A Calamitous War under Cancer? Or, Peace for a Long Time?

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Today we will examine the third of three potential future dangers looming from key and prophetically forewarned milestones in current world events taking place in the late spring and early summer of 2002.

  • The second considered the signing and ratification of a new disarmament treaty between Russia and America — plus a treaty bringing closer ties for Russia with NATO — at the end of May 2000. Rather than bring peace, the treaties could initiate Nostradamus’ three-to-thirteen year countdown for war between Russia and America. See A New Peace Sleeping Pact

Now we examine the third and perhaps most immediately troubling danger.

Early in July of 2002, an important astrological configuration, foreseen by the 16th-century French seer, Nostradamus, might open a window for peace on earth and forestal an alternative destiny of a 27-year war of international terrorism. It could depend on America taking a bold new foreign policy change of course in its half-century dysfunctional relationship with the Middle East. The change may come as a result of a catastrophic war waged in the Middle East by the Bush administration sometime at, or shortly after, end of this year.

Back in November of 2000, I was asked to assess the coming Bush administration. I foresaw President Bush dragging the United States into a ruinous, full-scale war in the Middle East, most likely with Iraq, by the end of 2002. Since that time, I have recorded for posterity in bulletins, in media appearances, and in books — such as Nostradamus: The New Millennum, and Essential Nostradamus — a particular interpretation for Quatrain 24 of Century 6. I believe it is a forecast of a war waged by the current president, followed by the potential of an enlightened peace ushered in by his successor appearing on the scene no later than 2004.

The prophecy reads:

Mars & le sceptre se trouuera conioinct,
Dessoubz Cancer calamiteuse guerre:
Vn peu apres sera nouueau Roy oingt,
Qui par long temps pacifiera la terre.

Mars and the sceptre (of Jupiter) will meet in conjunction,
A calamitous war under Cancer:
A short time afterward a new king will be anointed,
Who will bring peace to the earth for a long time.

I believe this prophecy targets the conjunction of Jupiter and Mars that already passed at the end of last June, beginning of July, of this year. The conjunction opens a brief window of historic opportunity in time and destiny. And, it concerns not only the president personally (and karmically) but also the country of America and its people as a whole.) Astrologically speaking, America, like its current president, was born under the sign of Cancer. The leadership in America changes after this conjunction, in the span of months or in a few years. A new leader comes who instigates a historic change in American foreign policies. There is a chance that this new leader will effectively negate Nostradamus’ most dire timeline of predictions for war and global devastation. He, or she, brings peace to the earth, rather than poor crude oil on the fire of a 27-year war of the Third Antichrist.

Up to now, America’s relationship with the Middle East, whether guided by Democrat or Republican presidential administrations, has been obsessed with one fundamental concern. Not a respect for Islam. Not a love for the cultures of the region. Let us Americans be honest with ourselves.

We are there for the oil.

The people with the oil in that region know this and see through our succession of Democrat and Republican administrations that preach democracy, freedom and fair play in that region, when there is none.

I do not deny the ample dysfunction coming from the Arab and Islamist side of this tragic equation. However, as far as the prophecy above reads to my mind, it focuses on “calamity” coming to those ruled under the Cancer “moon” sign. It stands for America, rushing headlong into a new crusade against those of the “moon” sign of the crescent — Islam.

War is always the outcome of historic misunderstandings and myopia. I feel I cannot remove the splinter in the Arab eye. But, as I am born an American, perhaps I have some karmic obligation to briefly describe for you the whole beam of international policy errors hiding in the American eye.

While destroying al-Qaeda, I was hoping that the Bush administration would constructively respond to the cries of Arab people, living in fear of a Middle Eastern nation that already has 200 nuclear weapons pointed at their cities, and hides a stockpile of biological and chemical weapons that could kill every man, woman and child in the region a hundred times over.

I’m not talking about Saddam Hussein and Iraq. I’m talking about the hypocrisy in US policies that feed and sustain a Saddam “insanity” in Iraq.

For decades-in-counting, presidents Johnson, Nixon, Carter, Reagan, Bush Sr., Clinton, and Bush Jr. have sought to destroy and/or contain the efforts of any Arab Middle Eastern country that seeks to build and obtain weapons of mass destruction (WMDs). They have done this while ignoring the vast stockpile of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons of a Middle Eastern country called Israel. The Arabs decry the American foreign policy that preaches against the creation of WMDs for one side but not the other.

