichrist advances before history’s collective perception with the attack on the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington D.C. Is he, therefore, the leader of al-Qaeda or a lieutenant who will gain greater fame than the founder, Usama bin Laden, thanks to the attack on September 11?

A clever Nostradamian as dyslexically vertical in thinking as the prophet could entertain turning “1999” upside down to get “6/6/6 + 1 day” to represent 7 June and make some link to the death of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi with the advent of the Third Antichrist. The reason being that Nostradamus foretold this dark figure, unlike his predecessors, will obtain his ultimate infamy through death in the early stages of a world war that will last 27 years. One could argue that there is a link to the “king of terror” descending from the skies on the war’s birth day in 1999 (9.11.1) with the death day of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. You could say that fate turned 1999 and his fortunes upside down on the date of 6/6/6 plus 1.

Ever since Abu Musab al-Zarqawi crawled out from under a rock into history’s light a few years ago, he has become the most popular candidate for decoding the enigmatic name given by Nostradamus for the third and final Antichrist.

We are now suffering the opening stages of the war of this Third Antichrist. It is popularly believed that Nostradamus scheduled his appearance around the arrival of a great comet that all could see with the naked eye. That could be Comet Hale-Bopp. It’s transit of 1997 skies presaged the grim and notorious “1999/9.11.1” prophecy by only a few years. The potential code name of the Antichrist is “Mabus.” The prophecy numbered Century 2 Quatrain 62 describes his fate. A translation in English reads:

Mabus will soon die, then will come,
A horrible undoing of people and animals,
At once one will see vengeance,
One-hundred powers, thirst, famine, when the comet will pass.

My long held interpretation of the above proposes that “Mabus” unlike his Anti-Christian predecessors is one of the first to die in the world war of terrorism he unleashes. His death will mark a horrible undoing or destruction of both people “and” animals, linking this war with other Nostradamian prophecies about plagues of human invention, such as plagues of radiation, biological and chemical weapons that kill people and animals stained with lethal, icelike or red rains. The death of “Mabus” starts a great terror war of vengeance and counter-vengeance involving 100 powers (countries) “when the comet will pass.” Hale-Bopp did pass in 1997. We have lived since that time under dramatically hotter climate, endured greater droughts (“thirst”) than ever recorded and seen historic outbreaks of”famine” in Africa. Other Nostradamian prophecies pick up the metaphor of a comet passing on a different errand, One that is long in shape, dragging a tail of sparks falling on cities. Will the “comet” like missiles “pass” once this candidate for Mabus is dead?

A tale of terror descending from the skies comes full circle for the man whose name many believe most easily decodes the Mabus enigma. Just three brief years into his insurrection, at the point of fulfilling a dream of plunging Iraq into a religious civil war, US smart bombs launched overhead blew apart a safe house where Zarqawi and some al-Qaeda commanders met. US forces later found the sole survivor was Zarqawi, with lungs imploded by the blast concussion. He lingered 51 minutes in semi-consciouness before expiring in time for his fatal photo op. Zarqawi’s lifeless face, a photographer’s version of a death mask, soon appeared on the covers of news magazines and was broadcast on television around the world. Time will tell whether this photo will become the icon of martyrdom inspiring future jihadist in his name to launch missiles and blow up both people and animals.

There are a number of ways you can apply Nostradamus’ laws of anagram to get “Mabus” from a phonetic spelling in Roman letters of the late Abu Musab al-Zarqawi’s name:
1.) Drop the “M” and the “s” from “Mabus” and you get “Abu”–or “father” in Arabic–The prefix all Arab terrorists use these days, including al-Zarqawi.

2.) His second name “Musab” is a literal mix of the letters that spell “Mabus.”

3.) Even “Zarqawi” in a stretch of the rules can make a match when applying the anagram technique of reverse lettering. You can make a new letter in lower case of any letter turned upside down or around. You can replace letters that sound similar, such as a “z” for an “s.” Thus, “zarqawi” becomes “sarqawi” if “z” becomes “s.” Turn “q” into a “b” and “w” into an “m”. Now “sarbami” mixed around gets you “Mabas” if you drop the maximum limit of two superfluous letters, such as “r” or “i.”

