Who is Nostradamus’ Third Antichrist – A post-Iraq Invasion Report

The war in Iraq has snapped the rope of fate in new directions, and enough time has passed to understand the nature of its new entanglements. For today, I will comment on the most burning set of questions I received from thousands of emails concerning how the war and the fall of Saddam might influence our search for the right candidate for Nostradamus’ third and final forewarned Antichrist.

What About Saddam Hussein?

Saddam Hussein’s rapid fall might indicate he is out of the running. However, at the date of this writing, he is still alive, and now overseeing a part, if not the leader of, a gathering guerrilla insurrection in Iraq. Death in the near future may yet see him fulfill the criterion for Mabus in Century 2, Quatrain 62: he soon dies at the onset of the war and his death is a catalyst for the great destruction of people and animals around the world in a 27-year war of international terrorism.

So far he has missed two assassination attempts by US bunker buster missiles at the beginning and towards the end of the invasion phase of this war. Saddam could still face death from a bunker or bungalow busting missile hitting a secret bunker as I described in my 1997 interpretation for Century 9, Quatrain 74 in “Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies.” The content of that prophecy will be the foundation of the HogueProphecy Bulletin I will write when Saddam Hussein is destroyed.

I wish to quote my 1997 interpretation of Century 6 Quatrain 33 for today’s theme about the aftermath of the Saddam regime.

Sa main derniere par Alus sanguinaire
Ne se pourra par la mer guarentir:
Entre deux fleuues craindre main militaire,
Le noir l’ireux le fera repentir

His power finally through bloody Alus,
He will be unable to protect himself by sea.
Between two rivers he will fear the military hand,
The black one will make the angry one repent of it.

The quatrain implies that Saddam Hussein (“the angry one”) is the man who is “unable to protect himself by sea” (his defenses proved useless against sea-launched cruise missiles both during and after the Gulf War of 1991). Saddam, the Mesopotamian leader “between two rivers” (the Tigris and Euphrates) who fears the “military hand” of the West, may also need to fear the hand or power of bloody “Alus,” the “black one,” who is someone other than Abu Nidal. He could be a future black-robed Ayatollah from Iran.


I would add that the Ayatollah I spoke of six years earlier might turn out to be the Iranian Ayatollah Khamenei or the leader of Iraqi Shiite Ayatollahs fomenting a fundamentalist Islamic state in Post-Saddam Iraq.

The BBC news reported the return to Iraq of Ayatollah Mohammed Baqr al-Hakim from a 23-year exile in Iran. He is considered the most important Shiite cleric of Iraq This Ayatollah recently made a speech before hundreds of thousands of Shiite followers in Basra, declaring “We want an independent government… We refuse imposed government…We now have to know our own way to rebuild Iraq, and forget the past…We Muslims have to live together… We have to help each other stand together against imperialism… We want an independent government. We refuse imposed government!”

Saddam’s sons have been killed. He will follow them shortly. What transpires in the months or a year ahead is a new insurrection fomented by a black robed and angry Iraqi Shiite Ayatollah. Whether his anger or US imperialist interests in Iraq are justified only history will tell. Prophecy tells us that a new guerrilla war is coming. It may not be soley a war waged by those between the two rivers of the Tigris and Euphrates in the “Sunni” Muslim “Triangle.” The vast majority of Iraqi’s of the Shiite faith will, for better or worse, choose to establish their own political destiny without edicts from Viceroys of an American occupation. The Shiites may push aside the Americans if they do not step aside.

Is Abu Mazen (Mahmoud Abbas) “Mabus”?
No question has generated more emails to me than this. I have received and continue to receive thousands of your letters about the name of the new Secretary General of the Palestinian National Authority’s Executive Committee’s close approximation to the anagram “Mabus.” Both his birth name, Mahmoud Abbas, and PLO code name (Abu Mazen) can fit the rules of letter crunching anagrams to make “Mabus”:

M. Abbas = Mabbas = Mabas = (replace one vowel to get) = Mabus

Abu Mazen = (take the “M” from Mazen, drop the redundant “a”) = Mabu = (the letter “z” phonetically changes to “s”) = Mabusen (then drop the two redundant letters “en”) = Mabus”