Try to put yourself in the Arab’s shoes.

I ask Americans to consider this hypothetical scenario.

We’re back in the cold war. The Soviet Union has hundreds of nuclear weapons pointed at us. We Americans don’t have a single bomb. Whenever we try to build one, the United Nations condemns it, and says we are a very dangerous rogue nation for trying to make such weapons. We protest that we don’t feel safe with the Soviet Union pointing hundreds of atomic bombs at us, but the UN makes nary a mention of the Soviet arsenal’s existence, or even seems to care?

Would Americans feel secure? Would they do nothing when faced with this threat? If the UN decided that America must submit itself to coercive inspections because it “may” be developing an atomic bomb in six months, would Americans gracefully comply? Perhaps. But they might think about those Soviet missiles pointed at them too, and secretly move their tools and materials to build and hide their own nuclear weapons program from UN weapons inspectors.

Clearly American administrations, past and present, do not bring equal pressure to “all” nations in the Middle East to dismantle their weapons of mass destruction. And, until they do, no side in any dispute there will disarm. Those without them, will seek them.

A monster like Saddam Hussein is sustained by the insecurity and inequality bread by America playing favorites in the WMD issue. Hitler cleverly manipulated the injustice of the Versailles Treaty to keep himself in power. Saddam Hussein manipulates support in Iraq and the Arab world at large by condemning the real hypocrisy of Americans accepting Israel’s doomsday arsenal pointed at Iraqis and other Arab nations.

If America were to play fair, rather than play favorites, they could take that threat away from Iraq, pressure Israel to dismantle its WMDs, and thereby undermine Saddam Hussein’s manipulation of an injustice for his own evil designs.

Stability and equanimity are anathema to the Hitlers and Saddam’s of the world. Take a people’s reasons to fear away and you change the political climate, and emasculate those who cannot rule over us without mongering fear in us.

July’s conjunction of planets have come and gone. One might have hoped that the shock of 9-11 might have brought a healthy reexamination of America’s part in egging on the mess that is Middle Eastern extremism. All signs point to President Bush and his handlers reinforcing the same sins of the past — even magnifying them — as they push for war.

This White House feeds the old and hypocritical game of those before it. America praises freedom and democracy while backing dictators who have killed democracy in their countries. The Bush administration preaches “enduring freedom” for its people, while practicing dictatorial surrogation of other people by way of the monetary and military support it offers — again — to new “friendly” dictator allies, such as President Musharraf in Pakistan.

The many Arabs, Afghanistanis, Iranians and Pakistanis I met in the coffee shops of university towns across South Asia made “this” American painfully aware of my country’s historic conceit and arrogance when it walks the apocalyptic “walk” while talking democracy “talk.”

It would not be surprising to me if in a few years our dictatorial “buddy” in Islamabad faced the same fate of Saddam Hussein. The last dictator “friend” turned “fiend” of the United States.

America preaches freedom, props up dictators, and even provides them with the materials and intelligence to wage wars on their neighbors and their own people with weapons of mass destruction. Before Saddam Hussein gassed Kurdish villages, he received from the Reagan Administration the materials to build these weapons. He also received daily US military satellite intelligence to target and kill tens of thousands of Iranian troops with chemical weapons during the Iran-Iraq War.

What goes around eventually comes around. Wisdom lost is a comeuppance earned.

Perhaps this current president has already set in motion a momentum for war that his pride and prejudice cannot reverse. Christmas 2002 may not bring “Peace on Earth, good will to men.” In the worst case scenario, the new year will open with a war that could drag on for nearly three decades and derail the American civilization.


The prophecy of Nostradamus may imply, “a short time afterwards” (namely, after July of 2002), “a new king (president) will be anointed (elected) who will bring peace to the earth for a long time.”

Defining what is “short” in time for a seer writing prophecies spanning across the centuries may mean a passage of months or a few years. Perhaps the change in leadership comes from the current president dying in office, or more hopefully from a new administration elected in 2004. Only events and time will tell which fate awaits the American presidency.

There is hope that peace and a new understanding about the Middle East will prevail. It could come from America collectively enduring a hard karmic lesson for its past hypocrisies in the name of democracy, freedom and peace. In 2004, the American electorate might stop the social and economic discord caused by another politically crippled Texan president, stuck in the Middle Eastern quagmire of a new Vietnam. The chastened American people might elect a new “king” who “will bring peace to the earth for a long time.”

John Hogue
(30 September 2002)

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