America’s Karmic Echo – A Return after 40 Years of Historic Lessons Unlearned

I think you’ll find it quite surprising how history from forty years ago is repeating itself today. Some elements may reverse roles and come forth in altered sequences but the “material,” if you will, of karmic lessons unlearned from the Sixties have reappeared again in our time.

Countries, like individuals, face karmic lessons (i.e., lessons about actions that bring reactions for good or ill). When a lesson isn’t learned, it returns in a magnified form. You might say the message echoes again, only much louder. For instance, Germany as a nation had a karmic lesson to learn concerning the self-destructive nature of their warrior culture. Germany had a bad habit to take on the world in a high-stakes gamble that either brought total victory or “Götterdämmerung” (a Teutonic version of the end of the world). Germany’s defeat in World War One didn’t teach them the lesson so 20 years later a far more strident echo of the self-destructive Teutonic battle fever appeared in the guise of Hitler and the Nazis. Their “Götterdämmerung” almost annihilated Germany.

You can tell a national group has learned their collective karmic lesson when they don’t re-echo or recycle the lesson in 20 or 40 years. So far it would seem that Germany has learned its historical lesson. Germany has never repeated its Imperial or Hitlerian mistakes of 1914-1918 and 1939-1945.

America is also stuck in a karmic loop of unlearned historical lessons–this time coming from the 1960s. These lessons are now recycling back after 40 years. They generally concern America’s descent into military adventurism after the assassination of Kennedy. What triggers the karmic “echo” is an assassination or death of a president and/or an ill-conceived, unsubstantiated reason for launching a unilateral American military adventure. These events lead to a social polarization of the country, social disorder, the disgrace and destruction of a president, followed by a his party’s loss of the presidential elections. The new president is a reformer with a potential for greatness. This new president eventually brings the troops home and ends the quagmire war of the predecessor. This president also may fall from power after a landslide election for a second term because of scandals and disgrace stemming from settling scores with political enemies.

The Karmic Lessons in question:

Appeared from 1960 (echoing in 2000)
to 1964 (2004) through 1968 (2008)
to 1972 (2012)

Here’s an outline of events and historic mistakes of those days:

–JFK (John Fitzgerald Kennedy) was elected in the disputed presidential election of 1960 against the former two-term Republican Vice President of the Eisenhower administration, Richard Nixon. Advisers pressed Nixon to challenge the results in one disputed state (Illinois), but declined to do so because he feared it would hurt the nation.

–JFK campaigns for the presidency during the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction. Astrologers claim the conjunction influences the death or assassination of a president while in office once every 20 years since Harrison campaigned for president in 1840. Thus Harrison (1840), Lincoln (1860), Garfield (1880), Mickinley (1900), Harding (1920), Roosevelt (1940), and Kennedy (1960) have all died either in their first or second terms (in the case of Roosevelt, in his fourth term). Only Reagan (1980) has survived the curse of this conjunction, although his potential assassin wounded him seriously and Reagan nearly died.

–If Kennedy had not been assassinated and had he survived his first term he would still die in his second term. Newly disclosed medical evidence support rumors that Kennedy most likely would have died from a fatal adrenal gland malady sometime in his second term.

–President Johnson (from Texas) ascends to the White House to finish Kennedy’s term. He launches his Great Society policies.

–Johnson commits America to a full scale war in Vietnam, thanks to a hasty Defense Secretary Robert S. McNamara, who does not adequately confirm reports that North Vietnamese gunboats actually did fire on US Destroyers in the Gulf of Tonkin. A week after Johnson began bombing North Vietnam and landing troops in South Vietnam, McNamara discovered that US ships in the Gulf of Tonkin were firing on each other. There was no attack from North Vietnam. This information was kept secret and the war continued in the name of larger strategic reasons–to contain the spread of communism in South East Asia.

–The Democrat controlled Congress unaware of the Gulf of Tonkin mistake until it is too late rushed to surrender their constitutional war powers to President Johnson. They scarcely debate this serious surrender of constitutional power to the executive branch from within their ranks; nor do the minority senators from the Republican party offer much opposition. The president and congressmen from both sides of the bench blindly trusted McNamara’s intelligence findings. The US Senate therefore gave Johnson carte blanche war powers in South East Asia. A young Senator Robert Byrd from West Virginia was one of them.

–Johnson’s war in Vietnam doesn’t undermine his presidency until after he’s reelected in 1964. After which, the Vietnam war spreads into Laos and Cambodia, riots and social polarization ensue. Johnson’s Great Society policies are derailed, and he ops out of running for president for a second term. Johnson hopes that by stepping down he can save his party’s hold of the White House and start the process of healing a nation torn apart by a botched war now identified with him.