Mahmoud Abbas was born in Safed, Israel in 1932. He became a Palestinian refugee growing up in Syria after the 1948 Israeli War of Independence. He joined the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) in the 1950s and received his doctorate in Israeli affairs from Moscow University in 1970. In 1965, Abbas along with Yasser Arafat was one of the prime founders of Fatah, the radical guerilla faction of the PLO. He rose to a position in PLO Executive Committee in 1980, and became head of the Department of National (Arab) Affairs in 1984. Ten years later he refused a post in the Ministry of Palestinian National Authority. In the 1990s, Abbas had shown himself to be a moderate figure working for a peaceful solution to the Palestinian, Israeli problem. In 1993 he signed the Declaration of Principles alongside President Clinton, Shimon Peres, Yitzchak Rabin, and Yasser Arafat. He is the architect of the Oslo Peace Accords, of which he explained to the New York Times in 1993:

“We have come to this point [Oslo Accords] because we believe that peaceful coexistence and cooperation are the only means for reaching understanding and for realizing the hopes of the Palestinians and the Israelis…”

By 1996, Abbas became Yasser Arafat’s chief deputy, and second most powerful leader of the Palestinian Authority and his heir apparent. Abbas’ consistently liberal and pragmatic approach has often united moderate Israeli and Paletinian leaders to the cause of peace while alienating the extremists of either camp. His plan for establishing Jerusalem as a joint Israeli/Palestinian capital has earned him the ire of Fatah and Israeli fundamentalists alike. Many Israelis believe Mahmoud Abbas walks and talks like a moderate, but this is actually the peace-promoting façade of a cunning politician advancing his anti-Zionist goals.

Thousands of you are convinced that he is Mabus, however, I would like to suggest you consider the following.

Sometimes a name seems so close that it must fit. During the 1990s many people were just as convinced that the US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Raymond Mabus, was “Mabus.” It makes logical sense. He is named outright, he is influential and he was right in the middle of the tense arena for the expected (or projected) Armageddon. Perhaps if he had died violently in a terrorist act it might have triggered a devasating US response and killed a great many “people and animals” as Quatrain 62 of Century 2 implies. Nevertheless, Ambassador Mabus retired in the mid-1990s from the post without fanfare or prophetic significance.

My initial sense is that Mahmoud Abbas is not enough of an uncommon and threatening figure to be one of Nostradamus’ Antichrists like Hitler or Napoleon. I believe he will be remembered as a politically ineffectual and weak puppet — sometimes pulled by strings held by Yasser Arafat, at other times tugged by strings attached to President Bush. Abbas will be remembered as a weak voice of moderation pitted in a conflict of intemperate Arab and Israeli people. I believe the majority of Arabs and Israelis are not yet ready or even able to drop the religious, racial and socially programmed attitudes required to bring a lasting peace in the so-called “Holy” Land.

I do believe Mahmoud Abbas could be a possible candidate for “Mabus” if he is not intended by Nostradamus as his Third Antichrist but as some victim or catalyst for the actions of the Third Antichrist. Thus, if Mahmoud Abbas is assassinated, his death may trigger a “great destruction of people and animals” as the Mabus prophecy implies — in which case a bloody Middle Eastern war will spread acts of terrorism and counter-terrorism across the world over the next 27 years.

Follow the Anagram Road
Another flood of emails comes from those of you who believe that whoever “Mabus” is he must follow the easy-to-decipher pattern of word crunching that makes Hitler “Hister” the second Antichrist, and Napoleon “Napaulon Roy” the first Antichrist.

Although “Hister” only requires one letter change, the perception that “Napaulon Roy” is an easy anagramatical solution to Century 8 Quatrain 1’s PAU, NAY, LORON is a myth.

In Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies I explained the mechanics of decoding this anagram for “Napoleon King” in the following way:

“The anagram PAU NAY LORON swiveled once becomes NAY PAU LORON, and twice, NAPAULON ROY = Napoleon, King. The spelling for Napoleon in Corsican style, Napauleone, is even closer to the anagram. In a more sinister decoding one drops an N, reverts the U phonetically to Y. The anagram then spells out the Greek horror of the Apocalypse, Apallyon, the angel of the abyss from Revelations 9.11 or, in this case, the Corsican horror APAULYON ROY or ‘King Destroyer.’ This is the man with the ‘ferocious name’ of ‘destroyer’ from [Century 1, Quatrain 76].”