It is because of these relatively easy word games that thousands of you over the years have sent me letters asking if Abu Musab is Mabus, the Third Antichrist.. Now that he has fallen, and despite how much the shoe of anagram fits his evil footprint in prophecy. I do not think the shoe fits. I untie the shoestrings setting free the foot–hopefully not into my mouth–and hold fast to a comment I wrote about Zarqawi and his Mabus connenction as a form response to many of your similar questions sent over the years since he first appeared in Iraq:
I am watching Abu Musab al-Zarqawi’s progress. There is still some doubt whether he is a fiction made up by a US Administration desperate to create new boogie men to scare the American people into obedience. If you don’t have a nemesis, you need to cook one up, especially if you want people to be in a hypnotic state of fear and perpetual imminent threat after capturing Saddam and failing to capture Bin Laden. Abu Musab may also be a real terrorist enjoying stepping into the bigger britches of myth sewn together by US Psyops. The name approximation to Mabus is almost too good to be true. It is almost like someone in the CIA or NSC was trying to compose an Arabic name that played with the anagram in various ways: (M)abu(s) (M)usa(b)= “Mabus” of a “USA”; or Musab= (M)(ab)(us); a typical anagram letter switch from the middle of the word to the end.

Upon his death nearly three years after writing the above, news outlets in their obituaries of Zarqawi, especially those reporting from beyond US borders and corporate control, also concluded that he was a more sexed up boogie man than he actually was. Zarqawi’s relatively small band of foreign jihadists, Al-Qaeda in Mesopotamia (misrepresented in the US press as al-Qaeda in Iraq) was relatively lost in the crowd of hundreds of home grown Iraqi insurgent organizations. A mix of Zarqawi’s hard sell of brutality, beheadings and Mosque bombings blended with the Bush administration’s need to cover-up what was not, as they projected for years, a foreign jihadist insurgency in Iraq, pumped up Zarqawi’s image there. It would seem that even the father of al-Qaeda, Usama bin Laden, exploited the power of the Abu Musab myth. He expansively granted him the title of his chief lieutenant for al-Qaeda operations in Iraq only last year. Privately the relationship between Usama and Abu Musab was going south. The blasting of the Samara Shia Mosque last year had backfired. Worldwide Muslim opinion was turning against al-Qaeda because of it. Brother Sunni insurgent groups were openly clashing with Zarqawi’s men on the streets of Iraq. Even a pained bin Laden openly voiced concern that good relations with the insurgency required al-Qaeda find an Iraqi leader to replace Zarqawi.

Time was against Zarqawi’s Mabus myth. Two five hundred pound bombs and martyrdom forestalled what might have been a rapid fall from grace and influence in the rebellion in the near future.

I would conclude that he was a real terrorist who by coincidence rather than commission by US Psyops wickedly fit the Mabus decoding. He was too good–or better, too terrible–to be true for propaganda purposes by both sides. Either death or disagreements about strategy with his bosses would have tainted his dark star. The US administration habitually fingered him for almost everything nasty happening in Iraq and it started to wear a bit thin. The ruthless atrocities of Al-Qaeda’s man in Mesopotamia began dividing the insurgency.

Zarqawi will be remembered as one of the many similarly spelled Arabic named terrorists that could of, should of, would of fulfilled the Mabus prophecy but did not. Still, one must never be too possessed by an opinion or interpretation of signs when uncovering the elusive path of the future. The man who lay dying in a US stretcher among the ruins of his safe house, his back turned on his captors, the last phrases of a mumbled Islamic prayer ascending lifeless, bloody lips, could be the Abu Musab “Mabus” Nostradamus intended. If he is, then the following steps require fulfillment according to the wording of Century 2 Quatrain 62:

1.) Zarqawi “soon dies”–in other words, after a brief and bloody run of three years he is martyred for his cause as he always wanted. And now his name will become a cry of defiance, perhaps even a “Zarqawi” movement will come about or a Abu Musab al-Zarqawi Brigade of bloodthirsty terrorists will descend on Iraq.

