Saturn’s President – G.W. Bush

I originally planned to publish the following astrological essay on President Bush’s birth chart as a second part to of the 2 November 2004 bulletin : 2004–2008: America’s Travail of Karmic Atonement. I wrote it on 31 October but on election’s eve I decided it would work better standing alone. Here it is today with an introductory paragraph and quote from 2 November’s bulletin.


Back on the eve of the presidential election, almost seven weeks ago, I used astrological divination to predict why President Bush’s natal position of Saturn, in relation to America’s natal Saturn, guaranteed him victory in the presidential elections over John F. Kerry:

“G.W. Bush’s destiny will be karmically magnified–for better or for worse–on election day, 2 November when Saturn transits 27 degrees Cancer in virtual conjunction over his natal Saturn position at 26 degrees Cancer. The good news for Bush is that the US birth chart has Saturn sitting in Libra at 14 degrees. That means Saturn’s current transit over Bush’s natal Saturn position magnifies an ultimately positive though difficult uphill battle to final victory in the 2004 election. Bush will win but other negative aspects to Bush’s natal Saturn in his chart on that day will also magnify all of his limitations and weaknesses as a leader in his second term.”

Bush did win a hard fought presidential campaign, regaining enough popular support after a dismal showing in October’s presidential debates to beat his opponent by 3.5 million votes on 2 November 2004. Though some Democrats seek resolution of ballot disputes in Ohio and Florida, I predict no re-count will countermand what has been a clear Bush victory. On 2 November, the second term of G.W. Bush was born, astrologically speaking. Saturn’s karmic candidate will be president. What signs does a divination of the stars and their positions give us?

America will face four more years of a man struggling to transcend one of the most afflicted astrological birth charts in the history of American presidents. Bush’s Jupiter (ruler of higher mind, religion and expansive thinking) is squared (aspected negatively) with his Sun (the ruler of his ego). That square can make him spiritually self-righteous and narrow minded. He will be a man who cannot admit he has made a mistake.

Bush’s Jupiter is also squared his Saturn (Karmic ruler). This aspect in a president can make his mistakes in policy potentially catastrophic for his nation.

His Sun (ego) is squared his Moon (ruler of emotions). That means his emotions are often at odds with his personality.

It gets worse.

Bush is the unfortunate recipient at birth of Neptune squared his Sun.

Noted astrologer, Frances Sakoian, once described this as “the aspect of self-delusion, par excellence.”

She said the following on pp. 354-55 of her classic “The Astrologer’s Handbook” (co-written by Louis B. Acher in 1973):

“If the natives [born under this aspect] are mystically inclined, they often consider themselves the chosen vessels of some Master or Divine Being. This belief is often the result of an unconscious desire for importance

“These persons can be vessels in a pure sense, but only if the rest of the horoscope shows a good mentality, humility, and realistic practicality. A well-developed Mercury and Saturn will do much to offset the negative effects of this square.”

Astrologically speaking, there is no denying that President Bush’s Neptune squared the Sun makes him a medium.

But for what, and whom?

The former Prime Minsiter and perhaps future Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, recalled in an Israeli newspaper article from early 2003, Bush saying: “God told me to strike at al-Qaeda and I struck them, and then he instructed me to strike at Saddam, which I did, and now I am determined to solve the problem in the Middle East. If you help me I will act…”

Earlier this year, Bush famously told the world on CBS “60 Minutes” news show that he did not take advice from his father, the former president, but listens to “a higher Father.” Inferring that he talks–and receives–messages on policy decisions from God.

Bush’s Mercury (ruler of the intellect) is sextiled (positively aspected) with Neptune. However Bush’s Saturn is so ill aspected that Mercury offsets little of its negativity. It is possible that Mercury’s positive inclination might see the right people at the right time persuade him that perhaps God is not always telling him when to go to war.