It would be more accurate to say that the Mabus anagram has a fifty-fifty chance of being either a close approximation of the decoded name, such as Hister=Hitler, or it will take some creative decoding.

Is G. W. Bush now Antichrist Candidate Number One?
The second largest wave of emails since the war in Iraq asks me to consider the American president the prime candidate for Nostradamus fearsome Mabus after he trounced Saddam Hussein. The reasons provided to me by fans are many and detailed. I will account the gist of them here for you all in a brief summary.


In your many letters the argument for Bush being Mabus relies heavily on the American president’s predilection for unilateralist action. You think an Antichrist should have disrespect for international law; that he will ignore diplomacy and rush into preemptive invasion of sovereign nations to overthrow their regimes. To many of you, President Bush is nearly as disparaging and dismissive of the United Nations as the Second Antichrist (Hitler) was for the UN’s predecessor, the League of Nations. Many of you compare Bush to Hitler because in your view he shares the same penchant for speaking in simplistic absolutes. He sees himself in messianic terms as a savior, force-feeding his political world view on others by repetitive use of “the big lie.” In other words, he propagates a lie so many times that people begin to believe it, such as Saddam being an imminent because he is aiming a vast array of weapons of mass destruction at the US. Like Hitler, many of you think Bush followed his big lie with acts of military aggression unsubstantiated by objective evidence for a just cause.

The more conspiratorial minded among you believe Bush and the neoconservatives in Washington who prop him up as their spokesman are using the Islamist terrorist attacks of 11 September as an excuse to consolidate dictatorial power. They exploit a terrorist emergency to dismantle democratic freedoms just as Hitler did in 1933. When a communist purportedly torched the Reichstag (the German Capitol building), Hitler used this act as a pretext to rescind democratic freedoms “temporarily-cum-forever” until the terrorist danger to Germany was over. Indeed, many of you out there say you fear the US president is the front man for a neoconcervative revolution that will lead to an American brand of Christian Fundamentalist Fascism at home and imperialist adventures abroad. You compare German capitalists bending the rules to appoint (not elect) Hitler as German Chancellor in 1933 to the questionable way bungled ballots in Florida and a Supreme Court edict elected Bush to the presidency in 2000.

The near-miraculous lightning war in Iraq followed by a developing quagmire of guerrilla war has many of you making historic (if at the moment a bit grandiose) comparisons of Bush to Hitler. Both leaders at the onset of their wars enjoyed miraculous and easy victories only to see the same conquered lands later on become sink holes of partisan warfare. Some of you predict easy victories in Iraq will encourage Bush to pursue invasions of Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Iran. Perhaps if more victories come bloodless and initially easy, you think Bush will even attempt a showdown with North Korea later in his second term. (I believe this showdown may come as early as Autumn 2003.) All of which will lead to America’s economic and social collapse in decades to come by way of the stress of a global Vietnam Syndrome.

Some of you remind us that the first two Antichrists came from the Western and Judeo-Christian programmed corner of the world, therefore, why not the Third Antichrist? Saddam Hussein (the Arab candidate) turned out to be a little pygmy commanding a shoeless, rust bucket of a Soviet style army. On the other hand Bush like Hitler and Napoleon before him began his war using the most powerful and technologically advanced armed force of his day.

Then there are letters coming from those of you who subscribe to seeing your antichrists in beastly Book-of-Revelation meter. To you, the Antichrist will appear initially as an all powerful world leader and peacemaker. He rules a superpower or “hyper-power,” and wields complete military and economic authority to wage war or force his idea of peace and economy on anyone, anywhere in the world.

New Agers and Holy Rollers alike share a prophetic caveat that such a future antichrist begins his rule as an apparent bold and benevolent leader who has the guts to start cleaning up the world’s rogue and terrorist harboring nations if no one else will. He’ll bring freedom and enlightenment to Iraq, Iran, North Korea, etc. He will initially be successful and not run into much resistance at first, from home or abroad. His enemies and critics will be divided and weak, his friends exultant and arrogant, while the majority are cautiously supportive, but generally in denial of his darker statements and documented plans.


