Will Gore be President?

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Is American politics boring anymore?

Because so many of you have asked me lately whether I still believe Gore will be president, I have decided to answer all of you in a bulletin.

Gore “is” our president.

My prescient gut feeling always goes with the ballot vote, not fossilized laws. But I have felt split about this prophecy like no other I accurately made on the presidency since 1968. Now, after the results on 7 November 2000, and the subsequent deadlock, I can better understand why I have had this split feeling. Gore may be a president that does not die in office from the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction. If 18th century law prevails over 21st century reality, and the Palm Beach ballot snafu goes uncorrected, Gore will win the popular vote of the American people and lose the presidency. Rather than an assassinated president, he could become the president who never was.

This would put President Bush under a dark cloud in his presidency. One that I do not think he is emotionally mature enough to weather. Indeed the prediction I posed in earlier bulletins—that we lose two presidents in the next four years—gains a new slant. The first president who falls is Gore, disenfranchised by arcane law. Bush then becomes the “legal” president who won the electoral college but not the popular vote. He then must face the dire destiny of a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction head on. This could mean death by heart attack, a plane accident, or a fatal wound suffered in an assassination sometime in his first term in office.

I personally think we should recount the entire national election and expose the sloppiness of our system to ourselves—then fix it. I have often stressed in my writings and on radio that a continuation of arcane laws and a postponement with a national encounter with our dysfunctional habits threaten to increase the drift we see in our democracy. Such a drift could lead to a second American revolution and a new constitution by the mid-2020s.

Stay tuned. Politically speaking, Dorothy is right, we are not in Kansas anymore. Its Oz-time in America with Emerald city slickers’ green tinted glasses, wicked witches of constitutional writ, and the like.

John Hogue
(10 November 2000)

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