Bush’s Saturnian self-delusion as a medium, unfortunately, will only gain strength because of his clear victory this November. His illusions once had a “mandate” only from the Almighty. Now it includes a slim majority of voters, of which include the deciding edge in his favor of bloc voting Christian fundamentalists. Now, when the president talks to his god before making monumental policy decisions, little Mercury in Bush’s chart must feel like he is banished to the porch outside the Oval Office and Saturn has locked the window doors after him. Bush’s natal Saturn has a far more powerful influence on his psyche because it is squared Jupiter (ruler of his higher mind and religious potentials) and squared his Moon (the ruler of emotions). Little mental Mercury will find it hard to convert Bush from making snap gut judgments and rigidly keeping them. Saturn squared Neptune nourishes Bush’s blind faith in his “divine” calling to be president. A negatively aspected Neptune (ruler of illusions) whispers in his heart of hearts. It is not God. It will be almost impossible for Bush to understand that the voice he hears is his subconscious ego, prompted by “others.”


The power of Saturn magnifies Bush’s ability to win a close election on 2 November 2004. Controversies will leave the final victory “afflicted.” He will fulfill his destiny–and that destiny is karmic. He will be sworn in for a second term as president of a deeply divided nation. His reelection will be a cosmic sign that Americans have semi-consciously chosen to endure a Saturnian gauntlet of national atonement.

For now, I will describe this negative karma in the broadest astrological colors.

Countries go through chapters of life just like people. Now America has entered the difficult teenage years of its destiny. It is perhaps the most powerful adolescent country in history. Power linked to adolescent immaturity can lead to bullying others with an arrogant disregard of facts or the realities of the surrounding community of countries. A strong, impatient and self-opinionated minor prone to bullying invariably finds comeuppance. All countries in their life cycles lose a fight they should not have instigated. Saturn’s transit through Cancer, then Leo, and Virgo, in the coming four years will see a few American thumpings by reality.

It will be a collective experience in the school of historic hard knocks for all those Americans who elected Bush back in office. The same goes for all those who did not vote at all, and those in opposition who chose a mediocrity to run against the president. The transit of Saturn could help them all learn, and become a better nation from their collective mistakes.

The lessons of Saturn began in June 2003, when it entered the Sun sign of America–Cancer. The end of June saw America establish an interim government in Iraq. Bush and his cabinet dreamed that a milestone had passed and peace would settle on Iraq. Saturn soon upended dreams with reality. The violence of the Iraqi insurgency escalated instead. Bush pledged in his first term to be a uniter. After Iraq, his dream has become the Saturnian reality that Americans at home live in a national house divided into cultural and partisan camps of “blue-liberal” and “red-conservatives.” Saturn here is teaching the president and other Americans that they now belong to a dis-United States.

Life under Saturn in Cancer, on the one hand, can be a time of delays and postponement and on the other, a time when confronting uncomfortable truths cannot be postponed. For instance, the Bush administration first tried to delay and finally failed to suppress the formation of the 9-11 Commission that investigated what part the administration played in the security failure that led to America’s attack by terrorists on September 2001. It so happens that the 9-11 Commission began its investigation shortly after Saturn entered the ruling sign of America. Half way through Saturn’s transit, the commission released its report at the worst of times for Bush, just before the presidential elections rather than after, as he desired.

At the beginning of Saturn’s transit through Cancer, it began exposing other illusions in other investigations the Bush administration could no longer suppress. Chief among these was the reality that weapons of mass destruction never existed in Iraq. Thus, the grounds for going to war was an illusion. The war and the dying, and the loss of US prestige in the world is based on either sheer incompetence, or fraud. For the sake of nonexistent WMD, so far 100,000 Iraqis have paid the ultimate price. [Add to this 1,345 US, 260 Coalition forces killed, and nearly 10,000 confirmed wounded to date on 21 December]. Saturn in Cancer had exposed America’s historic conceit–its rush to shoot first and check for reasons to go to war later. Soon, it may very well lose them a war they never needed to fight.