I must say, many of your views are very imaginative, though the Hitler/Bush connection still has a long way to go before it sounds viable. Hitler might use Reichstag fires to set up a dictatorship, the US Supreme court might appoint an American president, but Bush’s war for petrol “lebensraum” is already overextending his militant reach.

Hitler kept the fuzzy math of his economic policies alive by exploiting the resources and wealth of conquered nations. Bush Corp has scarcely turned on the spiggot to Iraqi oil. The Vice President’s Halburton contractors are too afraid to venture out from their hotels into those oil fields as long as a handful of guerillas are on the loose dynamiting pipe lines and rigs. Compared to this timidity Hitler’s contractors were far bolder. In 1941, when Hitler conquered much of the European half of the Soviet Union, his contractors fanned across the territories tearing up and relaying thousands of miles of Russian railroad tracks so they fit the smaller German rail guage. They did this contending with over a million guerillas.

Hitler’s Reich for most of its war of conquest enjoyed a solid alliance with Italy and the Empire of Japan. German soldiers fought side by side with millions of Italians, Hungarians, Slovaks, Croats, Romanians and the Finns. Bush’s “Coalition of the Willing” at present consists of 13,000 English and 1,000 Australian troops. More troops are promised by former Axis allies to aid America in its occupation of Iraq, such as Hungary and Romania, but it is safe to say the contribution will be a few thousand for the American cause rather than the hundreds of thousands they pledged to Nostradamus’ second Antichrist, Hitler.

A Nostradamian antichrist worth his weight in dire quatrains should have silenced domestic opposition. His occupation should have placated the home front with the wealth of exploited conquests. Does Bush even come close to such Anti-Christian success? The sagging economy and a still potent if hybernating American voting populace could vote any neoconservative delusion of grandeur out of office in 2004. Did the Germans vote Hitler out of office after he got them stuck in the quagmire of the Soviet Union?

With that said, it is undeniable that Bush as a candidate for Nostradamus’ Third Antichrist has grown in power and stature since the overthrow of Saddam Hussein. We must also consider the likelihood that Nostradamus intended his three Antichrists to be the personification of three dark steps towards the threatened derailment of civilization. It could be argued that the root evil of “Anti-Christian” behavior is human stupidity. When we act like puppets and robots rather than responding to life with enlightenment, compassion, and awareness, we are all a personification of the state of unconsciousness called “Antichrist.” Thus one must consider the third and final Antichrist intended by Nostradamus may be on the one hand the most powerful of the three and the most unconscious and mediocre of the three. We must consider that since he falls early in the long war he starts it could be because he is a profoundly idiotic and powerful leader who blundered into and was soon destroyed by a 27-year war he began but couldn’t finish.

Still, the litmus test remains altogether simple. Bush or any other candidate for Mabus must pass through the following prophetic milestones provided in the text of Century 2 Quatrain 62 and Century 8 Quatrain 77:

1.) He must soon die in the early stages of a war he either started (if Mabus is the Third Antichrist) or is procecuting against the Third Antichrist.

2.) The death of this figure early in the war triggers a 27-year reverberation of terror and counter terror around the world.

3.) Indeed it doesn’t matter if Mabus and the Third Antichrist are one person or two, both fall early in the war, and their fall becomes the catalyst for the closest brush with Armageddon any of us will ever face, and hopefully avoid

4.) His death as victim of — or purpetrator of — the 27 year war of the Third Antichrist causes a great destruction of people and animals on a global scale. I would add that this destruction could come not soley through a war he might wage. If the Third Antichrist is President Bush then this terrible destruction of people and animals could come in later decades as a result of his political alienation of the US with the world. It comes though his ill conceived and short sighted economic and global policies. If these policies continue then Bush will be remembered as the US president who accelerated consumerism, ecological degradation, the population explosion, and global warming — all key factors foreseen by many seers, ancient and modern, for triggering the derailment of civilization as early as the 2020s.

John Hogue
(01 August 2003)

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