A New Peace “Sleeping” Pact – Bush-Putin Russian Arms Agreement

At the end of May, I wrote to you about the danger of nuclear war in the Indian sub-continent. The monsoon has come, and despite a strong lobbying of the Indian Prime Minister by the Indian General Staff to wage a limited conventional war to wipe out the terrorist camps in Pakistani held Kashmir, it would seem their war mongering has reached a deaf ear. The monsoon rains have come at last, and I believe they will hose down the hot heads on either side until October. At the end of the monsoon season, the prevailing winds wheel around 180 degrees and blow from the Northeast to the Southeast. At such a time the threat of nuclear war in the sub-continent may return. There are indications that al-Qaeda and Kashmiri terrorists are planning another round of border crossings in the autumn. If President Musharraf of Pakistan cannot make his promises stick to secure the border, then India will endure new terrorist attacks that could trigger another round of doomsday bating and nuclear threats. STRATFOR reports that it is al-Qaeda’s clear intention to instigate a nuclear war between Pakistan and India through their like-minded vassals in the Kashmiri terrorist camps. These militant Islamists are ready to sacrifice Pakistan if it takes a nuclear exchange to unite the Islamic world in a struggle against a perceived threat to its existence from the Hindus, Christians and Jews that surround it. The prevailing winds of November through December of 2002 make a conventional Indian strike on Kashmiri camps far more likely. India may call Pakistan’s nuclear bluff because fallout from radiation clouds will generally blow back on Pakistan’s cities and fields. It is to be hoped that a diplomatic breakthrough will close the Indian borders to terrorists and nuclear missiles will slip back into their silo sheaths and bomb chests.

Today we will examine the second of three future dangers emerging out of important historic developments from May 2002. It concerns two treaties signed during this year’s Memorial Day weekend. The first treaty, signed in Moscow by President Putin of Russia and President Bush of the United States, pledges to reduce strategic nuclear arms by significant levels. The second treaty, signed in Rome by Bush, Putin and the signatories of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), normalizes relations with Russia and gives the former Cold War adversary equal voice (but no veto power) in NATO decisions. These developments at present sound a note of hope for peace in our future. There are, however, disturbing prophetic indications set in motion by the signing of these treaties. The promises of peace in May 2002 could be the first step taken in an unsteady alliance of former adversaries that will lead down destiny’s road to a nuclear war no one anticipated, either 3 to 13 years from now.

I would like to walk you through a selection of excerpts from the writings of Nostradamus. I believe they point to the alliance of great kings or brothers of the northern hemisphere who come together in a new alliance specifically to fight an alliance of Eastern Kings (nations). In my “Axis of Evil” bulletin of Feb. 2002, I quoted passages of Nostradamus detailing a triumvirate of terrorist sanctioning nations from the Near East that use ambush and supterfuge to wage war with the Northern Kings. It is important to note that this alliance of the great northerners takes place when one of them is at the peak of its power on land and sea and air. The new northern alliance terrifies the Eastern Kings and their defeat and near annihilation by the overwhelming force of the Northern Kings seems assured. Peace does not follow. The Kings of the North will go to war with each other either three or thirteen years after the ink dried on their hopeful peace treaties. Their alliance is undermined by a “babare” source (a potential code name for a “Barbary” Libyan or North African source). They go to war and devastate the world, but the victor is born, as Nostradamus says in French “par terre Americh” (on American soil).

You can check my indexed translations against the original French by consulting a copy of Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies. I have inserted my comments in brackets to better introduce my interpretation.

“One day the two great leaders will become friends [the Latin/French blended word Nostradamus uses for ‘friend’ {demis} can also mean, ‘halved’ or ‘split’]. their great power will be seen to increase. The new land [America?] will be at the height of its power.” (C2 Q89)

“And when shall the lords be two in number, victorious in the north against the Eastern ones, there shall be a great noise and warlike tumult that all the East shall quake for fear of those two brothers of the North who are not yet brothers…they will be victorious against the Easterners.” (Epistle to Henry II)

“Great disagreement and discord in order to obtain lands [i.e., the Balkans, Central Asian and Arab oil fields, and Israeli-Palestinian disputes over the Holy Land]. Kingdoms given to men incapable of prudence. Then for the great brothers [US & Russia?] death and dissention.” (C2 Q94)

“The rule left to two [Russian and America?]. They will hold it for a very short time. Three years and seven months having passed, they will go to war. Their two vassals rebel against them. The victor is born on American soil.” (C4 Q95)