A citizenry in collective denial is another aspect of Saturn transiting through the birth sign of a nation. The people of America just did not want to deal with Iraq, with deficit spending, with a bungling presidency that let terrorists fly right in to New York skyscrapers and the Pentagon. Even those in opposition to Bush’s policies did not rally behind reformers of their party. They did what people do under Saturn in Cancer, follow their leaders, follow the status quo–postpone the debate, the reform, postpone facing facts.

Because Bush will be reelected this will be a sign to the world that Americans have not learned their lesson, that unilateralism does not play well in the new global world. Saturn will push harder. The remaining seven months of its transit through Cancer will see America further isolated from the family of nations. Alliances will weaken. American troops will be virtually on their own in Iraq as it descends into civil war. The hemorrhage of outsourced American jobs will continue to bleed. Rather than lead the world in cleaning the environment, America will lead the world in destroying it, setting the stage for international sanctions against American products and polluting industries. The epicenter of global economy will continue shifting to Europe and Asia. Americans could retreat into denial under a second Bush administration, hiding in their Cancerian shells, projecting an illusion of how the world should be, and how it should give respect. They will resist facing the world as it is, or face the reality that at present they do not deserve the world’s respect or its compliance.

The challenges of Saturn in Cancer on a national scale require Americans face and transcend a desire to isolate themselves as a country. Karma compels them to face their mistakes in global unilateralism and in Iraq, and take stock of delusions of conceited grandeur. Americans must also stop living in denial that their economy and democracy are in peril and in need of true reform.

The country under the transit of Saturn in Cancer suppresses a fearful, insecure and angry nation, ready to explode. If we do not find a way to creatively release this pent up frustration the explosion will come in Saturn’s transit through Leo beginning in July 2005. The two-year passage could see American policy become even more bellicose, reactive and self-righteously arrogant towards other nations. A gathering economic crisis over oil will come as early as next summer (2005). The Bush administration will react rather than respond during such an emergency, becoming dictatorial. The president will widen the war on terror rather than contain it. Hubris in the White House, talking to God, will not have eyes to “see” or ears to “hear” that nuclear proliferation, like Iraq, could go out of control in the next four years. Once this window of opportunity to stave the plague of atomic weapons is closed, destiny will play itself out in nuclear bush wars with third world nuclear powers any time from late 2005 through the 2030s.

What is the president’s response to this challenge? Apparently “God” has told him to scrap the ABM treaty, seriously consider ignoring nuclear test ban treaties, and embark on his own nuclear proliferation campaign. Pentagon research and development of low yield, bunker busting nukes are on the fast track in the next four years. Perhaps we will see them “tested” on the subterranean nuclear facilities of North Korea and Iran sometime after summer of 2005.

Saturn transiting Leo is often the sign for war, or a sudden escalation of current wars. There is a high chance of an Israeli-American air strike on Iran’s nuclear power centers and missile defenses any time after mid-July to October of 2005. It could also come later after the mid-term US elections in November 2006 through July of 2007.

North Korea’s nuclear facilities may also come under attack in the first six months of 2006. A preemptive strike on North Korea is less likely than Iran, unless Bush’s higher “Father” tells him to destroy North Korea’s missile bases before they can arm their warheads with atomic bombs.

American sons and daughters will be drafted to bolster occupying forces in a widening war in the Middle East no sooner than late 2005. They will go submissively the day the nation understands that the chaos in the Arab oil fields threatens to undermine oil production and the American economy. American children will go to war, not because of weapons of mass destruction, not because they are on a crusade to bring democracy to the Middle East. At last Saturn in Leo will expose the real reason why this war was forced on the American people by the Bush Administration: they believe America must control the oil regions or lose its affluent–oil effluent–way of life.