–Power shifts in the 1968 election. Richard Nixon returns and wins one of the closest elections in history against Johnson’s Vice President, Hubert Humphrey, with scarcely a popular vote difference of a half million.

–The Republican President, who had already spent 8 years learning the presidential trade in the Eisenhower White House, struggles with a Democrat-run House and Senate over policy. He is burdened with getting out of the Vietnam quagmire of his predecessor. Nixon is eventually successful on that front. The troops come home.

–Nixon has great success in global affairs and some success in domestic affairs. He will win a landslide election in 1972 for a second term, but his potential for greatness is undermined by his darker side. Nixon wants to take revenge on leaders of the radical Left in the Democrat Party. He approves a burglary of the Democrat Party offices at Watergate. His presidency falls because of the Watergate conspiracy and he leaves office in disgrace.


Forty years pass.
Lessons unlearned return:

We enter the 40-year karmic echo of the 60s
from 2000 (1960) to 2004 (1964)
through 2008 (1968) to 2012 (1972).

–Republican President G.W. Bush (from Texas) is elected in a disputed election in 2000 against the former two-term “Democrat,” Vice President Al Gore. Unlike Nixon, Gore heeded those encouraging him to challenge the election results in one disputed state (Florida). Many believe he hurt the nation.

–President Bush’s election is confirmed and he launches the Neo-Conservative and Compassionate Conservative movement (his version of Johnson’s “Great Society”).

–Bush, 20 years after Reagan, is the next person campaigning for president during the transit of a Jupiter/Saturn conjunction. If he survives his first term he might die in office from violence or natural causes in his second term.

–The Democrats pit a new JFK (John Forbes Kerry) against Bush who seeks re-election in 2004.

–Bush goes to war in Iraq based on imaginary reports issued by a hasty Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld (who by the way also slicks his hair back like McNamara) stating that Iraq had WMD–weapons of mass destruction–poised to strike at America.

–A “Republican” controlled House of Representatives and a Senate marginally controlled by the Democrats unaware of this mistake until it is too late rushes to surrender their constitutional war powers to President Bush with scarcely any questions or debate from the minority “Democrat” party. A majority of Senators and congressmen from both sides of the bench blindly trust the intelligence findings of their Republican President and his Secretary of Defense. They give Bush carte blanche to wage war in the Middle East region.

–An older and wiser Senator Byrd was one of the few dissenting voices, pleading with his Republican and Democrat colleagues in the Senate not to repeat the mistake of a hasty rush to war, like Vietnam, in Iraq.

–Bush’s war in Iraq shows ominous signs of being a new Vietnam; however, like Johnson, the effects of the mounting quagmire in Iraq may not undermine his presidency until after he is re-elected in 2004 (in Johnson’s case 1964). After which, riots and a deepening social polarization could ensue. By his second term, a badly botched war in Iraq could undermine Bush’s Neo-Conservative movement and Compassionate Conservative policies. A full-scale quagmire in Iraq might spread the war across the Middle East (as the Vietnam War spread into Cambodia and Laos 40 years before).

–Unlike Johnson, Bush cannot (will not) op out of running for a second term as president. So, if the echoing tragedy of the Johnson presidency derailed over an illegitimate war resounds today, Bush will have to leave office in his second term over Iraq–or worse.

–The Jupiter-Saturn curse could see another acting president die in the White House, such as JFK before. If Bush doesn’t die in office, impeachment is also possible. Bush, unlike Johnson, cannot avoid such a disgrace. He might be pressured to step down from office as a gesture to heal a nation torn apart over “his” version of Vietnam in Iraq.

–In 2008, a “Nixonian” Democrat wins one of the closest elections in history against Bush’s (or President Cheney’s) Vice President with scarcely a difference of 500,000 popular votes.

–This Democrat president, (who spent 8 years learning “her” presidential trade in the Clinton White House) struggles with a Republican-run House and Senate over policy.

–“She” is burdened with getting out of the Iraq quagmire of “her” predecessor. This “Nixon”/Hillary Clinton is eventually successful. The troops come home. She wins a landslide election for a second term in 2012.

–“She” also has great success in global affairs and some in domestic affairs, but “her” potential for greatness is undermined by her darker side. She wants to get even with her “Right Wing” enemies who conspired to undermine her husband’s presidency.

–If she doesn’t learn the lessons of Nixon, her presidency could fall by way of another Watergate conspiracy, or a conundrum caused by the “First Gentleman”–her husband Bill Clinton–and she leaves office in disgrace.


Will History repeat itself? Only if we don’t learn our lessons. Thus, America will go through something like this again in the 2040s and each time the echo of karma is much worse than the last.

John Hogue
(01 July 2004)

More prophecy.

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    I think that we will see the echo a bit earlier (between 2020 and 2030) because Obama came in early and broke off the Hillary time line.

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