“The two will not remain allied for long: within 13 years they will give in to Barbary [Libyan-Arab] power. There will be such a loss on both sides, that one [perhaps America in this case] will bless the bark of Peter and the cape of the pope.” (C5 Q78

“There will be let loose living fire and hidden death. Horror inside dreadful globes. By night the city will be reduced to dust…” (C5 Q8)

“At sunrise one will see a great fire. Noise and light extending towards the North. Within the earth death and cries are heard. Death awaiting them through weapons, fire and famine.” (C2 Q91)

“The world will be so diministhed, and its people will be so so few that no one will be willing or in enough numbers to till the fields…” (The Epistle)

The dramatic shifts in strategic alliances initiated by the Bush administration with their former enemy turned “brothers” in the war against terrorism send my intuitive hackles dancing. A decade stall in Strategic Arms Reductions is now on the fast track to ratification and even an accelleration of cold war disarmament. Back on the Memorial Day weekend when Americans customarily celebrate the memory of all those who died in previous wars and the last world war in particular, the Russian and American presidents signed up for a ten year plan that reduces the intercontinental ballistic missile arsenals of Russia and US by two-thirds. Showing that these new brothers are not yet brothers, as Nostradamus may imply in his prophecies, we see either side submitting to their share of hard to swallow concessions for the treaty to go forward. Russia’s Putin wanted both the missiles “and” warheads slated for destruction. Bush did not want to sign any official and binding treaty for disarmament. He was happy to keep all this talk of disarmament open and non-binding. In the end, Bush agreed to a binding agreement as long as he could destroy the missiles but save and stockpile both American and Russian warheads. (I suspect for a radioactively black rainy day.) So, on paper, by the time the Mayans spin the sun wheel of their grand calendar cycle again in 2011-2012, you will see America reduce its strategic missile tipped warheads to 1,800. Russia will scale down her doomsday bang to a mere 2,200 missiles.

Feel safer?

I definitely do not!

I have warned in print for decades that such agreements as these were foreseen by Nostradamus and many other prophets as part of a “disarming dream” that will lead us down to the nightmare of nuclear war. They plant the seeds of a false sense of security while the world enters a new era where the odds of nuclear weapons being used in future wars are far higher than at any time during the Cold War. Scaling down the “official” strategic doomsday bang to levels that terrified us during the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 is bad enough. A disarmament agreement like this treaty betrays an open disregard for tens of thousands of non-strategic nukes possessed by America and Russia. This new treaty keeps the strategic warheads stored for a future rearmament race while it overlooks tagging for destruction tens of thousands of nuclear torpedoes, nuclear mines, nuclear artillery shells and stockpiles of jet-delivered nuclear bombs. Nor does it even address the few thousand strategic nuclear bombs possessed by lesser nuclear powers like Britain, France, Israel, China, Pakistan and India.

These two new “brothers” of nuclear disarmament are clearly eager not to dismantle the tens of thousands of smaller tactical nuclear weapons they both possess. Indeed, it seems their numbers will increase!

The US Pentagon with the blessings and encouragement of the Bush administration are openly changing the rules of nuclear engagement. Strategic nukes may be out of favor, but the Pentagon is openly considering the use of smaller yield, tactical nuclear warheads in battlefield situations or against hard and reinforced targets. Not just on other nuclear powers, mind you, but the Pentagon is opening the option to launch atomic weapons even at non-nuclear states as a precautionary act.

Here are the four contingencies as quoted from the 56-page classified Nuclear Posture Review obtained by the LA Times and the New York Times in early March 2002:

Nuclear weapons could be used in three types of situation: against targets able to withstand non-nuclear attack; in retaliation for attack with nuclear biological or chemical weapons; or “in the event of surprising military developments.”

The Pentagon should be prepared to use nuclear weapons during an Arab-Israeli conflict, an Iraqi attack on Israel or its neighbors, a North Korean attack on South Korea or a military confrontation between China and Taiwan (a scenario in which Chinese leaders may try to forcefully integrate Taiwan with the mainland China).

Countries such as Iran, Syria and Libya could be involved in immediate, potential or unexpected contingencies requiring “nuclear strike capabilities.”

The United States should be prepared to launch a nuclear strike to destroy stocks of weapons of mass destruction, such as biological and chemical arms.

In short, the unthinkable has become thinkable. Nuclear weapons make a historic move from mere deterrence to active use in future wars. The ethical line between nuclear and conventional war will disappear.