Saturn in volatile Leo wants to teach Americans a necessary lesson: Get real. Return to the path of the just. Make practical changes in domestic and global policies. American opposition leaders need to appeal to the humble angels of the American nature by the mid-term elections in 2006; otherwise, Saturn in Leo will spike national egoism breeding a rush to confrontation and disaster. Politicians running for office in 2006 should call upon the voters to return to basic American principles for justice, fair play, equal rights and representation for all. Strong third party movements, or reform movements inside the existing two-party system, may help incline America’s destiny towards following an accurate American reality; namely, that we are a divided nation in need of healing. We are oil addicts that need to get clean. For instance, if Americans get real about their fossil fuel addiction, they need not send their children to stain the sands of distant oil fields with their blood. They can send them not far from home to galvanize a depressed domestic economy with a ten year plan to modernize the US infrastructure, and maximize fuel efficiency.

Revive the “can do!” American spirit.

The people who could go to the Moon in ten years can solve problems, creating alternative energy sources for fossil fuels and break free from an addiction for Middle Eastern oil. Americans have ever redefined themselves. They can redefine their economies and redefine their American way of life once again for the better–for freedom’s sake.

The right use of karmic Saturn in assertive Leo could give birth to this core change in America’s destiny any time from 2005 through 2007. The wrong use of Saturn in Leo will deepen the danger of fascism at home, addiction to fossil fuels, and intensify acts of imperialism abroad. Americans could truly become for the first time, the “bad guys” in the world.

Let that not happen, America!

Saturn passes from Leo into Virgo in September of 2007. A majority of Americans will either throw blame or be ready to creatively “discern” what has gone wrong since the pivotal election of 2000 led them astray.

American can put aside bullying when Saturn passes through Virgo and can again become a citizen in the house of nations. To do this, enough American leaders and citizens will surely need to come to their senses in time.When the next presidential election approaches, this country could be faced with perhaps its most dire crisis to date in this young century.

At the onset of Saturn’s transit through Virgo, in 2008, hotheads running the government of Taiwan will attempt to declare permanent secession from the Chinese mainland. China’s leaders, they believe, must make the Summer Olympics China’s international coming out party. What better time to declare independence when China would not dare invade Taiwan and risk a global boycott of the games?

I tell you, little bureaucrats of Taiwan, China will invade you nonetheless if you secede. They will do it “after” the Olympics are over in early September 2008. They will invade despite the proximity of US carriers in the Western Pacific.

They will take Taiwan back, America. Are you–should you–be ready to go to war with China over it? Shall your new Secretary of State Rice stay the hot passions of Taiwanese secessionists with tempered and skilled diplomacy before the plunge?

Let me put it this way, in a variation of the Dillon song:

The future times, they “can” be a’changin’, if Condi Rice, or more likely her replacement as Secretary of State in the latter half of Bush’s second term, is a real diplomat and not just playing the “mouth” of Bush Corp.

During these first difficult and Saturnian years of national adolescence Americans will have fallen, stumbled and hurt themselves as a nation. These tough and necessary lessons could bring wisdom to an adolescent country. Perhaps an older-yet-wiser America may yet fulfill what Nostradamus intimated in one of his prophecies. There is an alternative future to a calamitous war “under Cancer”–the Sun sign of America. In Century 24 of Quatrain 6, Nostradamus may predict that Americans after Bush’s second term could “anoint” a new leader who will “bring peace to the earth for a long time.” See the following related bulletin at: G.W. Bush.

The future is full of unexpected promise for this great nation. America’s adolescent era may lead in 50 years to its loss of outer power and the prestige inherent in being the world’s last true and global superpower. When the fires of empire vanish, America will turn within. Its grandchildren and great-grandchildren will become introspective and launch a spiritual revolution across the world.

This is not the end of America’s glory, it is the beginning.

America’s greatest destiny begins in the latter half of the 21st century when it will become the cradle of a new religiousness in a New Age. Saturn kindly and richly rewards those who learn their lessons.

John Hogue
(18 December 2004)


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