2.) What then should soon follow his death is a terrible destruction and undoing of people and animals–the 27 year war of terror mentioned elsewhere in Nostradamus’ Antichrist prophecies.. The war would have to come as a consequence of fulfilling Zarqawi’s other cherished death wish: a full-fledged civil war between Shia and Sunni Iraqis. Al-Qaeda in Mesopotamia under his command did change the focus of the insurrection in the last nine months from a mostly Sunni versus US occupation insurgency into a low grade Sunni versus Shia sectarian civil war with death squads from either community hunting down and executing around a hundred victims a day across Iraq. Perhaps many more. The mainstream press hardly reports on widespread ethnic cleansing, yet so far, starting last year, tens of thousands of Sunnis have been forced out of Shia dominated southern Iraq. Shias by the tens of thousands have evacuated the Sunni triangle. Every night across Iraq people of a minority ethnic persuasion receive a knock on the door from black hooded thugs–militiamen from the surrounding majority population be it Sunni or Shia–ordering them to leave immediately or be killed on the morrow.

Zarqawi’s people stole the limelight and stoked the smoldering civil war with the bombing of Shia Mosques and holy sites. It might have happened anyway without him, but the dye of this myth is cast in Zarqawi stains of black forever. If he was Mabus then after his death the simmering civil war should explode across Iraq, drawing in more Sunni terrorists from across the Islamic world. The Iraqi Shia majority will seek and get Iran to come in. Iran will then enter open conflict with the US over Iraq. If the US attacks Iran, they will attack Israel and Israel will respond in kind. Then a region wide war would begin the terrible undoing of people and animals in the Middle East.

3.) The apocalyptic fulfillment of this prophecy must be soon after Mabus’ death, or “at once” as Nostradamus put it. Quickly, like a desert brush fire, a hundred hands or powers seek vengeance and counter vengeance across the region. There must soon come a war, thirst and famine “when the comet passes.” If by “comet” we read “missile” then within a few weeks or months after the death of Zarqawi there must be a war of missiles–most likely salvoes of such grim weaponry tracing their long comet tails over the airspace of Iran, over US assets and bases in the Persian Gulf and Iraq. Iranian missiles will strike Israel who in turn will launch retaliatory missile attacks on Iran.

I cannot see anything less disastrous fulfilling the prophecy of a “horrible undoing” of man and animal than a full scale war with missiles raining chemical, biological and perhaps even nuclear warheads across the Middle East. The US administration has openly talked about using nukes on Iran’s nuclear industry. Iran possesses WMD arsenals of chemical and biological agents fatal to men and animals. So too does Israel, which also possesses an estimated stockpile of 200 nuclear warheads.

In my previous article we considered Nostradamus’ astrological prophecy in Century 4, Quatrain 67, which says:

In the year when Saturn and Mars are equally fiery,
The air is very dry, a long comet:
From hidden fires a great place burns with heat,
Little rain, hot wind, wars and raids.

At the time of this writing, Saturn and Mars are equally fiery and bellicose in the sign of Leo. Back on 7 June, Zarqawi was bombed to girl and boy virgin reveries of the hereafter while overhead Mars (God of War) had just entered the first degree of Leo–black Saturn was at 7 degrees Leo. They were within two degrees conjunction from 16 until 21 June. I would presume that important and secret decisions were made by the Pentagon for a planned war in the Middle East at that time, despite the distraction of a new and bellicose standoff between North Korea and the US beginning right at the end of the conjunction when North Korea’s announced plans to test launch their Taepo Dong ICBM missile. It has a capacity to hurle one of their estimated ten nuclear warheads on US cities from the Pacific Coast to the Mississippi River. There are rumblings in US government and Pentagon circles that a US air attack on North Korea’s launch site is imminent. Just the kind of rash martial temptations Saturn and Mars conjure in the unconscious and reactive habits of human beings.

Mars will end its transit of equal fire with Saturn in Leo on 22 July. A full-scale civil war in Iraq and/or a widening conflict including Iran and Israel can happen at any time during or a few months after the end of this astrological aspect. Perhaps fate and fiery planets will throw a little doomsday Korean seasoning into the mix.

If war soon breaks out, and no other significant candidate for “Mabus” should die, such as Usama bin Laden or G. W. Bush, only then can we seriously claim for Abu Musab al-Zarqawi the Nostradamian title, Third Antichrist.

John Hogue
(26 June 2006)

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