If, during the Cold War, an American president openly considered limited use of nuclear weapons of any kind as a first option to a perceived threat, most people might question his sanity. During the Cold War you just didn’t let the nuclear genie out of the bottle unless attacked first by nuclear weapons of your enemy. Use them first and you set in motion a cascade of nuclear weapons use across the world. The Pentagon staffers and the president think that they can initiate using nukes in the fog and chaos of future wars while limiting the spread of their use. That line of thinking sounds to me like a recovered alcoholic saying he could sustain his sobriety with limited use of Jack Daniels Whiskey.

It is this kind of twisted thinking that could take us down the road of fulfilling a number of collective prophetic warnings from ancient and modern seers alike. They say there will most definitely be three world wars in human history and the third war is a complete surprise. It is fought by two friends in an alliance after they have defeated a common Eastern enemy with what sounds like a limited use of weapons of mass destruction. (You can read about these collective scenarios in Part Two of “The Millennium Book of Prophecy” under the chapter title “The Third World’s War.”)

The disarmament treaty and alliances signed by Russia and America last Memorial Day weekend saw a major tug of that shroud of denial over humanity’s eyes. A cancerous seed has been planted beneath the outward facade of peaceful disarmament. It marks the beginning of a campaign to convince the public that the dangers of nuclear war are overrated. This deep and foreseen denial could settle over our minds until the day we awaken to a full nuclear exchange no one believed possible.

People are ready to nod off in agreement when their political leaders blithely count the doomsday math of the peaceful arsenal of 3,800 ICBMs remaining after 2012 arms reduction deadline. This is near the number of nuclear weapons the Soviets and Americans would have launched or dropped on each other back in the hecatombic days of the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962.

Did we feel safe from a nuclear holocaust then?

The brothers of the north are preparing the way for the use some of the estimated 25,000 non-strategic nuclear warheads at their disposal to fight a new world war on terrorism. In the meantime, this new treaty marks two thirds of the current 10 to 12,000 strategic Russian and American nuclear warheads topping missiles for removal and stockpiling. It is much easier to mass produce a missile than construct a nuclear warhead from scratch. If the enemy of 20 years ago can become one’s friend, the converse is also possible ten or twenty years from now. Thanks to an unethical compromise between brothers who are not yet brothers in the true and trusting sense, those parked strategic warheads could find themselves once again screwed on the bodies of new Intercontinental ballistic missiles in a future cold war face off. Do not be fooled. We will not be facing a mere 3,800 stratetic warheads after 2012. This so-called disarmament treaty has not destroyed a single strategic warhead menacing the world today! They will be waiting for us, and the current US president is responsible for keeping the apocalyptic danger alive in the name of peace and disarmament.

A new cold war could see today’s friendly northern “brother” and oil exporter become tomorrow’s enemy oil drug pusher. Russia could cut off the flow for America’s fossil goo addiction when America by the next decade will export nearly 80 percent of its oil from overseas—from Russia! That is the future trend. That is the deal maker behind all this talk of disarmament. America’s long term strategy sees it move away from the chaos and instability of its ever more radicalized Islamic oil producing allies; the same former allies to be targeted sooner or later in a war on terrorism.

Any denial of these facts and extrapolated developments comes from being under the spell of foretold disarming dreams.

When the president announced after signing this treaty that he has “liquidated the dangers of the Cold War,” I hear a new Chamberlain making that immortal mistake of a declaration (“Peace for our time!”) made just before a new world war:

This false sense of peace for our times casts a haze over our reason and promotes a disregard for the facts. It is the same “peace” that the 17th century German seer, Stormberger, and others warned would prevail before the final conflagration of a third world war.

We should remember (and make our leaders of Russia and America never forget) Stormberger’s chilling prophecy about a Third World War:

“With open eyes will the nations of the Earth enter into these catastrophes.”

Remind your congresspersons, senators and president that brother American and brother Russian are “not yet brothers,” as Nostradamus warned. They have signed a peace sleeping pact that could become yours and everyone’s global war nightmare. It may be that we have only three or thirteen years left to wake them up before it is too late.

There is a proof reading error in the previous bulletin of 31 May that has some of you astrologers out there star-hopping mad or cosmically puzzled. There is a Jupiter/MARS conjunction at the end of June — and NOT the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction. I meant to type “Mars” rather than “Saturn.” My apologies. Blame it on the Mercury retrograde in Gemini in May. This conjunction will be the topic of my next bulletin in August unless current events (and the time and energy it takes to write my tenth book) change or delay my plans. The next bulletin will complete my discourse on the theme of three dangers seeded in the spring and early summer that threaten our future if they remain unexposed.

John Hogue
(01 July 2002)

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